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Werewolves influence me maybe?

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  • Werewolves influence me maybe?

    "Garlic has been used for a variety of purposes throughout history, but one of the most popular is to ward off vampires. The garlic plant is believed to be an ancient symbol for protection against evil spirits and was often hung outside homes as protection from witches during Halloween celebrations.

    In ancient Greece, garlic was considered sacred to the god of death Hades; in medieval times, people believed that witches used it to cast spells on their enemies. In Russia during World War II, soldiers ate garlic before going into battle because they thought it would protect them from bullets.

    I live in Ramsey county. Ramsey means Island of garlic. Ramses in Egyptian means "Begotten of Ra, the Son God" (highest Egyptian Divinity!)

    Do you use garlic to ward off vampires or evil spirits?

    Does it work on werewolves?, because I'm fairly suspicious that a female werewolf influences me, and that my soul may have been nourished off milk from a She-wolf's breasts, at Smith bridge on a full Moon last year. Have you ever felt like you were doing that?

    I had a dream that the capitoline wolf needed to be shipped to a bunch of nations, and was going to bring the nation's down like the Trojan horse. I was the man in charge with creating the capitoline wolves to ship to various Nations as gifts. It was a nightmare!

    I named the Moon after my true love, and chant hymns to the Moon, (like wolves in folklore) the Moon symbolized Leah in the Old Testament, and the Sky Lady in Revelation 12, clothed with the sun, stands on the Moon.

    I got in an argument with some one over whether chief Kami in Shinto morphs into a She-wolf, because Amaterasu Omikami, is sometimes depicted as a wolf.

    A lady in treatment before I knew the significance of wolves, told me my spirit animal was a wolf, because she kept having visions of a wolf when she saw me.

    I pray to a Holy Roman Empire, and the Roman Empire was founded by twins, who nursed off the breasts of a wolf. I live in the Twin cities, and the football team here is called "Twins." (Rome was founded by Twins Romulus and Remus).

    Our Capitol hill, is named after Capitoline Hill, one of the Seven Hills in Rome that identifies the Antichrist and beast of the Apocalypse. That hill is where the wolf breast-fed the twins who founded Rome.

    Our capitol building is modeled after St Peter's basilica, the biggest church in Rome.

    I walked across Smith bridge and found some white roses on the other side, and grab them for my main shrine , to some one whose mother's maiden name is "Deeb" (Arabic for wolf).

    Across the street is a platform, which overlooks Saint Paul Cathedral and Capitol Hill near the Mississippi river.

    I was in the middle of telling God, " I don't know if Amaterasu really morphs into a She Wolf."

    While still in the middle of that sentence, I looked down and saw the word " Orlando" on the sidewalk. Orlando is another word for " roland."

    My mother's fourth husband was named Roland. My older brother called him "Romulus", and it stuck with me, and Romulus allegedly drank milk from the capitoline wolf! That story is how Rome gets it's name!

    Japanese word for Wolf is "Okami", and Japanese word for God is "Kami."

    I used to begin my prayers "Oh Kami, Oh Kami, please grant me x, y, z". I was saying "Okami, wolf", the boy who cried wolf.

    That day, I felt my soul was drinking milk from a She-wolf's breasts, and some one called me a "son of a bitch" (word that means female dog).

    I returned home to see some stone Obelisks near a tree with a wanted werewolf on it. I took a picture:

    It's dark, but it says he howls at the moon and is a wanted criminal. I was chanting to the full Moon , and am a criminal, the night I discovered that.

    The Orlando, Roland (Romulus) sign was when I was in mid sentence about Amaterasu turning into a wolf.

    I renamed the Mississippi river, River tiber, after Tiberius caesar, that day, cuz Romulus and Remus had their experience with the wolf near the river tiber, and I was near the Mississippi river, and found a wolf spider near the Mississippi river, who was a mother wolf spider carrying babies on her back , not long after. I held the spider, and people nearby were frightened, cuz she was the biggest spider I've seen in the wild in Minnesota since I've lived here.

    My surname is alternative for Jacob , represented by the Sun in the Old Testament, his wife is the moon, the stars are their children.

    Amaterasu is Sun Goddess and sometimes a wolf (Okami), represented by the Sun Disk, on the Japanese flag, and as many of you know, I wear this jacket, which I found on sidewalk, hours after writing a big H on paper for Hirohito

    I made a video showing the Jacket last March 14, national Spider day (people call me spiderman)?

    14th of each month I call Japan and Shinto day because of a phenomenon I call "Japan fever, Kamikaze attacks, tsunami of grace" on July 14 2015, where I had visions of grinning Japanese children controlling me on strings like a puppet, and I became a POW of the Japanese with a song

    "Hirohito I'm with you
    A faithful PoW
    With the victims that lost their lives in Hiroshima
    Mother Mary's gonna love this one
    We'll build a great Empire of the Sun

    Take me down to Tokyo
    Make my Spirit whole
    Let's exalt Japan and have some fun
    Jesus Christ is gonna love this one
    Help us build an Empire of the Sun"...

    That song came years before the Jacket, or even before knowing I practice Shinto, and I turned my cupboard into a Shrine to two girls murdered July 14, 1974, before knowing that a "Kami cupboard", is a Kamidana, a Shinto tradition.

    It was before other relics or signs from the Imperial dynasty, but not long after making video about Sun flag H military Jacket, on Japan and Spider day, last March 14, I look on top of the fridge for mangos, and find this:

    It could almost pass for another H or a Shinto torri, on Japan day.

    Some things happen by chance, but not all things. I have basis werewolves or some sort of wolf spirits influence people, or some sentient being plays tricks and games with me.

    Genghis Khan, greatest conquer on earth, is believed to descend from a Wolf, and he gave Sky God Tengri credit for all of his military victories. He would spend days in his tent praying to the sky God before his battles, and he said that the sky God was responsible for all his victories.

    And he was an orphan as a child, and an escaped slave, who went from having nothing, to being the greatest conqueror in history. Maybe there was something miraculous behind his success?

    Even if garlic worked, I wouldn't use. Jesus built my Goddess! It's a love affair. Mainly Jesus and my Goddess! It's an alliance! They are partners!

    Japan has a tomb for Jesus, and claim that an incarnation of Jesus Christ went to Japan. They are the only country that claims to have the corpse of christ.

    I never liked garlic though. I find it one of my least favorite foods.
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    sadly office busy and cant read this right now. But I want to thank you. Your imagination is amazing. I will get back to this later


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    No, there might not be literal werewolves. But there might be Spirit entities that play the role. Like people do have spirit animals, according to many traditions. Supposedly my spirit animal is a cheetah being born on April 11th 1987. But I have my doubts and treat everything with skepticism


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      When the Virgin Mary appears to people, the Seers usually say she looks like the ethnicity of the person she appears to, and she looks like a teenager. I think it means that Spirit beings can alter the way they look, as well as their age, and ethnicity.

      I have heard angels, when people see them, can be very frightening to see. I wonder if any of them can take on this appearance:


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        When I began each prayer: "Oh Kami, Oh Kami". I didn't know that I was crying "Wolf, Wolf", until long after doing it for so long, and then it seemed the wolf (Okami) showed up, manifested!

        A good friend to have on my side!


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          This is cool!

          After I submitted this thread at another forum, I refreshed the page after a few posts, and this is what that forum later was advertising at this thread:

          Right above another user's posts appear random advertising.

          Wolves verse suns. In OP I shared pics of japanese sun flag, which represents a wolf deity!

          Interesting sign maybe. Because my surname is an alternative for Jacob who is represented by the Sun. It might be saying that the wolves are against me.

          Or it means that the artificial intelligence, the bots are spying on me. They want to be real people like pinocchio.


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            Sign sign everywhere a sign
            Everything's a sign
            Give me another sign
            Sign this sign that
            I believe in signs


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              sadly office busy and cant read this right now. But I want to thank you. Your imagination is amazing. I will get back to this later


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              Moon: 99.1%
              Waning Gibbous


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                I met a boy in the hospital who claimed to be a werewolf programmed by the CIA.


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                  Originally posted by Wolfman's Brother
                  Moon: 99.1%
                  Waning Gibbous
                  Thank you for that winner post!

                  A staff at the facility here was wearing a moon on her shirt with the number 17, and butterflies, today.

                  I journaled about seeing the moon on her shirt though, because of what the moon represents to me. So, about the Waning Gibbous Moon today, I wouldn't know if you didn't say something. I'm glad you did.

                  I'm big into wolves, spirit animal wolves, wolf Deities, and werewolf folklore, so I love your avatar and the comment beneath your name.

                  Because the Moon represents a person I know in real life to me, and I have been getting signs about her recently, I have to wonder if waning moon means she's sick, weary, ill, or that it might happen to her soon.

                  Because if a person is waning, it means they are sick, weary, or ill, and the definition of her name, one of the definitions, is "weary".


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                    I’ve got a team at work and we go by the werewolves, We’ve got this logo, and sometimes I’ll shout Go Werewolves at our morning meetings.

                    I also describe myself as a wild wolf sometimes. And I used to have a wolf roommate actually.



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                      Originally posted by Matthew Mussolini
                      the Waning Gibbous Moon
                      To me that sounds like a "Seuss-ism" but I'm pretty buzzed too, so there's that.

                      mother moon -she's calling me back to her silver womb,
                      father of creation -takes me from my stolen tomb
                      seventh-advent unicorn is waiting in the skies,
                      a symptom of the universe, a love that never dies!


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                        The myth about Romulus and Remus drinking the milk of a she Wolf has to be one of the most fascinating ones though.

                        The reason being, is however it became a tradition, it led to the name of the most influential Empire in the history of the world. It also is how the city of Rome got its name (which today is called the eternal City, as well as the city of seven hills, and the Antichrist is supposed to come from the city of seven hills, or at least reign there), as well as the Roman Catholic Church.

                        The most influential Empire in the world, and the most influential Church in the world, got its name because of a legendary twin who drank milk from the breast of a she Wolf.

                        Whoever came up with that tale, it had destiny that's for sure! Who knows, maybe it really happened! Supposedly Mary got pregnant by an invisible Alien, and Archangel Gabriel anointed and anounced it.

                        Billions of people believe that, so why not believe that a heavenly supernatural wolf breastfed the twins who founded Rome? It sounds just as credible.


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                          I read that virgins are the only thing that can tame a unicorn. Maybe they can contain and tame werewolves too.


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                            vampires fear garlic, unicorns and killers in horror movies fear hymens.