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Jesus was NOT an authentic Jew!

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    Jesus was NOT an authentic Jew!

    Not all the people in the bloodline on the mother of Jesus Christ superstar's bloodline were Jewish, and his Father was an Alien, because Christians say he existed before planet earth did, which means he's not from earth, and he is present on Mars (Omnipresent), making him part Martian.

    He dwells in the hearts of billions of people whose bodies are temples for his Alien presence to dwell.

    Scripture says Jesus existed before Adam and Eve, meaning he wasn't Jewish now was he?

    The star of Bethlehem was a UFO, leading to the half Alien child born in a barn, who died complaining that his Father abandoned him, while naked, crowned with thorns, nailed to a bit of wood, and blaspheming.

    He then (in the Apostles Creed) allegedly spent three days in Hell, rose from the dead, and the Japanese claim an Incarnation of Jesus Christ superstar (Alien) went to Japan, and there is a Jesus Christ tomb in Japan, the only nation that claims to have the corpse of Jesus Christ superstar!

    The Roman Catholic Church actually gets it's name from a female She-wolf breastfeeding Romulus, and Rome got it's name from that incident.

    Highest Kami in Shinto is sometimes depicted as a She-wolf, (Kami means God, Okami means wolf in Japan), State Religion of Japan has no Doctrine or Scriptures that contradict Christianity, and no known founders of the state religion of Japan.

    I believe Amaterasu is the Capitoline wolf, whose legend is where the Roman Catholic Church gets her name, and I believe Japan keeps a corpse of Jesus, because the Japanese are Jews, and that Jesus founded Shinto, which is why it is Compatible with the teachings of his Church and Scripture, and no one knows who founded Shinto. Think about it!

    So, Jesus was almost half a descent of Israel, so almost half an authentic Jew when he incarnated!

    Japanese are Jews , and Japan is the Holy Land. Jesus told me to tell you that he wants some people to believe that. I will have a following some day.

    Mussolini hung upside down like a caterpillar hangs upside down dead, and all is over for the caterpillar, as it is transformed into a New creation full of Jesus Christ, and reborn!

    Every time I meet Mussolini, he is about 75% filled with Jesus Christ, in love with the poor, and the pores of his skin drip with a substance the Angels call "Jesus Juice!".

    He's a reborn New Creation, Eternal Caesar and Benevolent Dictator of the Eternal City! Click image for larger version  Name:	gettyimages-1139711849-612x612.jpg Views:	0 Size:	39.5 KB ID:	215309

    Mussolini's corpse also disappeared from his tomb on Easter Sunday, in imitation of the resurrection of Christ, people thought he rose from the dead and he was missing 12 years, and his public hanging and mutilation (among crowds insulting him) was called a "calvary" , and in Shinto , to hang upside down , means the same thing the crucifixion means in Christianity!

    And Mussolini means Jacob, the man Jesus and all Jews descend from, Jacob and Mussolini both married a woman by the same name Rachel, acted the same, and Rachel Mussolini has my birthday, her name means "ewe", sounding identical to "you"? All coincidence, happening by chance alone?


      Give it a rest.


        Yesterday a woman told me she fell in love with three Sams, that she married the third one, and that Sam interrupted her morning meditation yesterday.

        I responded," strange, because for me it felt like Samson from the tribe of Dan, interrupted my meditations, to tell me he was Uncle Sam, and he wants me to be "Son of Sam".

        Samson seemed to tell me that a girl I pray for, her guardian Angel is the Angel that killed 185,000 Assyrians in the book of II Kings. I responded to him out loud in awe, "that is more than three times the casualties of both sides in Gettysburg, most costly battle for Americans in history."

        He then seemed to tell me to look up who Gettysburg is named after. I was shocked to see it is named after "Sam Getty".

        Later that day, I posted that image of Mussolini in the OP, that I like more than other paintings of him. I noticed it says "Getty Images" on it (Like Sam Getty).





            What I saw when I started thinking about how crazy you are:

            Click image for larger version

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              Jesus was just some dude walking around preaching, drinking, and getting laid. Got busted for habitual criminal activites and was punished.

              I chalk him up to being the equivalent of an (After Death) David Koresh.

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                This thread was a joke, by the way, and I don't believe Japanese were Jews.


                  Click image for larger version

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                    A thread isn't the best format for a joke, for future reference.