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    A fraternity calling that has a niche. Thinking up a few ideas for tee shirts and whatnot fer something fun and creative to do.

    Just kicking around and exploring a website design and a launch date.

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    I approve.

    You have Benito's blessing!

    As a seasoned street fighter, sword dueller, who got shot point blank in the face on Capitoline Hill and laughed about the bullet going through his nostril, he was a soldier wounded in World War 1, someone with a criminal record as a youngster making him unlikely for politics , kicked out of school, not much education, no qualifications, no government experience, took over a first world cradle of Democracy without shedding blood in his march on Rome, because people saw an Alpha who made them proud to be Italian, and without any votes , then worked an economic miracle for multiple countries, created a regime that saved Spain from communism in the Spanish Civil war (in power until 1975), made short work of the Italian mafia, resurrected the Roman Empire, inspired economic miracles in multiple countries, is something only the epitome of an Alpha male could accomplish!

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    In group yesterday, we actually watched a talk on minimalist lifestyle.

    Too many possessions, acquaintances, attachments to money, and reputation, stunt inner growth in virtues, high moral standards, and stunt growth in maturity, was basically the theme.

    It also spoke quite negatively about social media.

    Anyway, without Alphas, society falls!


      What now? There's a fraternity called the Alpha minimalists and you're making shirts?

      It seems so often anymore I can't tell what people are saying. Feels like I'm losing it.

      And then everyone ignores me and has a response like it all makes perfect sense. I'm gonna go insane.


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        don't worry, i didn't understand either.

      Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
      What now? There's a fraternity called the Alpha minimalists and you're making shirts?
      Slightly now....

      There's talk/ideas about a fraternity/niche' called Alpha-Minimalist(s)

      Not making any shirts atm...... just simmering some ideas on a concept.

      Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post

      And then everyone ignores me and has a response like it all makes perfect sense. I'm gonna go insane.
      Not everyone ignores you Andy.
      ​​​​​​​I responsed, proof in the tapioca pudding.


        Where is this talk occuring? I've never heard a word about it. Is this like the Proud Boys except not-racist?


          Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
          Where is this talk occuring? I've never heard about it
          At my workplace.
          Gatherings amongst friends outside of work.

          My guys and a few of Triple S's single lady girlfriends that she's trying to help in mostly their dating lives, and not too much carrying into their daily lives.

          Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
          Is this like the Proud Boys except not-racist?
          No, not at all anything mentioned to do with PB's or race.

          The fraternity accepts all human beings wanting to find their own true Alpha Minimalism.

          You are not ignored, Andy


            I didn't buy into that phony condescension the first time.


              - Are these the nazis, Walter?

              - No Donny, these men are alpha minimalists. There's nothing to be afraid of


                Is it key to being an alpha that you zero in on and spotlight others' perceived insecurities? And never expose your own?

                I'm just being a person, making sweeping generalizations left and right.


                  Anyway, good luck with your project, Pete.

                  What I've gathered is that women are attracted to special men, who are alphas. Necessarily, these don't have to be decent men, though many are.

                  (Unless Mussolini, fighting in the streets, was a shining example of decency, see?)

                  Maybe you guys need to make it more clear. Women are special and only like special men. Or, only special men (alphas) deserve women. And you will know them by their interactions with women.

                  I innocently question the widely accepted belief that women are inherently "special." They all get treated that way, as objects of worship even.

                  It's not that I'm not fond of women. I just don't believe in their inherent genius. Many of them are smarter than me, but that's not the point.

                  I question power and authority, and women have so much power. And I just have a hard time accepting, knowing what I know, that, across the board, women are realistic.

                  My mom married a man who killed her spiritually if not physically, yet she was adamant throughout that he was good inside. So it's ingrained in me that women are highly susceptible to complete assholes.

                  And I just don't play the whole game of trying to win trust, though I am trustworthy, despite my hideous power to devalue and destroy. You know what I'm saying?


                  I'm not special to women, but I'm above blaming them for that, or hating them for that.

                  Betas are embittered by it, I guess.

                  And it's strange, women find out that, even they, excite men sexually, and they change (for the worse IMO.) But they still have no idea what they mean to men. And these betas pin it all on sex. But that's not it.

                  A man needs a woman to validate his entire existence. There seem to be a whole lot of men these days going off the deep end, and they're not receiving it. And it's a vicious cycle. And in many of their minds it boils down to the ultimate compliment, of being a lover.

                  Okay nuff said. I just find it fascinating.


                    Just to reiterate, though:

                    It's really quite difficult for men to divorce themselves from the need for feminine validation. And it's really easy to say, from the standpoint of one who receives such validation, that the other is beta.

                    Even though many men are at their worst when they receive no validation from females.

                    I may be the shining example of how a man who is not fit to fulfill a female's fantasies should behave. I can only be myself. I'm no dream. Not by a long shot. And I remain open, but realistic.


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                        Thank you neonspectraltoast , for your thoughts.

                        I just want to do whatever im supposed to do, each day, to help and inspire those I can, with this brief life, and make less pain, less suffering, less confusion on earth, and if there is something I can do to help dreams come true for everyone, or as many people as possible, prevent myself and others from waisting time and potential, my hope and prayer is that I will do all I can do to accomplish that.