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Synagogue of Serpents, of the New Eve! New World Order of Rebecca!

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    Synagogue of Serpents, of the New Eve! New World Order of Rebecca!

    Mother of the Imperial dynasty: Amaterasu, it seemed (Emperor Showa, Hirohito's) birthday called for such a thread, because that jacket I believed was a gift from him, is my most prized possession, and the only thing of value not stolen, when my apartment was raided and even my couch was stolen.

    On his birthday I found the circular mirror again, only this time under my bed, when it is usually above my bed, but fell, so I moved it to the Honden!

    that mirror I found "Japan day", with Japan paper in hand, outside floor of cathedral, then found ladder at Capitol Hill I called "Jacob's ladder": Ascent to God". I ascended the ladder and it went through a circular mirror, and I could see my reflection everywhere.

    To me the message was : "Ascend to God through Amaterasu," because she said to venerate the mirror as if it is her, when she gave it to Emperor Jimmu!

    I believe Amaterasu equips and trains many women in Heaven who are Sun Goddesses, Samurai, and Fatima Moon Goddesses, who live the message of Fatima, and at Fatima Portugal, Mary made the Sun dance. (Google: the day the Sun danced).

    The Sun on the Japanese flag represents Amaterasu, and in Scripture the Sun represents "Jacob", who Saint Louis De Montfort said represents the elect , who reach the greatest Spiritual perfection, by love for our heavenly mothers.

    Esau loved the Father, and tried only to please him. Jacob was incessantly devoted to pleasing his mother, Rebecca.

    Rebecca could not give him a blessing like Isaac, but her plans, scheming, and manipulating, breaking God's rules, got Jacob, her favorite, to steal the blessing: "God will bless those who bless you. God will curse those who curse you. In you , all people shall find their blessing."

    Mussolini means Jacob, Rachel was the second wife of Mussolini and Jacob, they both preferred Mother over Father, both were contenders of great skill and talented, both dabbled in forbidden Spiritual practices, both were incredibly gifted people, so I feel images of Mussolini , are in honor of every Jacob.

    ​Mussolini died feast of Louis De Montfort, who said "the elect are Jacob"! But this thread is not about him, but about Jacob's devotion to Rebecca, what it means.

    Saint Louis De Montfort said that those who love the Blessed Virgin Mary, will essentially steal graces, and destiny , and blessings , from those who have only devotion to the Father, who he compares to Esau.

    I have come to realize that there are many women in Heaven who qualify as Rebecca's, Jacob's shield, for Rebecca said that if Isaac or God cursed him for his sin, she said "let the curse be on me"! In heaven, there are "certified Rebeccas, Jacob's shield", who say "let the curse for Jacob's sins be on us, not on Jacob our beloved (any one who loves and is devoted to us"): Divine Femininity, women in Heaven, and women who died tragically as victim souls, who are being exalted as if they were the same sacrificial lamb as Jesus Christ, and they are taking the place of Pagan Gods and Goddesses, so that anyone who prays to those Deities, prays to a baptized ally of Jesus Christ. Click image for larger version  Name:	images (6).jpg Views:	1 Size:	10.0 KB ID:	225736

    But Rebecca is an ally of Christ, but a contender with God, for Jacob fought with God and won, earning him the name Israel, which means contender with God (Scripture says).

    As Israel was called "the bride of God, virgin Israel", the Queens of Heaven, certified anointed Rebecca Divinities have established a state, a Divine Feminine spirit, who is a state, a government, and a spirit of a Church without Dogma, to bind all religions into matrimony with their Israel (Bride of God who defeats God, to even end pain and suffering in hell, and give them eternal euphoria, pleasure, bliss, to start a new preternatural order of Rebecca, synagogue of serpents consecrated to the tribe of Dan, represented by a Serpent.

    This state entity, is "New World order of Rebecca", who seeks to have matrimony with all humankind, unlike the Harlot Babylon of the Antichrist, which sought fornication, this Government seeks a matrimony covenant with her people.

    Scripture in Isaiah 66 says "Jerusalem is a woman, oh that you would drink fully the milk of her comfort, nurse with delight at her abundant breasts. She will fondle you, in her lap."

    That is the state, the female entity, all-seeing political party of Divine femininity, female version of the creator, who connects many "New Jerusalem girls", who seek to bring Jerusalem , as described from Isaiah 66, to all people.

    Jacob said "Dan will be a viper by the road, striking at the heel, sending rider and horse backwards.

    Of all Kami I believe I met, I associate the Joker with him, and the tribe of Dan has the worst reputation, not listed in the list of the twelve tribes of Israel in revelation, and the Talmud said all evil came from the area that Dan occupied. Some Church Fathers said the Antichrist would come from Dan.

    But the New Eve would like a New Serpent to reign over Satan , the Ancient serpent and hell, so she is recruiting a tribe of Dan from Hell, where she finds ways to alleviate pain, and fill hell with pleasure, laughter, and Heavenly intoxicants, to turn Hell into obedient Serpents of the New Eve.

    Mary is traditionally called the New Eve, and Eve is often pictured in art, holding the serpent she listened to.

    Since Jesus saved souls on earth, some one who will get God to do what he doesn't want to do, is necessary to bring euphoria to hell, and turn the kingdom of hell into paid mercenaries, who serve Heaven for award, intoxication that is good, and who work with Heaven to end suffering and confusion on earth.

    Mary told Jesus to turn water into wine to get people drunk at a party. Jesus only worked that miracle reluctantly because his mother, the New Eve, told him to. (The Catholic Church calls Mary, the new Eve!)

    He complained that his hour had not yet come, and it was not his concern (they were running out of an intoxicant).

    It means the New Eve cared about people getting drunk at a party, Jesus didn't care, but he turned water into wine because the right woman asked him to.

    Mary has created a holy Moon Goddess Fatima legion, and Amaterasu has an entire legion of trained Amaterasu Omikami Samurai Sun Goddess warriors , women from revelation chapter 12, "a woman clothed with the Sun, standing on the Moon, crowned with stars.". These girls of the Apocalypse are the greatest hope for the end times.

    These Apocalypse ladies of the Sun and Moon, are Tengri sky girls. Tengri was the Sky God Genghis Khan said worked the miracles to bring him from impoverished, illiterate orphan, to most successful conqueror and warrior ever, who started the first Empire of many faiths, where all religions were forced to get along.

    Genghis Khan said it was not wisdom, courage, bravery , or understanding that won his battles, but his love for Tengri.

    Tengri sky girls, certified Rebeccas, Click image for larger version  Name:	download.jpg Views:	1 Size:	12.9 KB ID:	225737 Click image for larger version  Name:	download (1).jpg Views:	1 Size:	9.4 KB ID:	225738 Click image for larger version  Name:	images (4).jpg Views:	1 Size:	6.8 KB ID:	225739 wish to make great Kahn's, conquerors who rise from nothing, to conquering every vice that holds you back, from being the best blessing to those you encounter each day, and doing everything you do, do little things with great love!

    A person can be far greater a conqueror than Genghis Khan, if they are faithful, hopeful, and charitable, as well as pure of heart!

    But anyway, devotion to Rebecca, the women in heaven certified to mother those devoted to, or thirsting for unity with Divine femininity, female Kami with maternal tenderness, is the trick to becoming Jacob. The trick to becoming Jacob, is find your Rebecca!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	images (5).jpg Views:	1 Size:	10.1 KB ID:	225740
    Jacob would have missed out on his blessing, had he not loved Rebecca excessively, and he had to be willing to dishonor the Father and authority of the house, break rules, deceive, disrespect, and betray his Father, in obedience to Rebecca, who said "let the curse fall on me, not on you".

    Rebecca, Divine Femininity will only oppose God to get him to be more nice! God is obviously very cruel with how many graces he grants, and the biblical belief of eternal torture in hell , needs to be opposed!

    As Mary got Jesus Christ to intoxicate and anesthetize the wedding at Cana party, when he didn't want to, Rebecca, women in Heaven who received Mary's graces, to become New Eve's, serpent and Dragon tamers, seek to anesthetize hell, extinguish the fires with purple rain, and bring heavenly laughing gas attacks, and Queen of Heaven Eucharist girlscout cookies (the body and blood of the Queen of Heaven, In eucharist edible inebriation form, to intoxicate and convert demons and damned souls).

    The Queens of Heaven rebel against God only for the right reasons. They remain humble (not proud like the Devil), but insist that all Spirits, souls, and people, should reach a state of eternal Bliss, euphoria, contentment, and freedom from want, and that rather than fight the miserable kingdom of hell, we should try to convert them with reward, because hateful people are in agony.

    And Jesus said we must love our enemies. So, he should be trying to help hell rehabilitate, and even psychopaths in prison, with no love, will do good loving deeds, if they receive correct reward for it.

    The same is true for many , if not all of hell! Rebecca can give the souls in hell love, turn Devils into Serpents of the New Eve, satiate their every desire (even if they wish to kill her, there are dying and resurrecting Goddesses who can satiate practically every desire in hell that most be satisfied, to get orcs, humans, damned souls and Saints, Demons and Angels to form a Yin Yang Axis (alliance of darkness and light, around which the universe will rotate, where a New preternatural, New Supernatural, and New Celestial order of Rebecca, where Rebecca gets control of the Kingdom of even God's enemies, has them doing good deeds.

    TO be Continued on next post...

    And Rebecca stole the blessing from Esau, for Jacob, and Jacob went on to fight with God and win.

    Rebecca is a Rebel, the name "Mary" means "Rebellious", but she only breaks rules to steal more graces and blessings for her devotees, and to get the world more grace.

    If God made the serpent "God of this world", we might as well try to get the serpent to do good deeds, not be violently attacking some one God made so powerful.

    There is enmity between the woman and the serpent, but the New Eve would rather the Serpent would love and serve her, and the tribe of Dan is represented by the serpent. ​ That tribe is where the strongest human ever recorded (that millions believe actually existed) came from (Samson).

    Dan means "Judge", and judges at that time had absolute Dictatorial powers. Danites tended to be the best warriors, living on land with the dreadful philistines constantly attacking and disputing. They lived on a battlefield and had to be tough.

    Danites also were more likely to be politicians, as well as lead the Israelites into Idolatery, but Rebecca sees that their Idolatery was a thirst for true relationship with the Queens confraternity in Heaven, and the Angels, souls in Heaven, and Communion of Saints, so she has sanctified the serpent tribe, as belonging to the Kingdom of the New Eve, with an all girl's Vatican City State , Independent of God the Father, where God lets female clergy have privacy to Govern and make the rules for their Church, which is Shinto, Sun Goddesses (Females of a certain anointing and training) are the the greatest authority, but Idolatery is not a problem with mother God.

    Mother Goddess wants all people happy and blissful, including souls in hell, and she knows some need Idolatery to be happy, so she blesses souls allied with the true God, to take the place of God's/Goddesses that are not in alliance with God, so all Deities that people pray to, are good spirits that lead their devotees in good ways. Then Idolatery is sanctified!

    The old Eve listened to the serpent. The New Eves will hold serpents, love serpents, tame serpents, and create Marian Devils, Serpents of the New Eve!

    By becoming Queens of hell and the damned, they can be Sun Goddesses, who bring light to dark places, turning hell into "The garden of Sweden", where missionaries have stolkholm syndrome (love for, alliance with captor), and Sweden is also "rape Capitol", and to get hell motivated to do good deeds, certain mother Goddesses can die and rise from the dead, and be Dionysia Goddesses of intoxication as well!
    This way, everyone in heaven, hell, and earth finds eternal Bliss, dreams come true, euphoria, laughter, and pleasure.

    The New Eves just need to teach devils , serpents, to rebel for reasons that God admires,

    because Rebecca broke God's rules, multiple of the ten commandments, and rebelled against the male superior of the household, and God blessed her for it, because her rebellion was noble minded.

    Jacob fought with God physically and won, Scripture says, and God blessed him for it.

    The New Eves, naughty Rebeccas, seek to transform hell, into reborn Jacobs, devotees of Rebecca! That they become redeemed "contenders with God", like Jacob.

    Serpents of the New Eve are redeemed serpents, noble and obedient to their mother. As Eve once listened to a serpent, and human kind fell, now Eve's friendship with the serpent (Symbolic of devils or damned souls, the tribe of Dan, or those drawn to darkness) helps redeem the serpent, and the whole world, and hell as well!

    And Jesus said "the violent take Heaven by force". It means it can be done, and if to give God's household, possessions, and graces, to the control of women who have a more merciful plan, is how and why heaven is taken, then in Jesus name, may it be done, because it would accomplish the greatest good!


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