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You are in Truman show with audience!

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    You are in Truman show with audience!

    When I felt completely possessed by Devils in my life, I literally didn't want to stab some guy , but something literally made me powerless, weirdest experience I ever had, and there was an audience only known to me, of what I would compare to a Truman show, watching and manipulating something I never get temptations to do, an attempted murder that was actually something I tried in vain to resist, not wanting to hurt the guy, not even angry at him, but terrified that I had no control over something so dangerous.

    It was literally full blown possession, where I was completely controlled by something doing the opposite of my will.

    Something was making it clear to me I had no choice but to kill someone who was actually my friend, and he visited the court room and said he didn't want me to go to prison, and we became friends after my release, but he has multiple scars on the chest, that could have been fatal.

    I don't know what happened that day, because chemicals never did that to me on any other occasion, and I would rather die than see something like that happen again.

    But it also was where my Truman show began, an audience always watching that needs to be entertained, amused, or loved, a prison ministry of ghosts visiting me in jail with weird coincidences that created a heaven in hell, to the point I would give away my trays in exchange for the inmate saying a prayer, and the beginning of a revolutionizing journey of finding meaning in coincidences, signs, and synchronicities, something that was never my thing.

    It became something I found messages and meaning, connections I never would have made before.

    So, out of the most horrifying , scary, confusing , shocking experience I ever had, came so much good in that jail , because it was the most revolutionizing experience I ever had.

    But you are in a Truman show. Your audience can influence it for good or for worse, so be on their good side.

    Keeping your audience entertained is part of everyone's job in this, and the audience loves Truman most when he suffers most.