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Father Pennywise, the God Jokers pray to!

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    Father Pennywise, the God Jokers pray to!

    Keep in mind I'm journaling my thoughts, not claiming them to be infallible, but I do practice the Joker Jesus spirituality.

    The character who Scripture says fought with God and won, repeatedly being blessed for breaking God's rules, most resembles the supervillain Joker, and Jacob was a sorcerer who succeeded at something the Devil still tries in vain to do (be an adversary of God who wins).

    Jacob's name was changed to "contender with God", the very vocation and job of the Devil, the prince of darkness.

    But Jacob's mother Rebecca, whom Jacob was loyal to, loyalty to her even in breaking God's rules, (meaning Jacob loved her more than God), she said "let the curse and punishment for Jacob's sins be upon me, not him", and I think God honored such a pure, heroic, act of love, by making Jacob his Joker, Hollywood bad guy, above God's laws more than any Biblical figure, who even gets the honor of violently assaulting God, committing adultery with slaves, stealing the most important blessing and bloodline in Scripture, and killing his favorite wife Rachel with a curse on accident.

    The Father of Jacob, whom Saint Louis De Montfort said represents God the Father, was named "Isaac". Isaac means "laughter."

    Jacob contends with God, to get God to compromise, and come in the form a Joker loves most, a laughter God, Father Chuckles the clown, the Joker God, whom those aspiring to be Jokers pray to.

    He is Father Pennywise the IT clown God, only all-knowing, and Jacob forbids him from hurting anyone unless it is to help create a happy world.

    As the fighter with God who wins, Jacob exercises strong authority over how his Father must relate to the world, and insists that Father Pennywise have primary objectives of stirring up laughter, entertainment, amusement, and creating a circus of earth that is fun, not the horrifying one we are in (with so much misery.)

    Jacob the Joker Jesus, his favorite Saint is Don Bosco, "the clown of God". True story is I began having visions of clowns, euphoric visions, while waiting for a cab. I was brought to my wet house to see a clown on TV, and learn it was feast of the clown of God, Saint Don Bosco. I think that is enough evidence for me to believe my clown convictions are inspired by an entity.

    Jacob the Joker Jesus seeks to teach others how to be above God's laws, fight with God and win, as Jacob did in Scripture, the envy of the Devil, for he accomplished what Satan failed at.

    He rebelled, lied, stole, and violently assaulted God, but he always did it in a way God saw worked for the greater good.

    His preferring Rebecca above everyone, even above God, was a big part of his secret.

    His Religion would fit him better if it was female dominant, and women who were certified to be what he loved in Rebecca, were Deified to be his higher power.

    That would make him more fervent and loyal than any male Deity, and was his ticket to greatness, a stolen blessing, and stealing the most sacred bloodline.

    Father Chuckles the clown, the laughter God of Jokers, ( Father of Joker Jesus , the black sheep lamb of God), is the clown Deity, who smiles and giggles no matter what the news is, and takes nothing too seriously, smiling and laughing no matter what the news is.

    He seeks people who have Faith of a mustard seed in Father Pennywise, gaining his favor by imitating the clown who smiles no matter what the news, and the power of Father Chuckles (the Joker God), is released into bad ugly situations, when you force yourself to smile and chuckle in his honor. It summons the clown and circus spirits.

    A deck of Joker cards are holy Saint cards for Jake the Joker Jesus, and his Father laughter, (the Ringmaster of the Circus as well).

    Click image for larger version

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      The Jacob example in Scripture is Biblical basis for being a dark Darth Vader Hollywood bad guy , who is above all of God's rules, a lawless one God enables, who repeatedly does the forbidden, contender with God who accomplishes the objectives of the beast of the Apocalypse, and the woman that rides the beast.

      Those objectives are to fight with God and win. Break his rules the right way, for the right reasons, so there is only positive outcome.

      Saint Louis De Montfort said Jacob prefigures the elect of the end time, who accomplish the most, in the surest , quickest, easiest way.

      JFK had a name alternative for Jacob and so did his wife. His wife's middle name is alternative for Leah bride of Jacob. His killer has a name alternative for Leah. He and his killer died at Parkland hospital, and parkland shooting is where the spirit I am very devoted to died, whose name is the meaning of Leah.

      JFK's killer was killed by Jack Ruby two days later. Jack is alternative for Jacob. Every one involved is a Jacob or Leah name alternative, and Leah was Jacob's most important bride, whose bloodline brings the Messiah. His assassination with all the Jacob Leah signs took place on the birthday of my true love, whose name is the Latin version of Leah, and I came closer to dying as a result of meeting her than anyone else.

      JFK'S wife had name alternatives for "Jacob Leah (Jackie Lee)", and JFK was called Jack (Jacob alternative), and Jacob became Israel in Scripture, because JFK is another Israel, seeking to bring Messiahs into earth through another Jacob Leah bloodline.

      The beast of the Apocalypse resurrects from the dead, with fatal headwound, and JFK'S spirit can rise from the dead, the abyss, by being welcomed into minds, bodies, and souls that are living the Jacob devotion and anointing.

      He wants to be the beast that wins, by living the Jacob vocation of "contender with God" whom God blesses, who fights with God and wins.

      An entire book is written about JFK'S return and second reign, and the only other person I know of who promised he would return to reign again, also got shot in the head, also was accused of being the Antichrist, and he married the name of Jacobs other bride Rachel, and had a last name that means Jacob. He died feast of Saint Louis De Montfort, who taught me everything about Jacob.

      It is definitely more than just coincidence.
      Leah most resembles the bride of the Joker, because she rebelled against Divine decree and had to sin and deceive and steal the most sacred bloodline, so she and her husband are the two greatest examples of God rewarding disobedience. It prefigures their end time rebellion, mischief, contending with God, and saving earth from God, using the forbidden to save souls and create a more happy earth.


        It's a dead Kennedy conspiracy. Souls united with the most famous, cursed, American Royal family, are welcomed in as dead Kennedy's, and assigned a role in a dead Kennedy conspiracy to overthrow God, so that more miracles and generosity be given earth.

        The Ghost of JFK is Saint John of the Apocalypse, beast with healed headwound. Revelation 13 says the world will go after the beast with fatal headwound. There is a dead Kennedy conspiracy to make that beast JFK, because he got 666 votes in his 1956 Democratic convention.

        The dead Kennedy party is the Behemoth party, mocking the republican elephant, Behemoth is a huge Elephant spirit monster from Scripture, who defeats what is described as a 300 mile long sea serpent called Leviathan, who causes problems. Behemoth is a great monster, usually described as similar to an elephant, a monster who accomplishes good service, so the dead Kennedy Behemoth party is trying to get JFK elected to be the beast of the Apocalypse, who only fights with God like Jacob, to win like Jacob, and make less suffering on earth, and restrain God's wrath from causing suffering.

        The Behemoth party seeks that JFK be a great beast, a monster like Behemoth, who does good, valuable, crucial deeds, and prevents revelation prophecy from being fulfilled, by fighting with God and winning, as Jacob who bears him and his wife's name alternative did

        A contender with God has the most potential for creating a better earth, if he can fight with God and win, because he can force God to work miracles and end suffering God ordinarily wouldn't do.

        Jesus said the violent take Heaven by force. That is the goal of the dead Kennedy conspiracy and Behemoth party.