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Egyptian Pharoah's and curses.

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  • Egyptian Pharoah's and curses.

    So, I was just journaling because I picked up a paper which mentions my greatest enemy I ever met online who said he wanted me dead. I uploaded a YouTube giving him my contact info and telling him to come kill me, and I was cursing him out, then like a week later went to jail for trying to kill someone with a butcher knife...

    ...and when I got out of jail, Deidre
    said the guy died. I've never met someone online before that I found out died, (though I'm sure it happens, it's just people don't announce it online). It's a weird coincidence though that It was my least favorite person online who wanted me dead and I wanted him dead.

    Right after writing about that, I listen to this song which is about harming people with voodoo, and it mentions a Pharoah:

    So I pick up a Pharoah book someone randomly gives me and read about the Curse of King Tut killing someone over 3,000 years after his death.

    So, I share the security door with my neighbor and I answer the door for his traffic, and one of them, (a black kid whose name I don't even know) just hands me a book about King Tut cursing the guy that fucked with his tomb. The guy died a week later (Lord Carnarvon).

    Well, no one knows if it was a curse, but all over the newspaper headlines, it was called "The mummies curse" , and I can't think of a greater treasure discovered in modern times than that tomb of the lost "God King".

    s-l1000 (1).jpg

    Well, this book the kid gave me is now a treasure, and I wonder, "What the hell is another person in the Ghetto (where we speak in ebonics) doing with a book like this, at my place, and he hands me the book for keeps without me even knowing his name or charging me for it.

    It's because I was supposed to have it.

    The office of Pharoah wasn't a political office (in theory) as much as it was a religious office where the Pharoah was an intermediary between Heaven and earth, much like the Japanese Emperors, only the Pharoah was actually believed to be God Incarnate, where Japanese Emperors are considered to be descendents of the sun Divinity (Amaterasu), not God-Incarnate.

    But a Pharoah was essentially supposed to be a person incessantly praying and meditating, blessing and cursing, and like a Shaman, "Channeling messages from the Spirit world to the material world."

    Pharoah's were also supposed to be great magicians, though this wasn't always in practice, it was supposed to be part of the job description and office. If you read the Old Testament, it says that Pharoah's magicians could do all the miracles that Moses could perform, just they couldn't turn sand/dust into gnats.

    There actually isn't any laws that state you can't become a Pharoah or God. After Egypt became the Roman Empire, the Egyptians called the Caesar of Rome "Pharoah". I didn't know that till yesterday.

    In fact, Jesus Christ even said of certain people "You are gods". The Old Testament said of certain people "You are gods". Paul said, "It is no longer I who live but Christ". etc.

    Pharoah's were not always enemies of Jews in the Old Testament. Some of those Pharoah's were very kind to Jews. For instance, Joseph was a Hebrew slave, convicted of raping an Egyptian woman.

    The Pharoah saw that Joseph was a man of God and could interpret dreams, so Pharoah placed a Jewish slave in control of all his house and possessions, became his best friend, and not once did he criticize his ethnicity or tell him he had to convert to any Religion.

    Joseph respected Pharoah's Religion as well. So much did Pharoah love and trust Joseph that when people went to the Pharoah for help, his response was, "Go to Joseph".

    Well, earlier prior to reading this book yesterday, I was praying before an Image of Nafisa Joseph who died Mussolini's birthday and was a close relative of Il Duce's favorite writer Tagore, who "Sang the praises of Mussolini." (She's special because I was praying to her before I knew her connections to Mussolini , not just because she's hot , but also because her last name is Joseph, and I called her princess of Egypt,
    cleopatra_collar_szekeres_by_elf_fin.jpg because Joseph was called prince of Egypt.

    Joseph was the son of Jacob (Jacob means Mussolini) and his second wife Rachel. Mussolini's second wife was Rachel as well.)

    Joseph was also the name of the foster Father of Jesus who was the superior of the household, meaning Jesus and Mary obeyed Joseph. The Catholic Church even has a teaching that in Heaven, Jesus still obeys Joseph when Joseph asks him to do something (despite Jesus being greater). That's a damn high status lol!

    Joseph of Egypt prefigured this, because he was in control of Pharoah (who was thought to be God). Joseph of the New Testament was in a sense in control of the child Jesus (who was thought to be God.) It was Joseph who saved the life of Christ and fled to Egypt of all places.


    Crazy thing is, last time I went to the Cathedral (yesterday), I knelt before the shrine to Saint Joseph because people were sitting in my usual spot. I never kneel before Saint Joseph during mass.

    Well, there was a single prayer card where I was kneeling announcing that 2021 is the year of Saint Joseph.

    It happened at assumption Church again today. I found myself kneeling before Saint Joseph because the spot near Saint Therese (where I usually sit) was taken.
    (Because of Covid, it's hard to find proper seating , because many of the pews are tied off to keep social distancing.)

    Anyway, this is actually really bizzare. It actually kinda pisses me off that stuff like this keeps happening because there never is a clear message. It's a bunch of bizzare coincidences that I'm left 100% convinced have Supernatural or Preternatural forces behind them generating them, yet there isn't a clear message.

    One clear audible sentence would mean more to me than 1,000 coincidences, but I'm still grateful for these graces because they remind me something out there that can't be seen or heard audibly is trying to get my attention.

    I'm going to study the Religion of ancient Egypt though because it's tugging at my heart that you and I can become Pharoah's (mediators between the Spirit realm and the material...aka god kings/queens)

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    That's so weird you bring Mequa up! I was thinking about him the other day, how he died from what should have been a routine surgery. That was sad. And odd that he did wish for you to die. That happened so long ago but sometimes, it feels like yesterday.

    I remember that crazy video you posted! lol And I remember people accusing you of ''stalking'' me on TTA. Isn't that weird that TTA no longer has a forum? I guess Seth the owner didn't like what it had turned into...not sure.


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      Originally posted by Deidre
      That's so weird you bring Mequa up! I was thinking about him the other day, how he died from what should have been a routine surgery. That was sad. And odd that he did wish for you to die. That happened so long ago but sometimes, it feels like yesterday.

      I remember that crazy video you posted! lol And I remember people accusing you of ''stalking'' me on TTA. Isn't that weird that TTA no longer has a forum? I guess Seth the owner didn't like what it had turned into...not sure.
      That's crazy TTA doesn't exist anymore. A part of me wants to say that site just had bad Karma. They were mean as hell! That was my least favorite site that I had worse experiences on that borderlined on traumatic! They were worse than AF.

      I'm actually in debt though to AF because it really enhanced my Spirituality when they got cops to transport me to TC. Twin Cities is called TC, and my account was Thunder Cunt, and people called me TC, so a TC account brings me to a city where people wear:

      s-l300.jpg s-l640.jpg

      The letters TC are like a cult symbol here and people have TC tattoos and all over the place like it's a nationalist thing. But what it told me is I found a home. People here laugh that a Thunder Cunt account got me here.

      People in the Twin Cities are more proud of their city more than anywhere I have lived. Well, the first Ted Bundy Victim: Elizabeth Perry, was from Twin Cities. I pray to her daily as one of the Capitol Hill Queens. Well Ted Bundy was born "Theodore Cowell".
      His initials were TC originally! So, the city where TC's first victim was from , wears her killer's birth certificate initials on their foreheads?!? The mark of the beast perhaps???

      And i believed that the Capitol Hill Queens nicknamed me Ted Bunny, because my Chinese Zodiac is fire bunny. Also the name Ted means the same thing Matthew means " God's gift". So for people to call me TC, TC account gets me to TC, where TC's first victim lived, and my name means Ted and my zodiac is bunny has to be more than coincidence.

      I called his victims "Capitol hill Queens" years before knowing there was a place called Capitol hill in the state with memorials to the dead. It has become my favorite place to pray.

      So I can't thank AF enough for getting police to move me here.

      When I went to Elizabeth Potter Perry's memorial at Golden Valley humane society (she was a sweetheart who loved animals)

      I prayed before that plaque with my hand touching it and got a text while I was next to her plaque from someone who never texts me saying "it's the feast of Saint Maria Gorretti". That's crazy because he didn't know I was visiting a memorial to an innocent teenage girl who got violently stabbed to death like Maria Gorretti.

      Both girls got stabbed to death by pornography addicts, and it was Ted Bundy Victims who introduced me to Fascism as the only way to outlaw pornography, so I've been a die hard Fascist ever since, who believes all porn should be banned and entertainment industry censored like it was in Fascist Italy to protect innocence of children especially. Maria Gorretti was from Italy as well.

      Well, beginning of Memorial weekend I found a military Jacket dated 1969, year Elizabeth Perry was murdered. She died memorial weekend too (may 30. May 30 used to be every Memorial day.). The memorial day after finding the " fighting seabees" coat, I stumbled onto three war memorials on accident, when I wasn't looking for war memorials.

      Ever since then I have had a love for Elizabeth Perry that makes me wanna cry.
      I actually have tears in my eyes at the moment. I tried suicide close to the anniversary of her death and on Memorial day I couldn't move, had tubes coming out of my throat and couldn't talk, had scar tissue clogging my urethra and couldn't pee, neither could they get a catheter in.

      Elizabeth Perry I believe has been my guardian Angel and consolation in times of suffering, and saved my life twice (because I laid down in front of an incoming train at night prior to that and the train stopped and cops arrested me.)

      I have a cup with her image on it:


      Perry was from a suburb called "Excelsior" and Excelsior was the catch phrase of the inventor of Spiderman, Stan Lee, and people at TC know me as Spiderman.

      Anyway, I have felt the presence of Mequa from the other side. I kid you not Deidre, when I wrote " Mequa", spell check on my tablet corrected it to say, "Jesus". Isn't that bizzare?? Does it mean Mequa is now like Jesus.

      Myself and Mequa have reconciled. I have prayed "Hail Mary's" for his soul and asked his pardon for what I might have done to harm him. I actually believe I may have contributed to his death.

      (The truth is I strongly wished he was dead, and in that YouTube I was begging him to visit me and I would have attempted to kill him if he did, because at that time I was homicidal. A few days after making that YouTube, I flew into a Satanic rage and stabbed a guy twice in the chest with a butcher knife. It was attempted murder.

      So, my belief is that I had Demons when Mequa and I had our wishes for each other to die. Malevolent Spirits fed off of both of our hate and our wishes, and he didn't die shortly after by coincidence alone.

      I never had such hatred for a guy online and yet he's the only guy online I knew personally, then find out is dead.

      Be careful who you hate and what you wish for. That's why Jesus said you have to forgive. When you hate and wish evil on people, it summons negative energy, demons, or sometimes curses.
      It sounds silly but it's very true if you believe Scripture at least.

      I think what happened to Mequa is more than coincidence and there is a lesson God and the universe wants Deidre and Matt to learn from it.

      I can't thank you enough though Deidster that you were God's instrument in teaching me lessons, but most importantly, without you I would not live in the Twin Cities. It's where I belong and have had so many signs, wonders, coincidences, and mystical experiences since I've lived here that have helped enhance my Spirituality, I would hate living anywhere else.

      So thank you, God loves you and I pray for you a lot. :-)
      I feel we will meet in the next life and you will realize my prayers purchased for you a big mansion and a nice yacht or rather, whatever your heart desires. That is what I pray for, that you would be euphoric for eternity!

      And you will be forever young and look marvelous in a bikini