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Rarely trust good looking people!

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    Rarely trust good looking people!

    They can be Devils!

    Beauty is so fleeting and deceptive.

    I find the uglier I become, the more nice , and humble I am, the more my empathy grows, when I look in the mirror and realize I'm uglier than a sack of shit!

    In Christian Theology, it is believed the Devil was the most beautiful of Angels.

    Guaranteed when I'm an old , fat, bald guy, I'll be more wise and nice than I am now.

    My charity and wisdom grows with my receding hairline. I think you catch the drift.

    I'm too old for this pride shit. And yes, it makes me more nice than if I was a spoiled brat or full of vanity.

    The same is true with women. The pretty ones who receive compliments all the time, feel the world owes them something, with plenty exceptions to the rule of course!

    That song has much truth.

    I'm just saying, I become less of a punk the more ugly I become. There seems to be a correlation that can't be dismissed.

    Really don't trust me then


      That Makes Me 100% Percent Trustworthy.......

      Cheers Glen.


        If you're talking about day-to-day life, I find trustworthiness independent of a woman's physical attractiveness. Guy's looks don't really factor into my mind.

        When it comes to social functions, there are different rules.


          People gravitate towards attractive people, it's nature. People come up and ask me stuff all the time, I would bet money if I told them the washrooms on the beach were underwater and to just keep swimming until you found it, they would do it.
          • Not very smart
          • Like shiny, pretty things
          ​​​​​​​You can not trust attractive people all you want, that's your prerogative. But it's biased and rooted in negative experiences and probably won't help you in the long run


            Facial symmetry seems to determine a lot in how we regard our fellow people at first instance. Also for a large part if they have an attractive face.


              I said the statement mainly in jest to see what responses were. It was a way of saying "typically people are more kind and virtuous the more humble they are. Vanity is not always conducive for growing more kind."

              What really creates an evil person can be if a person is not content and jealous of something another person has.


                Making trash for garbage
                Making trash for garbage
                That's life in the USA
                The American way! ??


                  It was simply poking fun at that statement "never trust a skinny cook".

                  Try not to covet or be attached to things in this brief life and you will be more happy and wise in this life and the next.
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                    A skinny cook could be the best, he's so in demand that he can't make time for himself to eat.

                    As far as attractiveness, I've always heard that unattractive people are better because they have to rely on their personality. In experience, I find that there's really very little correlation, and if there is one it's usually the attractive people that are slightly nicer on average. I assume it's because they are used to niceness, while ugly people are more likely to be bitter, or to overcompensate. But yeah, even that's a very loose connection if it does even exist.