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    When I'm off my meds, it often seems to me that everything is an extrapolation of the same thing or entity. Call it Aslan syndrome.

    And food is all strange cannibalism.

    And flies are a part of corrupt psyches, twenty eyes buzzing about, seeing everything at once.

    It's a pretty difficult concept to wrap one's mind around.

    That sounds like a pretty accurate description of reality. We're not meant to be so aware of it like that though. I do think it's wise if you stay on the medication.


      Yeah, but it's nice when I'm off them, too. But I have a dangerous mind. Too logical, maybe perceive a little too much. And the info is safe with me, but I'm also somewhat of a reckless imbecile who thinks everyone is great natured.

      It's nice, though, to have like, epiphanies, though. And most of them come as pictures in my mind and I just haven't explained them yet. But maybe I just shouldn't. Information is dangerous and frankly I scare the shit out of myself. Jessica


        One kinda neat thing I was imagining was if the Earth used to be bigger. I know comets hit the Earth and stuff, but Earth goes flying, too.

        I wonder if some trace amount of dust is constantly escaping the Earth, I mean now that it's not molten.

        Cuz like, even if we're only five feet lower, that would be a lot different planet.

        And it's just a neat picture to think there were once untouched hilly grasslands as far as the eye can see... And maybe, IMO, even elves existed and traveled those many miles.

        I do tend on the side that Earth's history is far richer and more mysterious than commonly held belief, but right now it's hidden behind a veil where the magical isn't a factor. I think old myths and current archetypes originate from deep subconscious memory stored in our DNA, the very fibers of our bones.


          I think of elves sometimes, because my oldest sister has these weird, pointed elf ears. People laugh and say "elf ears," but it's in the DNA somewhere. No one else in our family has them.

          And they're not subtle, not a birth defect. Where did they come from?