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    jellies. Unuverses alternate

    We are a step beyond the infinite, for we can ask why and wonder? Whereas the infinite never knows.

    Sensible? I think not.

    Black holes, time unyielding, or space, room for one more, in a dreamscape.

    And, as Jessica has stated so profoundly, therefore, there is no time. A closed circuit. Only the Now, beyond all repair of Thought.

    Imagine anything!

    I totally get what you're saying about no time in unlimited time Jessica . You are smeert.


      I can't really take credit for the realisation. I'm only smart enough to make some sense of what smarter people than me have written.


        I take credit for it.



          Einstein and others agree with me: The difference between past, present, and future is an illusion.

          Time is a dimension, not just a linear progression of things.

          Most people don't think about that. Vonnegut gets into it a little in Slaughterhouse 5.


            We move this way and that through time/timespace, as relativity proved time is relative to the observer.

            So it should be obvious it has thickness, substance.

            Unless it's an illusion that we travel in different directions, which could very well be, and probably is, but practically speaking...


              Now, eventually, someone's gonna get the credit by providing the math, and hopefully not too soon, cause it's gonna blow minds outta the water.

              Me, I'm panic stricken much of the time.


                I'm sure it's safe. Hold me.