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Thought that is weird and unimaginable.

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    Thought that is weird and unimaginable.

    As one nears an object, it appears larger...but does it actually grow?

    Like, I think, though I've never quite thought about it, that mass is relative to the observer, or at least size...

    But that size and mass aren't relative...or something...

    I just have this weird inkling there's something illusory about the actual true size of things.

    But I'm not sure what I mean, and I don't think it matters.

    But like, we aren't really a spacefaring people yet, but when we are, it's gonna be mind-blowing to be people OF interstellar space, where things like size and "rightside-up/down" aren't common sense anymore.

    To travel from darkness to a point of light that steadily (or in an instant) blooms to overwhelming size...that isn't "home" in any sense of the word, and you can arrive at from any direction...

    If there are aliens who travel interstellar space, humans probably do just seem like total surface dwellers.

    It's also like, how does size relate to observation...

    What is the truth of observation...

    You could imagine being on every point of a plane at once and being conscious of your field of vision...

    But would you characterize yourself as the amalgamation, as is, of all your past points of reference?

    And if so, maybe you can see what I mean by suggesting size is sketchy.


      What would you say?

      Are you, in some way, also every perspective you've ever had? Are you still, in some way, every way you've ever been?



        I guess what I'm saying is, if we are the sensory universe, then everything is our inside, and if it seems small and is within...then it also truly is small.




            Aren't I just captain obvious saying size is relative to the observer?

            But if you lean on that statement a little bit it's actually quite bizarre.


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              There might be some real hidden truth behind "she just lives in her own little world."

            The nearer you get to something, the bigger it seems? Or the bigger it becomes?

            I guess you can see how either way is perplexing.


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              If it's the bigger it seems then it only seems big and is, in actuality, infinite sizes...

              And if it becomes bigger, well...

              I mean, what is the truth of observation?

              I mean, c'mon man.

            Okay I'm gonna give you a little insight as to why you think you're so weird and fucked up and the difference between you and "normal" people
            You have a problem with impulse control and having too much time on your hands. Usually when people are bored they fill their time with meaningful deeds and they don't allow themselves to go down that rabbit hole. Do you really think you're the only one capable of having this depth of thought? You're not. Everyone is but they choose not to go that way. It's a choice. Maybe you're used to always choosing to think the most fucked up things but you're capable of not doing that just like most people are. You're not a lost cause. You're not a fuck up. You're more than capable of accomplishing things if you want to. The impulse to say or do the weird thing can be tamed if you want it. But that's only if you WANT to. And most of the time it seems like you don't want to control yourself, you allow for the impulses to control you. So stop putting yourself in this category of "weird dude" and just like control yourself man. Will power. strength of mind. I wish this for you


              Obviously distance has something to do with relative size, but I suspect distance is a three dimensional illusion.

              Quantum entanglement wouldn't be opposed to that notion.


                Another thing I'm saying is, remember, according to physics you never actually touch anything.

                But distance is an illusion. And you actually can touch the moon from Earth.


                  Quantum entanglement is not real.


                    Or not an illusion so much as a dimension, but we don't think of dimensions in their proper sense. And dimensions are really among the forces of the universe.

                    They're like, different levels of nature intermixing. The different colors of light, but each it's own wavelength, y'know?


                      It's funny... ? That I pissed Fae off SO much.

                      I saw only this Verbe :

                      You're gonna give me insight as to why I think I'm so weird.

                      First of all, no, I'm about to give YOU insight as to why you're so fucked up.

                      Second of all, but after first, before, I don't think I'm weird, though perhaps abstract, but no more so than anyone else...just terribly maladjusted.

                      Bully to you all who are "properly adjusted."

                      But my insight is that you, essentially, can't believe you are loved unconditionally.

                      I'm gonna leave it at that, but just know how bad that belief of yours is for your physical health.

                      It can cause serious health problems.

                      And no, I'm not being insulting; I genuinely don't want you to develop serious illnesses.

                      I am disappointed that no one can elaborate on this strangeness of proportion. I guess I went and said it all.

                      ​​​​​​​I know we are all Thetans in human...okay okay ?



                        That's also how I can psychoanalyze you as coming off so forceful. It's actually a desperate test of the waters.

                        Well, believe it or not, you found me, Flipper. I love ya. I'm loyal as a dog. I bark and bite and play. I will always like you. Even if I be mean to you, and even if I growl at you and bite you.


                          I understand we need drama and friction, though. If it were my way, we'd be forever with arms slung over each other's shoulders, singing la la la Layla.