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What are some holes in evolution of one species into another?

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    What are some holes in evolution of one species into another?

    I like how a bird had a stub for a gazillion years that eventually evolved into a flying apparatus with hollow bones that enable it to soar through the air. But the stub didn't help it much for a while.

    Not to mention a single cell organism came out of the water, grew legs and

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    Your mum!

    Everyone is God. God keeps evolving. So does Mussolini.

    I don't believe in the Bible, neither do you have to to believe in other supernatural entities assisting the energy that created the big bang and evolution.

    Fuck Darwin though! He reminds of Adolf Shitlah! He would say I'm guilty of bestiality for sleeping with women who have afros.

    Energy came out of nothing and a big bang that doesn't have a lot of reason for creating round looking sphere planets with life and the sun and moon in the right place and shit did it for the fuck of it and without reason but not on accident.

    Fuck you Dawkins! The biggest difference between you and me is a thing called transparency and honesty.
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    And now apes make space ships that fly to the moon with cell phones and credit cards and chip implants to find your missing dogs.

    While chimps still shit on the ground and invent the same tools they invented thousands of years ago.

    Yeah, they really show signs of evolving!


      Maybe God exists, he's just not just and kind of an ass hole and prefers to remain a mystery and let you rot in misery! But reward you in the next life?


        I'd be interested in utilizing that girl's holes to initiate the next step in the evolution process.


          OP, you misunderstand evolution, humans didn't evolve from chimps or gorillas, we share a common ancestor (perhaps plural) that reaches much further back in the evolutionary timeline, we're talking many millions of years. There are even extinct species within our same genus that go back a few million years. While the common ancestor(s) of Humans and other Great Apes was most likely more chimp-like, it's an erroneous assumption to suggest that chimps are the same as them. I think it's natural to have an anthropocentric bias given how prolific our species is and our incredible technological innovations but the same technology is pointing to a significant amount of overlap with Human and Ape genomes, the same technology is validating Darwin's general theory, although perhaps tweaking some mechanisms here and there, based on the fossil records.

          I don't really have an example for the specific title question, it definitely has solid foundation, even if questions in "transitional" species lost to time remain. Probably the biggest mystery or hole in understanding is in regards to cladistics. I think cladistics has superceded other methods of classifying species but apparently there are some mysterious exceptions to clades, like Iirc a caterpillar and a butterfly are in two different clades, which I think suggests either something is wrong with cladistics or there are still aspects of evolution not fully understood.


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            What about the platypus and cladistics?:P