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What if you believed that everything that happened was the best thing possible?

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  • What if you believed that everything that happened was the best thing possible?

    I hate "what if" questions because nobody really knows the answer to such questions usually, but still, they are worth asking on occasions.

    But seriously dawg,
    if you believed everything that happened to you was the best thing that could happen, wouldn't you be more happy than you currently are?

    Like, you girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you. You can think it wasn't meant to be or it's terrible that it happened, and that will make you more miserable.

    Someone steals from you. You can say, it was meant to be, praise God I have an opportunity to have my ability to forgive tested, and I have my ability to show I love my fellow man/woman by offering an act of love, mercy, and forgiveness. It makes me stronger, more mature, and helps me grow in virtue and please my creator (perhaps).

    Now of course, this requires that you try to use good judgement. Being like me and jumping off a building or laying down in front of a train and getting arrested was not an attempt at using good judgement, so I can't say, "winding up in a wheelchair for ten weeks or stopping a train and getting arrested was the best thing for me."

    But honestly, it actually might have been I'm beginning to wonder...

    But no, that doesn't count. I'm saying, you make all your decisions with as much prudence as you have and try your damndest to use good judgement, but if you make a mistake, consider the consequences always the best thing for you, and what was meant to be as the best thing for you (provided that you were acting with the best judgement according to what you believed was the right thing to do).

    Consider the mistakes as stepping stones to success and lessons in humility.

    I'm not preaching, it's more of a question I don't have the answer to, but me personally, I would be more happy if I believed everything that happened was best and happened for a reason (though I know that not everything happens for a reason. Or I highly doubt it).

    . I'm pretty sure if I believed that everything that happened to me was a good thing, I'd be a more happy person.

    Take Jesus for example, Scripture and tradition teaches that being mocked, spit on, crowned with thorns, tortured, flogged, and crucified was the best thing for him. Afterall, it lead to a glorious resurrection, ascension into Heaven, the redemption and salvation of humankind, and the largest following and Religion in the world, and most influential person to ever walk the planet with more people who have died for him than any other figure either (as far as I know).

    In that sense, ya never know, getting brutally executed might be the best thing for you.

    It's actually the basis behind much of my devotion to Mussolini. If he had died of natural causes and died a Hero, he wouldn't be as dear to my heart. Just like other people you see me talk about like "the Capitol Hill Queens". They all died tragically and suffered greatly.

    See, Mussolini's hard work and infamous death and hanging upside down to be mocked, spit on, desecrated before crowds (like Jesus ) paid off in the end. Look , he's got me treating him like a God. (I'm joking ) All you guys gotta do is suffer a lot and die tragically and some knucklehead out there will Deify you after your death lol.

    I honor war dead a lot but tend to honor more the ones who didn't accomplish their military objectives. Like the Vietnam War memorial at Capitol Hill gets more of my time than the others (for the veneration and blessing of the enshrined Kami).

    I'm trying to turn wasted sacrifices and sufferings, (people who laid down their lives in vain), into something good, so they can in the future say "I'm glad that happened to me." If that's possible.

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    Depends on what you mean by possible, if you mean of all conceivable worlds... I cannot reconcile forming a relationship and breaking up with someone as both being the best things possible.

    If by possible you mean inextricably linked with circumstance, then depending on how one handles adversity, yes it can often strengthen and ultimately be for the best.