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Riddler's lyrics. ;P

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  • Riddler's lyrics. ;P

    How to Fly
    The sky is clear tonight
    The ground is fertile
    Your eyes are like
    Eyes inside a head

    It's all a matter of
    Holding yourself together
    Of holding onto yourself
    By a thread

    Zooming from place to place
    Hide your face from the rising sun
    Another race is
    On the run again

    You're the only one I ever love
    But that would be a sin
    Where do you end and where do we begin?

    So let them say there are
    Grains of sand than stars
    They aren't cars or stars or sand
    And here with you, this night
    I would not be a cynic
    C'mon show me how
    To make my stand

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    That song always bugged me, cause I knew it was important, but didn't have the words till now. Here's how the tune goes. I'd like to redo it professionally.


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      It's a mysterious song, but the riddle is in there. Hiding in plain sight!


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        Timing is everything!


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          I don't wanna suicide
          I know that you lied
          I gave it all to you

          You threw it all away
          I said I'd come, I'm gonna stay
          I gave it all to you

          But you don't owe me nothing
          You don't owe me nothing
          But if I don't get your loving
          I'm just gonna sue

          Here we go again
          Somebody isn't listening
          Got nothing anyway

          You always steal my words
          Because you think they're too absurd
          Not straight or gay I'm gray

          Cause I don't owe you nothing
          I don't owe you nothing
          I don't owe you nothing
          And you know it's true

          I don't owe you nothing
          I don't. You know nothing.
          It isn't just something
          That I have to do

          So save my life for once
          Stop taking it
          Your life for once
          Stop faking it