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Pslam to The Virgin Mother of Mod

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  • Pslam to The Virgin Mother of Mod

    The patiences of a Mod
    Thou dost have the power to ban
    And excommunicate that forum leper
    Insantly thou can

    The weirdo, spammers, the creep, gone in a click
    the troll hunters report them
    Thou canst vanquish them quick

    Keep them I pray thee (Mother of Mod)
    Keep them for they art thine
    Thy moderators who exercise judgement
    From their holy shrine

    Keep them and oh remember that they need the wisdom of thee
    Lest they ban a freak like me from human frailty

    Give them patience with that mouse that daily they caress
    Their every thought and word and deed ,
    Dein dearest (Mother of Mods) to bless

    How much one must be tempted
    To vanquish a foe with instant click
    Eliminate opposition and undesirables oh so quick

    Keep them for they are in the forum, though from the forum apart.
    Help them be prudent in judgement, great as thou art.

    Hail thou star of ocean
    Portal of the sky
    Ever Virgin Mother
    Of The Mod most high

    Still as on we journey
    Help our weak endeavor
    That few report us
    And we rejoice forever

    Love the Lord thy Mod
    Love them with thy heart
    Even when they scourgeth me
    I state how great thou art mary-meme-2.jpg

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    I love this, Matt!