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My He-Man plot so far.

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    My He-Man plot so far.

    In my story, Eternia is a world divided into nations, much like Earth. The world is at war, but Eternia is as yet unharmed, because it's charmed...kinda like America.

    So the movie begins with a little update on what's happening. Then "Skeletor and his forces move for invasion."

    So the movie starts with the beautiful Capitol of Eternia at night. Everything seems peaceful and friendly, but an ominous cloud forms overhead, and the sky turns dark.

    It is a surprise attack. Skeletor's nation of a hundred thousand comes from everywhere, a total invasion.

    Masters of the Universe fight the hoarders, but their cause seems hopeless. Word travels to Adam, at last, who is with his guardian, Roboto, and Cringer.

    They are making their way to Greyskull, which Adam has discovered, but never been inside. It's too late, though, and the enemy is upon them.

    In an epic battle Roboto single-handedly keeps many fighters at bay, but is ultimately vanquished. He buys time for Adam to reach Greyskull, though, whose gates he desperately pounds to let him in.

    Just as it seems hopeless, the Sorceress appears and let's he and Cringer in.

    The enemy army tries to attack but is kept at bay by a mysterious force surrounding the castle.

    It's a sad state of affairs for Adam. The castle's interior is mysterious, wrought with traps, dungeons, and decoys.

    Some time passes before they eventually stumble upon Orko's robes and his hat in the castle, along with the Sword of Power. Orko has left instructions for a spell that just reads "Say these words."

    Adam is reluctant and Cringer downright terrified, but eventually Adam does say the spell and a spectral black mist forms and speaks in Orko's adorable voice and slowly drifts to the robes and forms inside them.

    Orko tells Adam he had an accident while trying to perform magic on the sword. He tells of the Sorceress and a prophecy that one day, a man called He-Man shall come to claim the sword and save Eternia from a calamity.

    The sword sparkles in Adam's eyes, but he has no idea he is He-Man.

    The enemy makes encampment outside. Eventually Orko is tricked in the night by Evil Lyn to leave the castle and follow her into the woods, where he is captured and tortured told there's not much left of him but his cloak.

    Beastman and Trap-Jaw are there, too, and they're terrifyingly powerful.

    The Sorceress appears to Adam, who is overcome with grief and fear, and reveals to him the fate of Orko. She holds the Sword of Power before Adam, but Adam still has no idea.

    He complains that their cause is lost. She tells him to hold the sword aloft and proclaim, "By the Power of Greyskull, I have the power."

    Then she bestows the sword upon him, turns into a mystical eagle, and flies away. Adam casts the sword aside. We get the impression no hope is left, but then, at his next to last gasp of life, Orko cries out "He-Man!"

    Iron Man by Black Sabbath plays. All we see is the door to Greyskull swing open. The trio of Evil Lyn, Beastman, and Trapjaw take notice. Little Adam stands with sword in hand, shaking Cringer at his side.

    Beastman tests the field and finds the shield surrounding the castle has dissipated. He and Trap-Jaw make their way menacingly towards Adam.

    Beastman breaks into full stride towards the young prince, sharp teeth bared. The sword trembles in Adam's hands, but he holds it aloft. Suddenly thunder claps loudly; the foes are taken aback.

    Adam seems to have grown two sizes, the sword already pulsing with power.

    "By the power of Greyskull," his voice booms, "I...HAVE...THE POWER!"

    A silent, sleek bolt of blue lightning coursed from the sky to the Sword. There is a burst of light, and where Adam once stood stands the impressive form of He-Man. He points it at Cringer, who is lying there shaking with paws over his head. Magically, the cat transforms into a fierce warrior tiger.

    The storm subsides and He-Man and Cringer stand facing their foes.

    That's all I have so far.