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PROMISES AND PAIN. (warning ... not for prudes or minors.)

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    PROMISES AND PAIN. (warning ... not for prudes or minors.)

    Her own best friend said to me: “Don’t go getting involved with Mary- Rose cos where guys are involved she’s bad to the bone.”

    So if Mary-Rose’s beauty wasn’t enough to hook me, Sharon’s warning did the trick. It was Friday night and in response to a very cryptic letter ... note really pressed into my hand during detention, I was waiting for Mary-Rose in the school gym at a quarter before midnight.

    Had to climb thru a window in the girl’s toilet (left open by Mary-Rose) to get into school, but hey this was long before state of the art security systems and alarms.

    “Wear only a pair of swimming trunks,” the note read, “no, better still be naked, very naked.”

    Now how often does a sixteen-year-old guy get this kind of instruction/invitation from a seventeen cheerleader? In my case hardly never, no not hardly, never ever.

    So there I was standing in the middle of the gym, my hands wrapped around my limp cock. “Put on the lights and stand in the middle of the floor.” the instruction had read. You know what a twot you feel doing this?
    At exactly midnight the lights went out and the double doors that separated the gym from the corridor shimmied open. It was fucking dark but I could feel, no hear a presence … Mary-Rose?

    Shwah! A switch was thrown and a spotlight sliced through the darkness and found me. Okay so Mary-Rose was here and it was time for action. I dropped my arms to my sides and stood staring up at the light that coated me.

    Shwah! Another spotlight came on to reveal a chick wearing a fucking mask. You know the kind they wear at masked balls and Mardi Gras time? They like spectacles only larger and fluffier with feathers and shit. She stood right in front of me dressed in our school’s cheerleading outfit that had been modelled on the Dallas Cowboys. Tight short shorts, knee high white boots and blue and white blouse. Her straight, shoulder length blonde hair covered the one side of her face. She held her hands behind her back and her eyes were fixed on my dick.

    “Hi Mary-Rose” I said, “Well, here I am, buck naked and waiting as instructed.”

    “Turn around and bend down.” she said unsmiling. Thankfully she raised her eyes and looked into mine.

    “Excuse me?” Shouldn’t she be the one bending down?

    “You heard. Do as I say or I’m gonna leave right now.”

    I thought I heard a sound, no not a sound a fucking snigger.

    “Are we alone here?” I asked.

    “Of course.” Mary-Rose said. She brought her right hand out from behind her back. She was holding a table tennis paddle. “Are you up for this or not?”

    “Up for what Mary-Rose?”

    “Bend down and I promise you the best sex you’ve ever had.” She looked at my dick again and when she raised her eyes she was smiling.

    “You, you gonna spank me?” I asked half in jest, already knowing the answer.


    “Why?” Suddenly I felt a bit uneasy, very horny but uneasy. “Look Mary-Rose, I think …”

    “Shut the fuck up.” She snapped. “Now bend over cos I wanna see your ass. Come on.”

    At that moment I started getting hard. Can you believe it? Here I was being ordered to bend over so I could be spanked and I was getting a fucking hard-on. Well if this is what it was going to take to get into her pants, so be it.
    Just as Iwas about to turn around and flash my ass.

    “Wait.” Mary-Rose snapped.


    Mary-Rose stuck the bat in the front of her shorts then unbuttoned her blouse. She shrugged and it fell behind her to reveal her firm upright boobs. Strange they looked bigger than I remembered from school. Not that I’d seen them uncovered but … I also noticed she had a tattoo on her upper arm.

    “What’s that say?” I asked. “On your arm?”

    “This?” She took a step towards me and turned sideways on.

    “BAD TO THE BONE” , I read. No shit. Sharon had been right.

    She slid the bat out the front of her pants and tapped it against the palm of her left hand. “Are we ready?”

    I hesitated for an instant then turned and bent over.

    Whack! Whack! Whack! It took three very hard smacks on my ass to get my cock so hard that I was on the verge of coming.

    Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

    Oh Jesus, I’m coming!

    I waited for Mary-Rose to spank me again, waited in anticipation but instead ...

    Shwah! The lights came on, not a spotlight this time but all the lights in the gym. I straightened up and saw in front of me, the entire ten-girl school cheerleading team.

    For a split second time seemed to stand still. I stared at them, they stared at me and I was pleased to note that more than half weren’t looking at my face. Mary-Rose walked around me, buttoning her blouse. She bowed to the cheerleading team who broke into spontaneous applause before they began laughing … at me.

    Mary-Rose tossed the table tennis bat at my feet before joining her friends. Together they walked out the gym without a backward glance.

    Me? I was solidly humiliated and embarrassed to say the least and if I had been able to get my hands on Mary-Rose right then, I might well have done her a serious damage.

    Never left my house the whole weekend. Come Monday morning I had to face the school. First person to approach me when I entered the school grounds was, I couldn’t fucking believe it, Mary-Rose.

    “So what the fuck you want?” I snarled. “Haven’t you fucked me up enough?”

    “Excuse me?” Mary-Rose stared at me wide-eyed.

    “You heard me bitch.”

    “What’s with you man? What are you talking about?”

    “Friday night.” I said. “The gym … you and the fucking cheerleading team.”

    “Are you tripping man?” Mary-Rose asked. “Friday night? Gym? I don’t get it.”

    “Shall I refresh your memory?” I asked bitterly.

    “Please do cos you lost me way back man.”

    So I reminded Mary-Rose about everything that had taken place Friday night and when I’d finished she said: “Oh fuck.”

    “Like oh fuck. That all you can say?” I asked, really pissed now.

    “First recess you meet me in the gym.’ Mary-Rose said unsmiling.

    “Oooh! You gonna beat my ass again?”

    She said nothing and walked into school.

    First recess I found Mary-Rose in the gym.

    “So I’m here. Where’s your bat?”

    “Fuck you man.” Mary-Rose started unbuttoning her shirt.

    “Hey!” I said raising both my hands. “Fuck this.”

    I started to walk away but she grabbed my shoulder.

    “Look, look at my arms. Look.”

    At first I didn’t get it, then I understood. No “BORN TO BE BAD” tattoo.

    I shrugged. “So fucking what? Could easily have been a fake tattoo. Fuck you Mary-Rose, fuck you.” I started walking away.

    “Jesus you prick, wait.”

    She caught up with me, buttoning her shirt. “Come with me … please.”

    She took my hand and sort of led me outside. She stopped in front of Sharon who was standing with her back against the wall near the entrance to the gym. She looked at me and smiled.

    “Hi, I …”

    Mary-Rose released my hand and hit Sharon full on the fucking nose with her clenched fist.

    “Jesus!” Sharon sobbed.

    “Hey Mary-Rose!” I cried.

    Mary-Rose grabbed the front of Sharon’s blouse and jerked, snapping off all the buttons. She pushed the blouse off her shoulders and turned to me.

    “Look, look at her arm.”

    On Sharon’s right upper arms there was a tattoo BAD TO THE BONE.

    Oh fuck!
    "The embers of our past lives lie smouldering within us awaiting the winds of remembrance to fan them in flames of reality." Dax.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


      I didn't read all of that
      but I did make the assumption that a girl with hyphenated dual first name grew up in a trailer park