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Meth hour!

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    Meth hour!

    My alarm went off at 6:20 am today and I had a dream some Asian guy was telling me "It's meth hour! It's Meth hour! Get up you lazy lout!" as the alarm was going off and I was in between states of consciousness.

    Hey, that's a good name for the 6:00 am hour because it is typically the time I only set my alarm for when I have speed, so I can get to the Cathedral Mass (and steal some candles while I'm at it. I smoke my Holy crystals with blessed candles from the Cathedral and turn it into a Shamanistic ritual. It saves a lot of money on lighters. If sleep deprivation is a big factor , it can have psychedelic qualities as well.).

    LOL! Nah, typically I buy the candles, but same principle. I use the stuff religiously and pray Hail Mary's betwen each hit.

    Also, Dextromethorphan has meth in it.

    It used to be my favorite psychedelic. Then I had that fall off the building and discovered what Ketamine mixed with diladid feels like.

    Seriously, if that is anything like Heaven, I'd be willing to be crucified or tortured to death to have that for eternity. It's actually tied with doing over a dub when I've gone over two weeks without using, as literally probably the happiest I've ever been.

    I know that's pathetic, but sober happiness is something I've lacked since I was 8 years old.

    is there an hour of the day you are more likely to use drugs?


      sometimes i smoke weed all day.. but if i do that a lot it doesn't feel good. sometimes i love that feeling of getting to the evening, having not smoked all day, and lighting up. other times, a morning smoke is exactly what i need to get motivated.

      so no, there is no usual time. if i get stoned out of habit at a certain time, eventually it will be wrong, and i can tell almost straight away.. like, ohhh, shouldn't have done that, that's killed my energy or whatever. other times, i have no energy, and getting stoned increases it. i've learned to pay attention to when is the right time and when isn't, based on how i feel in a deep sense.


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        Let alone the different strains and how different they can hit! Some are better suited for a morning toke than others!

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        yeah that too!

      Originally posted by ill duce
      is there an hour of the day you are more likely to use drugs?
      I prefer to use different drugs at different times and sometimes it depends on the circumstances, for a few of the times it's mostly arbitrary, so these aren't set in stone but my ideal approximations. Some I chose based on duration, some based on highlighting the effects, some based on peripheral variables (i.e.munchies), some based on a combination of these factors.
      • LSD: 4 PM
      • MDMA: 8 PM
      • DMT: 10 AM
      • 2cb: 8 PM
      • Mescaline: 11 AM
      • 5-MeO-MiPT: 7 PM
      • Psilocybin Mushrooms: 6 PM
      • DPT: 10 PM
      • 2ce: 2 PM
      • Salvia Divinorum: 7 PM
      • Cannabis: 7 PM
      • Ketamine: 10 PM
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