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    This thread was inspired by the first Shintopathic spirit I met who hasn't left his body behind. He wouldn't call himself a Shintopath, but the Spirituality of giving up on God, but hoping in Celestial supernatural beings and entities was entirely how my Shintopathic journey began.

    Originally posted by PacificDude

    Matthew Mussolini That's when I gave up on God. Luckily, I discovered Mother Teresa, Jesus, and Buddha - only thing keeping me alive:

    [video=youtube;fNFzfwLM72c] ]

    1_nfnpCRa7zSatgYjXa55itw.jpeg ​​​​​​

    That is so cool you found a relationship with Jesus, Buddha, and Mother Teresa, that is totally independent of Christianity , Judaism, or Islam. I have never known anyone other than myself who found such a Spiritual path.

    Nobody taught me to do that, I've not had the privilege of a Buddhist Temple visit, and my teachers who taught me to be a Shintopath were entirely supernatural sentient beings (I call adherents to my Religion Shintopaths. The word translates into "the path and way of the gods (Kami/Spirits/Buddha's/Saints/Angels).


    Your righteous Spirituality very strongly resembles Shintoism, because a lot of Shinto adherents pray to Jesus, most of them are also Buddhists, and Mother Teresa would be considered a Kami.

    The difference between a Shintopath and a traditional Shinto adherent, is a Shintopath doesn't feel bound to traditions that are Shinto, but follows the inspirations in his/her heart and soul that he/she feels are important to follow and obey, and comes up with his/her own traditions and practices. Essentially, a Shintopath becomes their own Shinto Emperor (the Emperor of Japan is the highest Shinto priest) and comes up with their own form of Shinto, the Religion that best suits them.

    There is no founder of Shinto, no Doctrines other than " belief in Kami (supernatural intelligent entities that can influence us)." And no Scriptures, so nothing to argue about.

    A Shintopath is encouraged to enshrine the Kami they feel most called to enshrine. They can keep a Honden (a room closed to the public, reserved for enshrined Kami) as I do. A Kamidana (Cupboard reserved entirely for enshrined Kami), 414bQAzT4aL._AC_SX355_.jpg write letters to the Kami, burn candles and incense to them, bless them, pray for them, offer up your suffering to them and for their intentions, offer to them all your actions, labors, and good deeds, surrender to the Kami, ask them to guide you and inspire you in all your acts.


    But nothing is required of a Shintopath, so you don't have to do any of that . Above all though, A Shintopath is encouraged to listen to and follow their conscience.

    ​​​​​​​Any questions?

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    Matthew Mussolini Nice summary of organized religion vs. subjective/personal truth! I don't think of Mother Teresa as Catholic - she was way too radical and holy for that!

    Same goes for Jesus - look what they did to him just because he refused to echo the often murderous belief system of that insane era he existed in?

    Buddha cannot be described. That's why he is Buddha :-)

    Remember, we all are living saints - just pray for the materialistic ones that have been misguided big time.

    May they learn to cling to love.
    May they learn to let go of hate.
    May they learn to love themselves.
    May they learn to love the poorest of the poor.

    We then will have Heaven on Earth :-)