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"Fingerprints" an ? concept, not thee Almighty's

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  • "Fingerprints" an ? concept, not thee Almighty's

    I watched the movie SE7EN the other day.

    Ke7in Spacey (now pedo) was razoring off his fingerprints so his John Doe identity would remain obscure.

    I got to thinkin' ....."why would thee Almighty make everyone's fingerprints different ?"

    Answer: Because he didn't..... thee ?'s did.

    Makes perfect sense for fingerprints to be external identification.

    DNA is internal identification.

    I don't believe that the biblical Almighty was that technical in his creational concepts.
    Unless of course, thee Almighty is an ?, then you have my faith.

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    This sent me off reading about how and when fingerprints form
    and now, I have seen the fingerprint of a Koala


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    Did Piaf ever come back to HF ?
    mother moon -she's calling me back to her silver womb,
    father of creation -takes me from my stolen tomb
    seventh-advent unicorn is waiting in the skies,
    a symptom of the universe, a love that never dies!


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      yeah, koalas always make her cross my mind, too lol


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        I dont think I have any Fingerprints


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          Originally posted by mallyboppa
          I dont think I have any Fingerprints
          guitar fret hand had compressed prints.. Tho, they tend to be on the tips and not so much center q or curls. There are 8 different types of patterns ..some persons have lines, others loops..

          Matters not if ya remove them .. As any print left behind for forensics to discover will closely match any recent changes or modifications if suspect is in custody or caught within time frame, but there really isnt anyway to alter them entirely..

          Fingertips are only one identifier.. Side of hand, palm. Depending on evidence discovery any body part laid on a surface can be printed. ..
          For instance. Face pressed to glass window, forearm laid on a counter, backs of palms near your wrist where ya would lift yourself on a ledge surface to break and enter.. And of course barefoot..


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            My right pointer I wear them off at work but yeah fretting hand also has none



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              aliens? don't be a conspiracy theorist.

              it was bill gates.


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                Originally posted by mallyboppa
                Hey Mc Fugger

                Those are the same as the Millennium Falcon Target Grid

                Screenshot_20210520-182515_Samsung Internet.jpg