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the Jedi religion

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    the Jedi religion

    When I call myself a Jedi, I do not think I am doing something based off a silly movie. And I'm not joking. The precepts of the Jedi are as true today as they were 40,000 years ago, in a galaxy "out of place."

    First and foremost is the understanding and realization that we are not spirits in a material world: We are Spirits in a Spiritual world. If you can ascertain this, the living force will flow through you.

    The zen Tao is akin to the way of the Jedi: Do or do not; there is no "try."

    For one who is fortunate enough to be privy to their true nature as a Kami or Spirit, this is natural. And you needn't strain yourself to bend spoons, for necessity is the Will. No thought, pure Will, the Force moving through you.

    Question everything, and, in doing so, question nothing. The force is always with you.

    Well, I do believe it's a spiritual world :-)


      It is. Nothing is concrete, as the mind likes to perceive, but all is fleeting, imaginary, moment-to-moment.

      As the Earth speeds around the Sun, which spirals through space: the force unbridled.

      An entropic phantasm, a dream...spiritual.

      It's no joke, and in this lifetime, which may span a thousand years, I, the red Overtone skywalker, shall unleash the force.

      It really is just the right way to be, though, extraordinary, but doesn't have to be, as such. It is simply the future, whereas we, collectively, don't know how to move into it.

      Right now people are saying it can never be.. Our visions of it. But it can and will and more.

      As I have stated, we've already entered the Omnimax. There is no turning back. And you shall see, Jessica, aside from the fortuitous nature of billionaires, we have crossed the threshold into a new future.

      Though I am old fashioned...but what's old is new. We pay a disservice to the greatest generation. Such a disservice.


        It begins with perception...cognizance all living things co-mingle in. To steadfastly perceive the spiritual reality, stubbornly, fixedly.

        Some may go mad, while many feel the divine spark of a reality, a consciousness, altered by one's own true perspective.

        A perspective, a being, can brighten this world. And it can make it dark.

        And not through words and deeds, but vision.
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          Alter consciousness, dear reader. Alter my own. Stick fast to idealism.

          And help me, Obi wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.


            To know Truth is an entirely different force to be reckoned with than to believe Truth, and not on a combative, for-the-sake-of-argument level.

            Know, you can, and save this wretched world from certain extinction.


              Pretty sure the Jedi order is inspired by Taoism. Which also indicates time is not linear


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                Din Djarin

                What is the Sith religion inspired by? ?

              • Din Djarin
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                It's just the opposite of the light side. Darkness and light, yin and yang. So it also comes from tao or buddhist philosophy, just put in a fantasy form (like the jedi, although the jedi knights seem inspired by buddhist or shaolin warrior monks of which there may not be a real life dark side equivalent)
                Pete's Draggun

              Jedi predates Taoism, though.

              Time isn't linear, which is part of the dynamic of reality being spiritual.

              One always exists in the past, and this existence creates a force spirit which can subsist eternally, or reincarnate.


                I guess, fundamental is the reality that there is an overarching umbrella of the Present.

                It is always Now, even in the Past whose Nowness you experienced firsthand.