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Protestantism is a "Johnny Come Lately"!

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    Protestantism is a "Johnny Come Lately"!

    It is irrefutable that the first Christians were not Bible Christians! That is actually easy to prove historically and impossible to present any historical evidence to suggest otherwise, that "Bible Christians" didn't exist amongst the first Christians.

    Even centuries later, when the Catholic Church decided what the New Testament Canon was, and put together the first Christian Bible from councils Rome, Carthage, and Hippo, they still were not Bible Christians, because not even 1% of Christians could own a Bible before the printing press, and even those who could after the printing press , often didn't know how to read.

    Jesus never left Christians with a Bible, just a Church. The Bible doesn't say to obey the Bible. It does say "if they refuse to listen to the Church, let them be to you a Pagan or tax collector."

    So, I'm not even Catholic, but am still well aware through common sense and overwhelming historical evidence and facts, that "Bible Christians" are a "Johnny Come Lately" for Christianity!

    Bible Christians have also proven that the Bible alone doesn't work , because the Bible has so many verses stating the opposite of what other verses state.

    The Bible alone proves the Bible alone cannot be your only authority, and the splintering of Bible Christians into thousands of denominations (and rational thought) even further proves that the Bible alone cannot be the sole rule for faith, morals, and Theology!

    I'm a Shinto adherent, disagreeing with anything that goes against my conscience, including some of the Catechism, but can see the errors of Sola Scriptura and "Bible Christians".

    I cannot embrace eternal damnation, as such Dogma sickens me, and it isn't healthy to believe something over 99% of people do (mortal sin) can send you to eternal damnation and misery forever, so I'm not praising Catholicism or Catechism as being 100% without error. I don't think God is that cruel!

    However, the errors of Protestantism are so blatantly clear, have caused so much bigotry, so much division, and so much madness (like people trying to interpret revelation, the rapture, the Antichrist, the whore of Babylon, and countless Scriptures that are toxic) , that it's obvious Protestantism has clearly done a huge disservice to Christianity and the world, divided people like crazy, has worse scandals percapita (even worse sex scandals among clergy) than Catholicism, that the Protestant reformation is one of the worst Religious movements there have been in Abrahamic Monotheism.

    What makes Protestantism worse, is it appears to be authentic Christianity, yet will use the Bible they got from the Catholic Church to repeatedly bash the Church they got it from.

    They condemn people for making Religious images, when Christians did so for over a thousand five hundred years prior, condemn devotion to Mary and the Saints (which every Christian Church on earth was fine with for over 1500 years) and their Doctrines (incompatible with Bible and Christianity) have done more to divide , weaken, and confuse people and make a mess of Christianity, that it is the worst thing that ever happened to Christianity!

    As I said, Protestantism is a "Johnny Come Lately", and highly unbiblical, greatest disruption of unity, greatest source of confusion to afflict the sheepfold!

    There are countless great Protestants. If you are one, keep doing what you're doing I guess, but the "Bible Alone" error has been extremely destructive for Christianity!

    However, it still manages to bring out some very positive changes for some people who do a lot of good, so I can't argue with that or want to discourage those who are following the right Scriptures, with the right motives, and doing good deeds!

    I read it as Jonny cum laude, which still might read as accurate to the title.

    I like the idea of Shinto, I also like the idea of minimalism, I also believe that Misty's spirit watches over me. So I'm kinda all over the place with my beliefs and non beliefs.

    Bringing up the Bible about copies and printing presses brings up interesting thoughts, as well as the illiteracy of people.

    Over a thousand years and thousands and thousands of people had no way to read the Bible. But they still believed it or of it.

    Just another Scam to control people, meanwhile no carnal sexual pleasure went undiscovered by Priests, Bishops and so on and so forth.

    Off topic

    You'd be a great professor of a college Matt. Just sayin'