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Amaterasu Omikami says Protestants don't know their Bible!

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    Amaterasu Omikami says Protestants don't know their Bible!

    It is true, Catholics are notorious for not knowing Scripture well. But having spent time at monasteries, where you go to daily Mass, and hear more Scripture read to you over a period of 6 months than attending Protestant services for years, and getting to know Catholics who actually know their Bible, it is remarkable.

    A catholic who knows their Bible can easily defeat a Protestant in a debate! In fact, I have seen Protestants who knew their Bible really well, it lead them into the Catholic Church, and then they debate with a Protestant on EWTN, and they win the debate so easily, it looked like Muhammad Ali in the ring with a poodle (total and complete victory for the Catholic), because the entire basis for the Protestants argument, his foundation, was completely unbiblical!

    Here is why: Protestantism is is actually a system of Religion that is built on a foundation that blows up on it's own. Protestantism is based off of Sola scriptura Doctrine that is found no where in Scripture. Protestants say, we only follow the Bible. But they have no basis for doing so. The Bible doesn't say to do that!

    In fact, Scripture says the opposite. Scripture makes it very clear that people need an official interpreter of Scripture, and that people twist Scripture to their own destruction.

    Matthew 18 "tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector." So, the Bible says nothing about using the Bible as the final authority on anything. The Bible actually makes it clear that to do so is dangerous and destructive. The Bible says to listen to and obey the Church.

    The first Christians were not Bible Christians! That is clearly obvious! The Bible is a Catholic book that was not available to anyone until the Catholic Church councils at Rome, Carthage, and Hippo.

    So, Protestantism is not built or founded on biblical basis, and Protestantism sometimes comes accross as proud, arrogant, thoroughly depressing (in my humble opinion), illogical, and irrational. To embrace Protestantism, means that Jesus is a liar, because he promised his Spirit would guide the Church, and yet, for over 1500 years, every Christian Church on the face of the earth had devotion to Mary and the Saints.

    Protestants deny that Mary is "Mother of God", stating that every Christian Church on earth was mistaken , and was Idolatrous, and most Protestants believe veneration of Mary and Saints is Demonic. That is thoroughly depressing and nauseating (in my opinion), because it makes God look evil, pathetic, a thoroughly terrible Father, a thoroughly terrible shepherd, and a liar who can't be trusted, because he abandoned Christians, and let all Churches on earth for over 1500 years fall into demonic practice.

    Jesus had a biological earthly mother at the nativity, one mother who nursed, breastfed God, one mother who gave birth to God, one mother the Angel said "Hail full of grace, rejoice highly favored one". Scripture calls Mary "The Mother of my Lord" google "who am I that the mother of my Lord should visit me", Scripture says "all generations shall call Mary blessed", the hail Mary is a Biblical prayer.

    Scripture says "the word was God...the word became flesh and dwelt among us", Jesus is God.

    Protestants sometimes teach erroneous Doctrines that seem to deny the Divinity of Christ, which the Bible says otherwise.

    Mary was at the foot of the cross with Christ. Jesus told John, "son behold thy mother."

    Scripture says in revelation, a sign in the sky, a woman standing on the Moon, clothed with the Sun, on her head a crown of stars. Scripture says the woman is the mother of those who follow God's commandments. She battles the Dragon. Revelation 12. The Mother of God.

    Some Protestants claim to be a friend of Christ, but they despise his bride!

    It means many cannot be trusted, they are teaching dangerous Doctrines that were not part of Christianity for over 1500 years , and divide and confuse Christians. Just what Satan would want (assuming he exists), divide the flock so he can conquer.

    Jesus promised he built his Church on Peter, first Bishop of Rome (Pope) and the promise that the gates of Hell would not prevail against her. Some Protestants completely make Jesus look like the most incompetent shepherd there ever was, waiting over 1500 years to build a Church that wasn't a Satanic abomination. Furthermore, Protestantism is the most chaotic , confusing mess (in my opinion), with no unity, and easily the worst affliction to ever strike Christianity! To divide and conquer , would be the strategy of the Devil, and nothing has done more to confuse and divide the flock than the UNBIBLICAL Sola Scriptura Doctrine that Protestantism was founded on.

    Some protestants also refer to the Catholic Church as "Prostitute, Whore of Babylon, Religion of the Antichrist"! This is extremely judgmental and hateful, condemning over a billion Christians as being hell bound followers of Satan and the Antichrist's whore of Babylon. It's thoroughly depressing and makes God look terrible!

    Protestants often deny that Jesus was really present in the Eucharist. Jesus never said the bread and wine was a representation of his body and blood. He said "This is my body, this is my blood". The lamb in the Old Testament had to be eaten. Jesus was the lamb of God who said "unless you eat of the flesh , and drink of the blood of the Son of Man, you have no life in you". (John 6)

    It was the first time in Christ's ministry where he lost followers. It was over that teaching. The people who abandoned Christ in John 6 fall into the same error and Heresy as Protestantism.

    And keep in mind. The people who abandoned Christ over the teaching about the Eucharist and Holy Communion, were not people that Jesus called back. Jesus didn't say "Wait a minute, I didn't mean literally. Please, let me explain. I meant bread and wine that represents me". Neither did Jesus at the last supper say anything about it representing anything, in any of the last supper accounts. It was completely literal words in all accounts, in all Gospels. He never once used words of symbolism!

    Some protestants are being completely unbiblical and are at war with the teachings of Jesus Christ in every Gospel. Some protestants are opposed to the word of God! Some protestants are actually opposed to one of the most important teachings of Jesus. Jesus said that those who refuse to embrace that teaching have no life in them, are spiritually bankrupt, are spiritually dead.

    I don't agree with Christ, but those were his strong words and a warning to people who push what protestants are pushing to cut people off and alienate them from God and grace!

    In the world book encyclopedia, a non Catholic book, there is an unbreakable chain of Popes dating back to Peter, first Bishop of Rome. The second was Linus in 67 AD. Protestants have no valid priesthood, Bishops, or valid ordination. The Catholic Bishops, Pope, and priesthood, can trace itself back to Peter and the Apostles.

    There are so many examples of how incredibly unbiblical many protestants are behaving, preaching etc., how incredibly destructive it is, how unchristian Protestantism is, and how incredibly ignorant of Scripture certain Protestants actually are, that when Protestants tell Catholics they aren't following the Bible, they sometimes have a big log in their eye it is laughable (were it not so sad!)

    I will later give far more examples of how Unbiblical and unchristian Protestantism can be!

    Any thoughts?

    By the way, I'm not even Catholic. I don't believe Catholic Dogmas and Scripture is without error. I believe some of the Bible is true, and much good in it. But it can do some damage and contradicts itself too.

    Shinto is about enshrining the dead, having a prayer wall for the dead, having a Honden (room closed off the the public, reserved for the enshrined Kami spirits, a Kamidan (Cupboard where spirits are enshrined), a book of souls (Names and letters to souls you love and feel close to, without actually any Dogmas other than "Belief in the Kami (Spirit beings/Angels/God/Supernatural entities) and the dead become Kami".

    There are virtually no other Dogmas in Shinto other than that, and roughly 90% of the world already believes in the Kami, so Shinto would make a great one-world global Religion. Another reason I love Shinto is that the highest Kami is Amaterasu, the lady of light, my sunshine, my Queen. She isn't the creator, and she is a female who grew to be more loved and venerated, more powerful, and more blessed than her maker.

    Here is my gift I got from a descendant of Amaterasu:

    Amaterasu, aflame is my heart with love for thee! Queen of the Samurai who defeated the Mongolian invaders , when she struck the Mongolian fleet of up to 140,000 invaders with a great "Divine Wind" (also called a Kamikaze).

    100,000 Mongols made it to shore and were annihilated by the Samurai. with 100,000 men, Genghis Kahn conquered roughly 40% of the world, and killed more than 10% of the world's population. The same amount of unstoppable Mongolian warriors of the great horde were annihilated in one single battle with the Samurai, in the most miraculous naval and land battle I actually can think of off the top of my hand.

    Samurai pray to Amaterasu!

    Do you know the Bible neighbor?

    Okily dokily!

    Smokers are jokers!


      Derpy doo, Matthew! Derpy DOO! I'm leprechaun Lee!


        Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
        Derpy doo, Matthew! Derpy DOO! I'm leprechaun Lee!
        Lee is actually an alternative for Matthew. I'm named after the Apostle Matthew, who was also called Levi.

        One common name people call Levi is Lee. Levi in the Czech republic means ​Lion.

        In approximately one hour I will get a call from a counselor at Huss recovery center named Leon, which means Lion.

        Mussolini and Pete's Draggun are Leo Lions.

        Mussolini means Jacob, spouse of Lee (Leah), and in Latin Leah means "Lioness".

        Mussolini and Jacob were also spouses of Rachel, which means "sheep, ewe". Jesus was the lion of Judah and the sheep (lamb, Ares) of God.

        Mussolini named one of his lions "Ras," after Ras Tafari, Lion of Judah!

        Mussolini raised lions (lee, Levi) and spaketh he thus:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	benito-mussolini-12625.jpg
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        Yesterday I took pictures of multiple Chinese lions which don't exactly look like lions:
        Click image for larger version

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        I just got done sharing the meaning of the name Levi meaning Lion in Czech republic, in a personal message conversation at another forum

        I just got back from a walk in Swede park , where I prayed to a spiritual entity who I have called "Lee" in a song I wrote for her.

        In fact , "leprechaun Lee" is simply an insane coincidence, because the OP thing here, was the exact cut and paste OP at an Irish forum, where my username is also "Matthew Mussolini".

        Leprechauns are Irish, and I posted a prayer YouTube for that Irish forum yesterday, praying that the souls of Irish Catholics killed by British Protestants, would inspire the posts at that forum.

        There are actually other reasons I am simply amazed that you would actually say "Leprechaun Lee". Click image for larger version

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          Lee and Leah, first bride of Mussolini in the old testament mean the same thing.

          My last name is alternative for John/Jack, an alternative for Jacob/Mussolini. As you know.

          And I'm Irish on my mum's side. Leprechaun Levi!


            Derpity doo! We're both leprechaun Lee!



              I'm Trevor Tree! Where the leprechauns hide their gold!


                I'm Tropical Troll, beyond the grassy knoll! Wee!


                  You guys feed off of each other really well.

                  You two should start a podcast together. It’d be a smashing hit