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In need of thy bread of life!

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  • Pete's Draggun
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    I think I'll make some toast and peanut butter for breakfast

  • Tropical Breeze
    I wouldn't mind making you some toast.

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  • Undies
    That's weird, normally I think facilities make arrangements for whatever religious things their clients need.

    I'll gladly mail you my communion. My priest is old school and puts it directly on my tongue, but that will just add a little extra flavor for you.

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  • Matthew Mussolini
    started a topic In need of thy bread of life!

    In need of thy bread of life!

    I'm stuck at a facility for another 2 months where I don't get to receive the sacraments.

    The problem is, a thirst is my soul for the eucharist, holy communion, the bread of life, the bread of Angels and Saints!

    I want it to be consecrated by a priest who has apostolic succession, in other words it has to be Catholic or Orthodox.

    So what I need you to do , is receive Holy Communion at a Catholic or Orthodox church but don't swallow it, put it in an envelope, and mail it to me.

    Do I have any volunteers?