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shakti and shiva/bliss and silence

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    shakti and shiva/bliss and silence

    there are two aspects of the divine. one is the feminine aspect some call shakti. it is a current of energy that activates the brain in conjunction with the nervous system filling the mind and body in an intoxicating joy. i say intoxicating because it does happen by the nervous system but it is not by a drug you take.

    the other aspect is considered masculine some call shiva. its a deep silence in the mind. like a lot of empty space that keeps the mind peacefully silent.

    one doesn't have to be anybody but themselves in this. as the two are silence itself. joy itself. they are not in opposition of you. they know love/joy. silence/peace.

    how one opens to this can be different for each person. yet there are some practices that seem to help bring one into these phenomena. meditation. pranayama. trance. presence of a guru. yoga and perhaps many other things.

    im not suggesting this is all there is. this is just what is of value to some because once it becomes deep into ones being it sticks and wont go away.

    During the Rosary while praying the hail Mary my spirit sometimes feels intertwined with Mother Mary's and I get inspirations from the spirit of a girl who was murdered for an act of kindness in 1974.