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My Saint Anthony miracle on the feast of Saint Anthony!

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    My Saint Anthony miracle on the feast of Saint Anthony!

    So, I always leave my medications on my table top, in the same place, and they are not easy to lose, because they come in a bunch of separate packages where they are separated individually, making it harder to lose them, a large item, than if they came in bottles. But for some reason they disappeared and I was not finding them anywhere I looked. And if you think I'm nuts, you haven't seen me without my pills, I turn into the beast of the Apocalypse on a full moon.

    It dawned on me that it was the feast of Saint Anthony, who is the patron saint of lost items, who people pray to when they lose something. I checked everywhere and thought I was out of luck for not just today, but out of meds for a while.

    Right after I prayed to him, my eyes fell upon a jacket on the floor near the bed. I lifted up the jacket and there they were, a place I would never set them, and a weird place for the jacket to be, found less than 10 seconds after praying to St Anthony to find a lost item, on the Feast of St Anthony.

    There are other explanations, but I thought it was meaningful, and glad I won't turn the into a werewolf now.

    All around Bravo's M.M.
    Prayer saved the day......