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Voices from the Honden.

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  • Voices from the Honden.

    A Honden is a room or building at a Shinto Shrine reserved for enshrined Kami alone and closed to the public. I keep a Honden and invite all Kami in need of a resting place or Sanctuary to dwell there.

    A neighbor died suddenly an unexpectedly today, so today I burned extra incense and enshrined her soul.

    I'm trying to get her best friend to give me a picture of Stacy so I can enshrine her in my Honden, but he doesn't strike me as being capable of understanding my explanation or being Religious.

    If he's Christian, he might think I'm a witch or necromancer. If he's atheist, he'll just think I'm a weirdo who needs help.

    Either way, I'm writing a letter to Stacy and placing that in the Honden with an offering of flowers, incense, and a blessed candle.

    On later posts, i'll mention what the voices from the Honden seem to be saying.
    Dear Stacy,

    I regret not getting to know you better. I don't pretend to know the condition of your soul when you died so suddenly, but even souls rejected by God and considered eternally lost are welcome to my Honden, my heart, my soul, and have permission to use my body as temple of their spirit or Shinto Shrine.

    Though I don't doubt you were a good person from what I got to observe, I only say that just in case God is more strict than I thought.1200px-Iwa_jinja_11.jpegI do not discriminate or at least try not to reject any Kami, ( including those that seek my destruction, for if they had love, joy, peace, and euphoria, they would not wish harm on anyone.)

    No soul deserves to be cut off from God's grace eternally, and eternal suffering is wrong for anyone, including Devils, so help me contend with God the right way so that suffering can be alleviated worldwide, in purgatory, in Hell, and in every realm. DSF7304.jpg Stacy,

    Please accept my request that you join the Vocation of "Rebecca", and the Kami will instruct, educate, mold, form, and show you how to be a Rebecca.

    Rebecca favored Jacob over Esau his Twin, who had a destiny that all Jews and the Messiah would descend from him. Esau worked harder, did more to please the Father, and Esau inherited the destiny by Divine decree as the first born.

    Through Rebecca's scheming, manipulating, breaking God's rules, deception, getting the Father drunk, disguising Jacob like the Father's favorite ( of the Twins), cooking the Father's favorite dish, letting Jacob take credit for her work, then declaring " let the curse be on me not you", the plan was successful, and Isaac the Father (who represents God the Father) accidentally gave the greatest blessing contained in Scripture to the wrong son, changing the destiny of humanity, and giving the stolen destiny to the one who took great pains to please Rebecca.
    IzumoTaisha_Honden_(detail).jpg There is a destiny I am trying to steal from an Esau. There is an Antichrist who is supposed to one day rule over the entire earth with a one world government, one-world Church.

    I would like to seize that destiny from him and see it be given to someone who will have a one-world Religion, One-world government, Holy Roman Empire, 101139-Large.jpg Global Theocracy that resembles a rather Dogmaless, Scriptureless Religion like State-Shinto, but still a Religion completely compatible with Christianity, allied with Christ.

    That is unlike the Antichrist who will start a worldwide persecution of Christians.

    If you agree to be my beloved Rebecca, you reap the first fruits of all my prayers, penances, sufferings, sacrifices, merits, actions, works, virtues, love, and good deeds.

    Either way, without conditions, I love you and ask that you please help me be your servant, a servant to all Kami, especially the most poor, needy, afflicted, restless, and suffering.

    Help me be always on guard against, aware of, and free of hypocrisy, hate, selfishness, pride, covetousness, racism, bigotry, jealousy, and cowardice.

    Also, help me not be critical of other people or overly cynical or unfair in my judgements.

    In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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    Voice from inside the Honden:

    It was not coincidence that Stacy died on 10/14, one day after the anniversary of the miracle of the sun in Fatima Portugal 10/13/1917 which is the reason you live in the Twin Cities.

    It is not coincidence Stacy died on the 14th of the month, a day you call Japan day, Shinto day, and therefore it is also "Kami day". 45381.jpg

    It is not coincidence that you called Mussolini Patron Saint of the United Nations, the 28th you called UN day, and 07/28/20 your best friend's brother is shot dead one day before Mussolini's birthday, and Nafisa Joseph's death day.

    It was not coincidence you were writing about Nafisa Joseph when you found out Stacy died.
    It is not coincidence that you would not live in your current apartment were it not for Mussolini marrying Rachel.

    You needed to be there for your neighbor when he lost his best friend and his brother close together.
    Be warned though, in order for Kami and wise forces to work good deeds, words, humor,or anything clever through you, you need to remove all that blocks the flow of grace from good, positive, wise, energizing, healing Kami. images (6).jpeg Hypocrisy, a sour face, negativity, resentment, unforgiveness, hate, cruelty, pride, self-righteousness, and selfishness block the work good Kami desire to do through the instrument or person they are working with.