Anchorites have sought to triumph over the two unavoidable enemies of human salvation, the flesh and the devil, by depriving them of the assistance of their ally, the world.
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​​​​​​Anchorite life is one of strict and irreversible enclosure, entered into in an elaborate ceremony during which the last rites were administered.

The last rights were administered and a funeral ceremony performed, because it was considered a voluntary death sentence of a life-time of a torture that drives many people mad, known as "solitary confinement".

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At the conclusion of the last rites, the door to the reclusory would be walled up. An anchorite who left their enclosure could be forcibly returned by the authorities, and faced damnation in the hereafter for betraying their vows.

Fortunately, God isn't such an ass hole as to damn someone in hell for escaping solitary confinement, but some of the anchorites were completely walled in so there was no escape.

They were connected to a Church and simply lived their entire life, day after day, year after year, confined to a cell where all they did night and day was keep their mind and heart raised to God in prayer.

Isolating themselves from the world isn't necessarily Nirvana. The world is the enemy of our souls and will retaliate against anyone who rejects her.

Is there anything about the Anchorite life that appeals to you?

Apparently it wasn't healthy because people completely ceased doing it. Could you imagine living like that for 50+ years all by yourself in a cell?