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    I repent again. and again if I offended you.

    I literally jumped off a building to test God years ago. It was a suicide attempt. It broke multiple bones. I was trying to save society from the pain I would cause.

    But some of the shit I say on these forums might fuck with some people who have PTSD.

    I keep going back from being compassionate and having empathy to being a Monster.

    I want this shit to end.

    I think suicide isn't really an option.

    There isn't really a clean way to do it. I tried getting hit by the lightrail train and got arrested.

    I could try hanging but I heard your neck can break and you wind up Quadrapalegic. I know what it was like to be in a wheelchair.

    I won't try hanging.

    Overdosing on methadone just made me stop breathing and my family was twisting my nipples and using pressure points to try and get me to respond to pain.

    Like shellshocked survivors in war keep reciting over and over again "I'm not returning to the front", so to shall I say, "There will be no other suicide attempt."

    What would you recommend?