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In all that you do, do it for your Israeli defense force Queens of Heaven

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    In all that you do, do it for your Israeli defense force Queens of Heaven

    Call her by the name Rebecca or whatever name you desire to assign to her.
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    My Israeli defense force girl is the blessed Virgin Mary.

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    She asked the Pope to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate heart and spoke of "the errors of Russia spreading throughout the world" and the coming of World War 2.

    Not long after the Pope made the valid consecration of Russia, Communism and the Soviet Union fell. Russia, the greatest enemy of Fascism, miraculously became arguably the most Fascist country in the World, 2nd to the Vatican.

    Mary performed a sign in the sky for a crowd of 70,000 people roughly that lasted 12 minutes. Atheists and Communists wrote about the miracle and converted. It caused communism to fall in Portugal.

    She is a dependable IDF girl indeed. The hail Mary recited well or chanted from a pure, innocent, meek, humble heart , makes her euphoric and gives her pleasure that is more satisfying than a whole bunch of orgasms, the joy she felt at the Incarnation, when the word was made flesh in her womb.
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    When I go panhandle, I'm not simply begging. I'm practically holding the world together with intercession before the throne of God with the Israeli defense force Queens of Celestial Imperial Government.
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    I'm giving bouquets of flowers to beautiful ladies and helping them conquer the world, giving guns and ammunition to soldiers as it were , for Scripture speaks of a war between Heaven and hell that we can help become a victory for the good guys with our prayers.

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    I'm praying many Hail Mary's as I hold that sign. So , I am working. I have a job. My job is prayer and suffering (penance).

    Have you ever felt like you had a strong bond with the Blessed Virgin Mary? Was there ever a time you recited the Rosary daily?