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Your existence is a mystery to me!

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    Your existence is a mystery to me!

    I don't understand why you exist. Yes, you exist because your mom and Dad had sex, but why do genitals feel pleasure and orgasm to create you. that doesn't solve the mystery of your existence.

    Why does the moon stars and earth exist rather than a blank nothingness? That is the question. Why is the sun in the right place so that all animal and plant life can exist?

    There is the mystery in my heart of existence itself. Saying "God made man out of clay after speaking everything into existence, then made woman out of a rib " is not helpful.

    That's not helpful because it doesn't explain the mystery of why God exists, or how he learned how to make beautiful creatures , or how he learned how to create dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that cause euphoria, erotic stimulation, A womb that a child is successfully formed in.

    Who taught God how to do that and why did God stop speaking things into existence and hide himself like he's dead. Why did he stop creating stuff out of nothing?

    How long has God existed? How can God exist forever? So, for billions and trillions of years God existed? What did he do all those years? How can an entity always exist with no beginning?

    But yes, you are here because of a mysterious orgasm. Were your parents destined to do that or was it random?

    Do you believe we all have destiny? Please explain.

    God hasn't existed for billions of years or trillions of years... that's just you trying to fit it into a human view of reality. If God Is, then God exists timelessly. Infinity. Humans can't get their head around infinity, but what else could there be? How can an entity exist with no beginning? That thought blows my mind. But SOMETHING must exist that has no beginning, because what came before the beginning? If there is nothingness for an infinite time before the beginning and nothingness for an infinite time after the end... that makes as little sense.

    "He" hasn't hidden away as if he is dead. We're all right here. We are creators. We create can stories out of "nothing". (all the experience and knowledge we have). We can create ideas.

    The most likely theory of a purpose for it all that I have come across is that God created all of this, and separated into all of us, for the experience of it. There is a book by Richard Bach called Illusions: the adventures of a reluctant messiah. He makes the comparison between why we watch a film. We like feeling the emotions and drama.

    I believe in destiny, but I also believe in free will. We are free to avoid destiny for as long as we want, but eventually, we won't want to. All of this might be nonsense and perhaps it's just a load of random chance and chemicals and there is nothing behind it, no meaning to it, forever. I mean, I accept that and don't mind if someone could prove that the truth.. I just have a harder time believing that. It seems so improbable. But then, given literal eternity, incredible things like the existence of sentient life is certainty.

    I think we're pretty much stumped by eternity. We're trapped in a linear timeline in a Universe that we have a beginning and end story for. What was before it, or will come after it.. eternally. infinitely. i mean. i feel breathless just trying to write this post.


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      I recall talking about this earlier and I would say the state outside our reality or perhaps even universe is oblivion, not eternity or infinite.
      The 'God is the universe experiencing itself through sentient life' is a very intriguing one indeed. Perhaps God only came to be when the first sentient life came around, and perhaps He/She/It was a thing before the big bang. Who knows? Yups, a mystery. Fun ponderings :-D

    Everytime someone put a god thread on I cant help myself Its either "Dumb all over " or "My god "

    my god