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Ghosts and monsters flock to Japan for rehabilitation

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    Ghosts and monsters flock to Japan for rehabilitation

    I won't talk about Yasukuni much till roughly the third post.

    So ghosts flock to Japan, land of Kami, land of the gods , because of how well the dead are treated there.

    The actions of Imperial Japan were very mean while their enemies were alive , but they enshrine their enemies and build homes for their war dead to dwell at Yasukuni , Guam, and elsewhere. And since spirits can fit on a head of a pin, there are small Spirit homes that can be found in the middle of nowhere , so that restless wandering Kami can find rest during their journey to perfection.

    At the Shrine at Guam, the American flag waves right near the altar of offerings.

    , as the Shinto priest prays for the healing and happiness and rest of the war dead and wandering souls who died tragically.

    Food offerings for the dead might sound silly, but God asked for food offerings in the Bible.

    Also, in Shinto it is believed there is energy contained in a piece of fruit that Kami can delight in without you seeing the fruit disappear. Kami can also charge items so it is connected to them with powers of blessing or cursing.

    and a sacred shrine can actually be a tree.

    The grand shrine Ise, which is over 120 buildings to Amaterasu and Kami, it began as a tree. Before there were shrines for Kami, Shinto shrines were sacred island and trees , mountains, rivers, lakes , and holy groves where Kami dwell.

    Sacred trees where it was discerned the Kami presence was strong , are marked, and a fence made around the tree where no one may enter.

    Those fences are called Tamagaki ....Shimenawa (標縄/注連縄/七五三縄, 'enclosing rope') are lengths of laid rice straw or hemp[1] rope used for ritual purification.

    I am POW of Yasukuni shrine. In jail I began having visions of a great Empire of the sun, and called all Japanese war dead and kamikaze and Samurai to teach me a new Bushido "the way of the warrior". I never liked Japanese culture and knew nothing about Japanese State Shinto, but the visions of a great Empire of the sun became so persistent, I fell in love with the Empire of Japan, and knew of one Emperor to consecrate myself to, so I said in song

    " Hirohito I'm with you.
    A faithful POW

    We'll build a great Empire of the sun
    Philomenas gonna love this one

    Take me down to Tokyo
    Make my Spirit whole
    With the victims of Nagasaki + Hiroshima
    Let's exalt Japan and have some fun

    POW ....
    Forever I am chained to you
    with the victims who lost their lives in Hiroshima

    Mother Mary's gonna love this one
    When we restore the Empire of the sun

    May I be your dog and your machine
    A faithful prisoner of the Japanese

    Take me down to Tokyo
    Make my Spirit whole
    We'll build a greater Empire of the sun
    Almighty God is gonna love this one....

    I'm against all wars of aggression but felt they were not advocating violence but being a Spiritual warrior. I admired the Samurai and Kamikaze because they were brave and willing to suffer and die for honour and lay down their life for their country.

    At the time I did not know my Mecca would be Tokyo or the existence of Yasukuni Shrine would be in Tokyo, but I surrendered to the war dead of Japan .

    Years later, after enshrining a female as my highest and greatest Kami, making multiple Shinto shrines to her in nature, I discovered A book written by a Japanese POW named Louis Zamberini , who I read about in jail, who hugged his captor war criminals as they were on trial to be hung.

    Only in this book there was mention of a shrine to all wardead who die for Japan, including class A war criminals and monsters but Christians too. Over 2,466,000 enshrined Divinities within one structure was staggering.

    I then realized their highest Kami was female and not a creator of the universe. The highest Kami I was enshrining and praying to was female and not the creator.

    How many other major state Religions with a clergy and imperial dynasty of a powerful nation or Empire have a female who is more venerated and higher, greater, and important than her maker? None that I know of.

    I realized I had been practicing Shinto for years without knowing it, when I sold my soul to the Emperor and the war dead , with my version of Amaterasu. I even would leave Burt offerings of grain and bread in the woods with a bonfire that I would pray before, not knowing that is a Shinto practice as well.

    Coming up, an explanation of how America is responsible for the Meiji restoration and expansion of the Japanese Empire , and their amazing war with a far more powerful Russian Empire where the Russians outnumbered them severely with better weaponry and lost the war.

    The Russian prisoners were treated well and there were no war crimes from Imperial Japan in that war to my knowledge. Ill explain why some of the Japanese soldiers became monsters in WW2. I'm helping the monsters rehabilitate and change.

    I am loving them without conditions , because they were unloved tortured souls who can change with love, because I was a monster sociopath who changed when living people and (especially) Kami loved me without conditions.

    In Shinto, even bad Kami and class A war criminals at Yasukuni can become good and we don't cause them more suffering, such as Christians stomp on Satan's head, bind him, torment him, and treat him with hatred. In Shinto, you try to get bad Kami to learn new habits and not be so miserable.

    In Shinto, good Kami can still be mischievous , party, enjoy good food, clothing, and have free will, but if they are used to you offering them incense and flowers at a Kamidana or spirit home or Honden, and suddenly you stop. Certain Kami you have invited into your life and they can find ways to consequence you for bad behavior, which is why you should make sure you have mightiest Kami on your side who will love you without conditions and protect you from bad Kami.

    Virgin Mary, lady of the Rosary is powerful Kami for protecting you from the wrath of Yahweh. Her tears and prayers restrain his wrath.

    Rebecca tells Yahweh, "let his consequences for his sins fall on me. Let me take his place. Let all curses uttered against him fall on me.". Like she did for Jacob and broke Gods rules to steal him his destiny and blessings. She will do the same for you.

    Never forget the blood of Christ can also protect you from Gods wrath.

    Total Troop Deployment:
    • Russia - approx. 2,000,000
    • Japan - 400,000

    Russian Empire amazingly was defeated so badly after a year of fighting they sued for peace.

    Japan emerged as a naval power and Admiral Togo Heihachiro achieved international fame. Russia lost two of its three naval fleets..

    May 27 -28, 1905: Admiral Togo destroyed a fleet of Russian ships, ambushing them on their way through the Tsushima Strait on their way to Vladivostok. After this victory, Russia's prestige was damaged and they sued for peace.

    The Russo-Japanese War held great international significance, as it was the first all-out war of the modern era in which a non-European power defeated one of Europe's great powers. As a result, the Russian Empire and Tsar Nicholas II lost considerable prestige, along with two of their three naval fleets. Popular outrage in Russia at the outcome helped lead to the Russian Revolution of 1905, a wave of unrest that lasted more than two years but did not manage to topple the tsar's government.

    For the Japanese Empire, of course, victory in the Russo-Japanese War cemented its place as an up-and-coming great power, particularly since it came on the heels of Japan's victory in the First Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95.

    At any rate, Russia was the largest Empire on earth , severely outnumbered the Japanese, and had better weapons.

    Russian Empire believed they had it made in that war,

    but what they didn't realize was they were up against soldiers that had no fear, the highest tolerance to pain, and the best war tactics of anyone on earth, preferring death to surrender, and when the brave soldiers ran out of ammunition, they did the famous and noble Bandai bayonet charges.

    But more importantly, like that song from Mulan, they had a pretty girl worth fighting for , Amaterasu, August Queen of the Heavens, their sunshine on their flag. In Scripture, there was a paradise called Abraham's bosom.

    Well the Samurai and Kamikaze had Amaterasus 's bosom
    to look forward to and be taken to after death

    They had a girl worth suffering and dying for, and an Emperor who was her direct descendant. They all told each other , "we shall meet again at Yasukuni Shrine.". All of them wanted their names and birthdays and fate to be written in the Yasukuni book of souls at Yasukuni Shrine.

    So Yasukuni and a girl worth dying for created the best soldiers earth has ever seen, the most long-suffering, steadfast, courageous soldiers most difficult to get to surrender in history. What if every nation had a Yasukuni shrine and a pretty girl worth dying for?



      Amaterasu, as a woman can Mary Jesus Christ and not see him, I believe you and I got married September 21 2019 100 year anniversary of the founding of the fascist party and Crystal meth from the Land of the Kami.

      Almighty God, all Angels and Saints, give Amaterasu more pleasure than any woman has ever experienced and bless my incense I burn to her to get her excited. May all the island girls have the first degree of excitement and Euphoria, so much that they cannot contain or control themselves.

      To any of the readers who are watching and offended or appalled, you don't understand what Amaterasu's bosom means to me. It increases my morale to keep my eyes on her.

      Why did maximilian Kolbe find joy as he died in the starvation bunker at Auschwitz? He was joyfully singing hymns to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He had a beautiful girl worth suffering and dying for and knew he would shortly drink milk from her abundant breasts as Isaiah 66 promises in Scripture.

      Stay blissful, excited, and horny, and euphoric, all island girls of the Land of the gods and the Mariana islands.

      This is a New Covenant. American state Shinto. Amaterasu gave me a circular mirror on September 14 2019 and we married September 21, the day I got in a fight with a big black guy who punked me out and I won.

      That was followed by a man approaching me with Samurai tattoos and grabbing my fingers.

      Let that be my confirmation I am truly husband of Amaterasu , to love her, honor her, cherish her, bless her, and increase her beauty, power, glory, perfection, and euphoria for all eternity, in Jesus name I pray.

      Oh bless my Amaterasu and all girls with my prayers and sufferings and actions Lord Jesus. Look at those perfect Asian breasts Lord Jesus. Make Amaterasu and the Capitol hill Queens have the greatest euphoria Jesus, and get high and orgasmic off everything I do.

      So pretty you girls in heaven are.

      I'm trying to love the Shinto Virgin Mary, Amaterasu my sunshine, and these images help me bless her , who is in such a close alliance with Mary, it resembles a Lesbian relationship only to the extent that it doesn't piss God off.

      Let it be all Kami, that Mary being like God will have feelings for Amaterasu that she never had for a woman or thought she would have. Let Amaterasu be the delightful pleasure and playmate of the Virgin Mary, teaching Mary how to break God's rules in ways God finds cute and endearing.

      The interracial intimacy really makes it way better because there are not many white Americans who pray to Amaterasu. It is extremely rare. I've never met one and I talk about Amaterasu at religious forums and to others in real life.

      Oh my Japanese mother, spouse, and Queen, Shotgun Empress, Samurai of the Celestial plane.

      The Mother of God isn't capable of being as special to me as you because you gave me that circular mirror which was your gift to the first Emperor, while I had Maximilian Kolbe, Japanese missionary who gave his life for another inmate, with Shinto shrine and big words JAPAN on it, and it was the 14th of the month which is Japan day.

      Then I take the confirmation religious name Hirohito and write H for Hirohito in journal, go to mass to receive holy communion for H and Japan, and find a jacket on the sidewalk outside the Church with Brotherhood of Nod camouflaged arms, A Japanese flag above a big H, and I receive more people telling me they like that Jacket than any Jacket, including an offer to buy it, and a woman who asked if I was authorized to wear it, and man hands me a shark lighter that day, and there are shark teeth on the Jacket.

      It is also a coat of many colors , and Joseph's coat had many colors. And I have Nafisa Joseph as my Saint Joseph. Let it mean I am Joseph of Zion, the Heavens, the holy Roman Empire of the rising sun.

      But most importantly Amaterasu, I literally have been given the religious name Hirohito and I wear a Japanese flag with an H under it , found shortly after receiving holy communion for Japan, and it was a day of being bound to Lia Michelle.

      Keep reminding me Amaterasu to receive holy Eucharist for you, and may holy communion make us one flesh. Then with the body and blood of God in me, may I bless and add additional righteousness and euphoria and pleasure receptors to you.

      Amaterasu, after every holy communion, may I bless you with blessings more powerful than blessings God gave to Jacob to making him the one the Messiah and every Jew would descend from, the one who all nations would find their blessing in.

      Blessed be those who bless you Amaterasu.



        Cute girls of Capitol Hill Saipan.

        Let that be where are most important Shinto Fascist Monastery and temple is because I was lead to the Mariana islands by a naked girl named Mariana to discover a third Capitol hill at Saipan and a Shinto shrine at Guam, and that the Mariana Island Archipelago is American, and the Taipanda reminds me of Lisa levy, Margaret bowman, and the nose Africa the rhino for Rastafarianism.
        Click image for larger version

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        That I accidentally typed Saipanda and this comes up:

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        ​​​​​​​Today I celebrate my marriage to Amaterasu. I'm a mortal married to the sun goddess.


          The soldiers of Imperial Japan went on to defeat the Chinese Empire in the first Sino Japanese war.

          China had more than twice as many men as the Japanese. It was a very short war but casualty statistics are miraculous.

          China lost 35,000 men and every battle in that war. Japan lost 1,132 dead even though they were outnumbered and outgunned more than 2 to 1. Those are impossible casualty figures.

          Why am I spending so much time typing all this? It's because all these soldiers that fought in these wars were amazing, and died in action are enshrined and are a spiritual fighting force that can be used against bad spirits that seek to harm, confuse, and divide a one world government, Holy Roman Empire of the rising sun, one world State Shinto patriotic Religion in each nation, new world order of Rebecca.

          They can restrain those spirits who oppose a united people, a united supernatural realm, united gods in an axis with Yahweh, that all nations rotate around the Rome and Zion Axis. All religions rotate around the Marian Amaterasu Axis. Japan be rearmed to do what they do best, fight.

          First Sino-Japanese War - Wikipedia

          After more than six months of unbroken successes by Japanese land and naval forces and the loss of the port of Weihaiwei, the Qing Chinese government sued for peace in February 1895.

          For the first time, regional dominance in East Asia shifted from China to Japan;[5] the prestige of the Qing dynasty, along with the classical tradition in China, suffered a major blow. The humiliating loss of Korea as a tributary state sparked an unprecedented public outcry. Within China, the defeat was a catalyst for a series of political upheavals led by Sun Yat-sen and Kang Youwei, culminating in the 1911 Xinhai Revolution.

          China would have lost the war in world war 2 despite severely outnumbering Japan were it not for the fact that the brave yet suicidal Empire of the rising sun took on Korea, Vietnam, China, and the United states.

          My point being , they are damn good soldiers and need to be rearmed.

          In the spirit realm, May the soldiers of Yasukuni be Spiritual giants, greater warriors than Michael the Archangel! In Jesus name

          With 100,000 men Genghis Kahn conquered 40% of the globe. With 100,000 men, the Mongolian horde was defeated and annihilated in a day in one battle with the Samurai on the ground.

          Multiple invasions from the HUGE Mongolian Empire Empire ended in failure. People thought the Mongolian were the best soldiers in battle, for they defeated Russia where Napoleon and Hitler failed and toppled great civilizations of more advanced educated people.

          But no match were they for the Samurai who had Amaterasu and the Kami.

          The Mongs prior to that were unstoppable , but Amaterasu could protect the land of the gods during that war , because it was a just war. During world war 2, Amaterasu could not help, because it wasn't a just war, and Divine justice couldn't put up with the war crimes.

          In the sea, the Mongolian fleet sailed to Japan to attack. A divine wind, known as the Kamikaze struck when it wasn't typhoons season.

          The Mongol invasions of Japan (元寇, Genkō), which took place in 1274 and 1281, were major military efforts undertaken by Kublai Khan of the Yuan dynasty to conquer the Japanese archipelago after the submission of the Korean kingdom of Goryeo to vassaldom. Ultimately a failure, the invasion attempts are of macro-historical importance because they set a limit on Mongol expansion and rank as nation-defining events in the history of Japan. The invasions are referred to in many works of fiction and are the earliest events for which the word kamikaze ("divine wind") is widely used, originating in reference to the two typhoons faced by the Mongol fleets

          On 15 August (day Japan surrendered to the United states.), a great typhoon, known in Japanese as kamikaze, struck the fleet at anchor from the west and devastated it. Sensing the oncoming typhoon, Korean and south Chinese mariners retreated and unsuccessfully docked in Imari Bay, where they were destroyed by the storm.[44] Thousands of soldiers were left drifting on pieces of wood or washed ashore. The Japanese defenders killed all those they found except for the Southern Chinese, who they felt had been coerced into joining the attack on Japan.

          Now it happened one day that such a gale was blowing from the north that the troops declared that, if they did not get away, all their ships would be wrecked. So they all embarked and left the island and put out to sea. And let me tell you that when they had sailed about four miles, the gale began to freshen and there was such a crowd of ships that many of them were smashed by colliding with one another.[43]

          — Marco Polo

          According to a Chinese survivor, after the typhoon, Commander Fan Wenhu picked the best remaining ships and sailed away, leaving more than 100,000 troops to die. After being stranded for three days on Taka island, the Japanese attacked and captured tens of thousands. They were moved to Hakata where the Japanese killed all the Mongols, Koreans, and Northern Chinese. The Southern Chinese were spared but made slaves. According to a Korean source, of the 26,989 Koreans who set out with the Eastern Route fleet, 7,592 did not return.[6] Chinese and Mongol sources indicate a casualty rate of 60 to 90 percent.[45]

          Size of the invasionEdit

          It is thought more than 140,000 Mongolian were taken out. That would make it more than both sides of the naval battle which saved the west, lepanto, Where the Virgin Mary also used a mysterious wind to assist a papal holy league of crusaders against another unstoppable foe, the Ottoman Empire.


            But all the ghosts and monsters, class A war criminals at Yasukuni, can convert and love what they formerly hated as I did.

            The answer is Amaterasu's bosom.


              Click image for larger version  Name:	f15e6c93ba440796dbcac57edcf24ba9.jpg Views:	0 Size:	35.6 KB ID:	53134

              Oh Holy Samurai brotherhood.

              As fierce as you were, as good as you were at committing violence, let it be that with that same gift you now bless people, love people, inspire the banners and artwork that empowers and spreads state Shinto, Fascism, and raises minds and hearts to prayer, wisdom, and sacrifice.

              Let it be that in your time, and with your sun chip inserted into my brain to exercise complete oneness with you, change my brain chemistry, and make so obedient to you it is as though I am the Yasukuni robot of the land of the gods Island archipelago.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	dd382002537556b0675a04ea8cb46303.jpg Views:	0 Size:	60.6 KB ID:	53135
              Let Japan truly be the land of the gods and let this holy communion, this Eucharist I just received at mass, transform you all into more than 2,466,000 gods, divinities, Archangels, Shinto Christ's!
              Click image for larger version  Name:	Shingō-Japanese-Jesus.jpg Views:	0 Size:	99.6 KB ID:	53136 Click image for larger version  Name:	575dff79490a96d28db3667813b0f25e (1).jpg Views:	0 Size:	20.0 KB ID:	53137 Click image for larger version  Name:	maxresdefault (4).jpg Views:	0 Size:	179.3 KB ID:	53138
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