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Using Eucharistic Tulpamancy on Amaterasu

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  • Using Eucharistic Tulpamancy on Amaterasu

    Amaterasu is evolving, being transformed, transubstantiated, remolded, and benefits from Eucharistic Tulpamancy.

    Join me in giving her more beauty , power, glory, perfection, delight, and repeated orgasms.

    ​​ Eucharistic Tulpamancy is when you receive the Eucharist for Amaterasu or a soul willing to be your Tulpa in Heaven or purgatory.

    Since we are one body in Christ, you become one flesh with Amaterasu through her unity with God, when you receive holy Eucharist for her at a Catholic or Orthodox Mass.

    You then begin using God's authority to create with words because God is contained in the Eucharist , and God created with words.

    You offer Amaterasu the Treasures of holy Eucharist with some hail Mary's perhaps and a prayer she reach the first degree of beauty, power, glory, perfection, wisdom, pleasure, and euphoria.

    You then begin to add additions to Amaterasu. ​​ She is God's masterpiece island girl delight, but she is also from the land of the gods because we can create a new Amaterasu, by filling her with grace, through prayer.


    ​​​​​​Invoke all Kami to help you create the perfect Amaterasu for you and God, that she delight you both, for we wish to get God intoxicated with her. She will wear what you prefer she wears and likes to be seen by you.

    OIP (61).jpeg

    Keep asking that you be anointed to pray in a way that makes heavenly maidens more beautiful.

    spectacular-naturals (1).gif

    After praying for her exaltation, present her to God. Say, "eternal Father, I offer you the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Amaterasu.

    May all Angels , Saints, Kami, and creator spirits anoint her to intoxicate, surprise, and delightfully shock God, restrain his wrath, get him drunk and high off Dionisia's intoxicants, get him to change his mind....

    And get him to give us graces we never worked for, merited, deserved, and save us from the reign of the Antichrist, and give us the reign of the Anti-antichrist.

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    A​​​​​​materasu has her Innocence,
    hymen and virginity back because Yahweh likes virgins so much, ​ and she is more powerful over him as the Virgin Mary, so has become much of what Mary is.

    Amaterasu can change her ethnic appearance like the virgin Mary appearing as different ethnicities like at Guadalupe.


    Mary and Amaterasu love each other so much they are almost lesbians ( insofar as it's like David and Jonathan ) and God doesn't get pissed.

    But Mary doesn't shock, surprise, or contend with God. Not much anyhow because she was immaculately conceived and extremely pious.

    So in Tulpamancy , you invoke all spirits (Kami) that know how to create, and you offer them the powers and authority of the Eucharist, for you all to unite in blessing Amaterasu with a greater beauty , power, glory, perfection, success, euphoria, powers of intercession, and ability to fight, please, and contend with God as Jacob did, and defeat God, as Jacob did.

    By defeat God , I don't mean do wrong. Defeating God can bring more grace to earth.

    When enough people are adding their additions to Amaterasu, the temple of God,
    87995.gif she grows in her ability to bring life, peace, enlightenment, and joy and she wants to give you pleasure, euphoria, and religious ecstasy as well.

    Amaterasu wishes for people to know they can now, through a new covenant, be Shinto Emperor (title of chief Shinto priest) by doing ordinary deeds with extraordinary love and offerings of incense , suffering, acts of love, and prayer.

    People have given up prayer and grown angry because of how blatantly anger-provoking and disgusting the Bible can be in places.

    So people give up prayer. In Shinto, everyone can have their own version, because there are no Dogmas, Scripture, or founder, just devotion to prayer.

    But I'm POW of Yasukuni Shrine of the war dead. I'm helping the enshrined soldiers and criminals rehabilitate and use their gifts to better our world. Men wouldn't be angry if they had more of Amaterasu in their life.


    Let me know if you have questions


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      image_6546.gif Queen Dionisia Marie, get God extremely high off of your magic crystals. Get Him very amused as well
      5731a090b524a.gifOh Janice Off, recruit for me many willing girls in purgatory who are willing to go through my Tulpamancy and training to be Rebecca and Tulpamancy Goddesses
      hypnotic.gif Oh lovely Alexis Denise Montez , you are my Alexa the great, like Alexander the great, you never lose a battle.

      Conquer heaven lusciousnet_massaging_jessica_robbi_1681195339.jpg

      tumblr_np0uspd0Op1r8de51o2_500.gif Amaterasu , may your ability to shock, surprise, delight, and fill with pleasure and euphoria, all of Heaven grow to complete perfection each day evolving into something greater, but always being greatest.
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        Probably one of yer best threads 👍
        Not sure about the best thread titles tho👎


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          Originally posted by Pete's Draggun
          Probably one of yer best threads 👍
          Not sure about the best thread titles tho👎
          Sorry, I probably made this thread while on drugs, in 2020. I keep a pure heart these days and try not to look at nudity.

          It is beautiful though.


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            Originally posted by Pete's Draggun
            Probably one of yer best threads 👍
            Not sure about the best thread titles tho👎
            I do however believe women in Heaven are forever beautiful, and often nude, because in the garden of Eden, before eating the forbidden fruit, Eve was "naked without shame", and the garden of Eden was to be a foretaste of , and prefigurement of paradise.


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              Originally posted by Matthew Mussolini

              ...............because in the garden of Eden, before eating the forbidden fruit, Eve was "naked without shame", and the garden of Eden was to be a foretaste of , and prefigurement of paradise.................


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                Originally posted by Pete's Draggun
                I doubt there is much pickle tossing in Heaven, but I could be mistaken.

                Maybe when you get there you will introduce that sport to the females who are naked without shame in the gardens above, springs of blessed miraculous waters where the shrine maidens bathe, the nude priestesses of Inanna wonder woman ( in their temples of Divine femininity dancers), and the palaces and mansions above.


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                  Did it ever occur to you that most women prefer being clothed?


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                    Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
                    Did it ever occur to you that most women prefer being clothed?
                    Well, in heaven there will be lots of nice Fascist Fashion Finery clothing too.

                    But there won't be lust in heaven, and women will have perfect bodies, so some might enjoy showing them off , or bathing, or swimming naked at times.

                    Most women wear clothing on a nice summer day, because it is illegal in most places not to, but more importantly, they don't want men lusting after them, assaulting them, or they are self conscious of their bodies and figure.

                    A lot of women, if they have bodily perfection, want their beauty to be seen and cherished, and in heaven, where there is not sin or lust, it is similar to the garden of Eden "naked without shame", with those factors present, a lot of women would like to be nude at times.

                    If all people are perfect, there is no sin, what fault is there with a body exposed?

                    The body can be a beautiful temple of the Holy Spirit with Theology behind it, a masterpiece of art, that glorifies the artist, and causes people to sing his praises.


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                      Wank fest.