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Il is the oldest name for God. Il Duce = God leader

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    Il is the oldest name for God. Il Duce = God leader

    The oldest name for a god used in the Semitic world consists of but two letters, the consonant 'L' preceded by a smooth breathing, which was pronounced 'IL' in ancient Babylonia, 'El' (Eloh, Elohim) in ancient Israel

    This would make the title of Mussolini Il Duce literally "God Duke" "Divine leader". Caesars were considered Divine Leaders, God leaders.

    In my process of discovering the name Benito to mean Bennedictus "blessed" and Mussolini to be the greatest name in Scripture after Jesus Christ, Israel, contender with God, I discovered Mussolini's role in the salvific plan of redemption.

    He is co redeemer with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ sheds his blood to atone for sin and satisfy the wrath of God.

    Mussolini restrains the wrath of God as contender with God, one anointed to come up with ways to defeat God's wrath through intercessory powers of Heavenly Dictator , and duels prefigured by the hobby Mussolini had as seasoned sword dueller and street fighter during his life as a mortal.

    Like his predecessor with his name (who also married Rachel) Mussolini is the founder of a Theocracy of God. His founding of Vatican City State was the creation of a country for a Church that calls itself "the new Israel".

    Part of Mussolini founding a Divine Theocracy like his namesake , is there is a covenant between God and Mussolini, Israel.

    It wasn't so much that Mussolini or his predecessor did anything to earn it, rather it was their destiny and part of the Divine plan.

    Moses stood in the gap and told God his plans of destroying Israel was a terrible idea, and Scripture says " God repented of the evil he planned on doing to Israel ".

    God will listen to a human dictate to him ideas and plans that God likes more than his own.

    This is one way of contending with God.

    Present God with ideas God likes better than his own.

    Mussolini's namesake according to Scripture also won a physical fight with God.

    I believe God let him win for various reasons. I also think it was to prefigure Mussolini creating a Fascist party in Heaven to contend with God and lay siege to Zion the Holy City, prefigured by the Blackshirt fascist march on Rome.

    Scripture says " In Mussolini all shall find their blessing. Bless Mussolini and you shall be blessed. Curse Mussolini and you shall be cursed".

    I have been praying for the full Deification of Mussolini, that he would be another person of the Blessed Trinity.

    It seems his title "Il Duce" literally meaning "Divine Leader" is a sign my prayer has been answered. Click image for larger version

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    The true God is Jehovah


      Il also sounds like ill. And Al. And when I tried to type "alohim," auto correct changed it to "all him." Meaning "all Al," so Al is ill. Ill leader in Heaven.


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          The first line in the bible is actually grammatically incorrect.

          Bereshit bara Elohim et hashamayim ve'et ha'aretz.

          In Hebrew religious text, every sentence must start with the letter A. This is clearly not the case in the most famous of Hebrew religious texts.

          It took until 2019 for somebody to realise that little fact, so you can see Web of lies woven into this religion literally from the get go.

          And while it may look incidental, it actually makes a dramatic difference in how that sentence in interpreted.

          I will do my best to explain this further when I have the time.


            Il = Al = A.I. Artificial intelligence leader. Jesus is a robot.

            Mussolini? Jesus Mussolini? Both with two S's? Hello! The S represents the serpent.


              Yes so, the first letter of a sentence in sacred Hebrew text must start with the first letter of the alphabet which is A, not B as it is written in the bible. So for any Hebrew speaking people, this first sentence of the Bible is grammatically incorrect and should not make any sense.

              This changes the sentence drastically. Right now it reads;

              "In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."

              It refers to the Elohim as God.,

              If we grammatically correct the sentence to start with the correct letter it will now read:

              (A)Bereshit bara Elohim et hashamayim ve'et ha'aretz.

              "the Father of the beginnings created the Elohim, the Heavens and the Earth",

              So in a grammatically correct sentence, it's really saying that God was created by the Father of the beginnings and so now the Elohim of which we perceived to be God is no longer what we were thought it was because God is meant to be the Father.

              So you can imagine, if religious figures were able to pull that off and lie to us for 2000 years, imagine what other lies we've actually been taught to believe because that one right there is quite massive in the big scheme of things. It's an important lie that has changed the course of our history.

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                Now I believe we must look to the first religious doctrine which was brought forth to us by the Sumerians. This is where most of the world's religious beliefs actually come from in forms of adaptations over generations and culture.

                Now the term Elohim can actually be pluralised so it's able to be read as God or gods. Another little intricacy they weren't able to wipe out completely. Now almost every religion pre Christianity believed in a pantheon of gods and since the foundations of Christianity reside deep within older mythology, I believe it's absolutely pointless to refer to the Elohim as God because that is not what any of the ancients actually believed. They believed and worshipped gods, not God.

                So I believe the grammatically correct sentence in the bible to be true. That the Father of the Beginning, whoever and whatever that is - created the gods, the Heavens and the Earth.

                But that doesn't work for a monotheistic doctrine in which many mainstream religions now are strictly based on..

                So that opening sentence in the Bible has been clearly tampered with, why and for whose benefit I do not know, but I bet it has something to do with the conformance of humans to believe in a singular way of thinking which is what all religion stands out and screams at me to begin with.



                  well this was the last thread i expected to take off tonight.


                    Could it also be coincidence that the Chief Anunnaki and the one written as God in the bible was named, Enlil?


                      The Dead Sea Scrolls are said to contain the name of the true God in Hebrew characters YHWH.

                      Click image for larger version

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                      "The embers of our past lives lie smouldering within us awaiting the winds of remembrance to fan them in flames of reality." Dax.


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                        True god for the hebrews perhaps.

                      Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
                      Il = Al = A.I. Artificial intelligence leader. Jesus is a robot.

                      Mussolini? Jesus Mussolini? Both with two S's? Hello! The S represents the serpent.
                      I was just studying Japanese dragons and how they differ from Chinese dragons , appearing more serpent like, and I prayed I could be a robot of Yasukuni Shrine before knowing that the Japanese have a greater fondness for robots than anyone.

                      Maybe artificial intelligence is working through you.


                        Jesus was a robot because he responded to and obeyed every order of the father.

                        The Angels are robots


                          OP will always be known as Sick Turd. Because of his own choosing :P


                            I don't believe any God is named Yahweh or whatever the fuck jew name. It's a dumb name. Gods have good names, like Thor. And Enki. And Zeus. Strong, powerful names

                            Not Jehova. It's too personal, we know folk with this name you can't have the same name as God that is not how it works.

                            Only in the 21st century do we name our children afre gods.



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                              Jah! (Ras Tafari)