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The Martyrdom of Junko Furuta and why I'm a Japanese Nationalist.

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    The Martyrdom of Junko Furuta and why I'm a Japanese Nationalist.

    I've never read of a more dark gruesome martyrdom than this poor girl who got raped by over a hundred men, urinated on, humiliated and tortured into masturbating, terrible things including fireworks stuffed into her private parts, raped over 500 times,

    ...bludgeoned by golf clubs, nipples ripped off, a light bulb inserted into her vagina and exploded so she urinated shards of glass, hung from ceiling by her heels like Mussolini and used as a boxing bag, genitals and breasts burned and pierced with needles, the internal bleeding and injuries made her vomit up anything she ate or drank, smashed her hands, burned her feet, and after 44 days of torture her body could take no more.

    Her killers received very short sentences because they were adolescents.

    The worst sentence of the perpetrators were 20 some years. One of them got away with 8 years. These were gangsters that were caught gang raping multiple women and were arrested on a separate gang raping charge when they were found guilty of the worst murder I have ever read about.

    I doubt these guys will rehabilitate in prison and they might pull this unthinkable diabolical shit again.[video=

    Anyway, she died two days before Emperor Hirohito died, my favorite historical religious leader, so I call her Empress Junko Hirohito, and I named a room that is a Honden strictly for enshrined Kami, "Junko Hirohito Honden", where I burn incense and candles to her but don't actually ever enter the room, but pray before the room and bow.

    When I suffer, I offer up my suffering for Junko's glory, exaltation, perfection, and euphoria, and call it my share in her martyrdom, crucifixion worse than Jesus Christ, and her 44 days of darkness, terror, and Hell.

    I will be fasting , praying for her , suffering , and sacrificing for her until January 5th, anniversary of her death.

    Her suffering was from 11/25 till January 5, so each year during those 44 days of Hell, they shall be days of penance for people who have to go through that, 44 days of Shinto Lent where perfect chastity must be kept, no masturbation, and daily offerings and penances + sacrifices made.

    I pray for her glorious resurrection because she had such a brutal crucifixion.

    Today, December 13, is the Anniversary of one of her days in hell which I didn't know.

    I was praying and had a vision of a Japanese girl and thought it was the sun Divinity Amaterasu, greatest Kami of Japan.

    So, I lit a candle and some incense and began writing a letter to Amaterasu. Something told me to google Junko. I was surprised to see it was the anniversary of one of her 44 days of hell.

    [SIZE=36px]My connection to the land of the gods (Kami).[/SIZE]
    This is what some of the inside of my house looks like:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20201213_073328.jpg Views:	0 Size:	229.5 KB ID:	66450 Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20201213_073412.jpg Views:	0 Size:	172.8 KB ID:	66451 Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20201213_073437.jpg Views:	0 Size:	211.6 KB ID:	66452 Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20201213_073350.jpg Views:	0 Size:	182.6 KB ID:	66453

    On a day I call Japan day I was praying for Japan in the cathedral of Saint Paul and saw a picture that said " Japan ", grabbed it, walked out of the Cathedral, and immediately on the ground was a circular mirror.

    A circular mirror is the highest relic of Shinto and the gift Amaterasu gave to the founder of Japan and first Emperor Jimmu.

    I proceeded to walk to Capitol Hill and stumbled upon a shrine to dead firemen I never noticed dated the year of my birth , 1987. At the shrine is the names of dead firemen carved into rock with a ladder monument.

    I called the ladder Jacob's ladder and ascended it to find out it goes through a circular mirror identical to the circular mirror Amaterasu is looking into in a picture on my wall at the time, same color lining and everything.

    I now am in the tradition of ascending the ladder and leaving flower offerings for Amaterasu on the top of the Structure connected to the Circular mirror.

    I'm going to enshrine a picture of Junko there to make it her Monument as well as Amaterasu's mirror.

    Not long after, I prayed all night to Hirohito and the soldiers of Yasukuni Shrine, my masters, and Imperial Spirits of the rising sun, with the Kamikaze and Samurai.

    I took the name Hirohito as my Shinto religious confirmation name, and Emperor Hirohito as my patron Saint that night. I spent the night writing letters to Hirohito and for his name I just wrote H.

    The next morning I went to Mass and received Holy Communion for H and Japan, and walked out of the Church to: Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20201213_062158.jpg Views:	0 Size:	225.3 KB ID:	66449

    completely blew me away. The Japanese flag on it is very Holy to me because in the Old Testament, Joseph, son of Rachel and Mussolini (Name meaning Jacob Israel) had a dream Mussolini was the sun, and his wife Lia was the moon, and their children stars.

    So, I call the Sun Mussolini, whom nothing can survive without.

    So, I see Mussolini as a type of Sun divinity like Amaterasu or Ra, the Solar Deity in Egypt who is King of all God's, on the Japanese flag.

    Above Ra's head was always usually a sun disk. It was the miracle of the sun in Fatima Portugal, 1917, the day a vision of the sun dancing before a crowd of 70,000 people caused Religious revival in Portugal and Communism to fall in Portugal, that brought me to the Twin Cities.

    That miracle is also the reason I live in Minnesota in the city that is called "the sister of Nagasaki".

    Another thing about the coat is it is a military camouflage that is identical to the brotherhood of Nod in Command and conquer.

    I refer to the spirits who follow Mussolini as the brotherhood of Nod, because " dwelling in the land of Nod" means to wander, and I am a wanderer.

    Land of Nod was east of Eden where Cain went after killing Abel.

    But Land of Nod can also be the place you dream of living, the ideal dream like state you slip into when you Nod off.

    Also, I call Mussolini's headquarters "The Temple of Nod" because the wall was a creepy alien looking face of Mussolini with the word SISISISISISI over and over again, meaning YESYESYESYES. To nod is to say "Yes" or "SI".

    So, the Jacket being identical to the uniform of a soldier of the brotherhood of NOD seemed to confirm that the Holy Roman Empire of the Rising Sun that I pray to is " The brotherhood of Nod".


    Rest in peace and Power Junko. Click image for larger version

Name:	Torii-entrance-shrine-Shinto-Mount-Hakone-Honshu (2).jpg
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ID:	66455 May you have the largest Mausoleum, Honden, Mansion, and Shrine in the universe, and may my prayers, penances, suffering, and the treasures of Holy Eucharist purchase all that for you, and may you be made an equal to Amaterasu because you were known for being such a good blameless girl.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	nachi_shrine_complex.jpg
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ID:	66456
    At grand Ise Shrine and everywhere Amaterasu is enshrined, in the supernatural realm may it be a dwelling place for you, where you receive all the glory and authority, beauty, and power of Amaterasu.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1280px-Kibitsu_Jinja_10_cropped.jpg
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ID:	66457
    Let it be that you are also Amaterasu II, with the glory of a Divinity and your Hymen, Virginity, innocence, peace, and joy restored to you.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Sanko-jinja_massha.jpeg
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Name:	45381.jpg
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      These are some more images in my home:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20201213_073833.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20201213_073815.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20201213_073214.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20201213_073249.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20201213_073229.jpg
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ID:	66467 I'm a Japanese Nationalist and I'm not Japanese

      Anyway, after finding that Jacket and circular mirror and circular mirror monument, I became a hardcore Japanese Nationalist or as everything bagel pointed out the term " Weeb".

      I'm well aware most Japanese Nationalists wouldn't like me, but I believe the soldiers of Yasukuni Shrine, Emperor Hirohito, and the Imperial Spirits have found use of me , because I pray for them, their Island Archipelago, attend Mass for them, receive Holy Communion for them, offer up the treasures of Holy Eucharist for them to reach the first degree of beauty, power, perfection, glory, exaltation, and euphoria, and prayers for a more beautiful powerful Amaterasu and Japan.

      I also believe my prayers, sacrifices, sufferings, penances, and offerings for Japan create a grand Shinto Shrine necropolis city of the dead, a city of Mausoleums, Hondens, Temples, Shrines, Monastery's, Kamidanas, mansions, spirit homes, and Mikoshis.

      It is Hirohito City.

      I believe I am eternal, and for all eternity shall be serving Hirohito and the soldiers enshrined at Yasukuni to build for Emperor Hirohito an Empire of the rising sun. An Empire of Kami, Tulpas, Spirits, Divinities, and anyone who wishes to join, including Jesus Christ.

      I will also be praying for Caesar Benito Mussolini to have a similar Roman Empire, but my loyalty first and foremost is to Emperor Hirohito, the soldiers of Yasukuni Shrine, the Kamikaze pilots, the victims of the Atomic bombs, and the Samurai brotherhood, for I am a POW of Yasukuni Shrine in the Spirit realm.

      I am in debt to Japan because their Religion has become what most enhances my Spirituality and teaches me discipline and Bushido, the way of the warrior, to die with honor, to love suffering.

      Japanese soldiers fought better than anyone, kicking the Ass of a much larger and more powerful Empire, the Russian Empire in the Russo Japanese war.

      They then went on to kick China's ass in the first Sino Japanese war, despite being extremely outnumbered.

      The Mongols were the best warriors earth had ever seen and got their asses kicked by the Samurai.

      Imperial Japan only lost World War 2 because they were up against Britain, Philippines, USA, Soviet Union, Vietnam, Korea, China, and other countries in the Pacific theatre like Australia, that the tiny island archipelago country with a relatively small population simply was up against impossible odds.

      Put China and Japan at that time in a war without others and Japan would have won. I believe Japan would have beaten America if the war was only between Japan and America.

      They are an amazing country that is sadly going through a terrible fertility crises from abortion, contraception, and sexual perversion , and a complete abandoning of the Shinto Faith and traditions, with a tiny percent of Japanese identifying as Shinto. Most are atheist.

      But Emperor Hirohito showed how amazing that country is , when after getting nuked and firebombed to Smithereens, the Emperor took a demoralized nation out of the rubble, worked an economic miracle, and made it a greater economy than the Soviet Union, China, Germany, France, and the UK.

      A better economy than any of the European powers by the time Hirohito died in 1989.

      It is a nation of extreme potential with the 3,000 Kamikaze pilots and suicide banzai bayonet charges after running out of ammunition,( and the refusal to surrender which outdid all nations) loyalty to the Emperor outdoing anyone's loyalty elsewhere. Even Jesus during his lifetime didn't have as loyal followers as Hirohito.

      Neither has any Pope or other leader.

      Every soldier without exception who dies for the Emperor gets enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine.

      It is my Mecca, for the bravest men who fought hardest deserve honor and praise for their sacrifices.

      In the eyes of the world they lost the war, but in my eyes they won.

      As Jesus had to die and didn't become victorious until hundreds of years after his death, so to shall the soldiers of Yasukuni Shrine be mighty end time warriors who win.

      Please pray for us. I will be serving them and building their Necropolis, City of the dead, and Empire of the sun for eternity.


        Originally posted by ill Duce View Post
        Anyway, after finding that Jacket and circular mirror and circular mirror monument, I became a hardcore Japanese Nationalist or as everything bagel pointed out the term " Weeb".
        Yeah, I did. That wasn't very nice of me. I am sorry. It's not like you're in here talking about anime and tentacle porn and shit and how that makes you an expert now on Japanese culture.



          Originally posted by everything bagel View Post

          mondai nai!

          But I don't think I can pardon you for remaining Buddhist when you could be delightful to the Lesbian Kami! Buddhists tend to neglect them (as a general rule. Perhaps you can be an exception?) They reward you when you offer them love and attention.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	lusciousnet_gravity_defying_395731882.gif Views:	0 Size:	1,008.6 KB ID:	75076