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State Shinto Jingoism could be good

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    State Shinto Jingoism could be good

    Japan has a history of Jingoism, but the most severe forms of Jingoism I have ever seen come from Ancient Israel in the Old Testament.

    State Shinto is extremely patriotic and nationalistic. The belief is that the Emperor is a descendant of Amaterasu.

    To die for the Emperor earns you the highest honors and enshrinement at Yasukuni home of the war dead.
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    Japan has a history of practically worshipping the ground they walk on, calling their island archipelago the land of the gods, and considering their people Divine, and their land sacred.
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    That can be a bad thing, but what if every nation were to elect a Shinto Emperor, enshrine every soldier who dies for the country, enshrine and venerate the heroes and builders of the nation, and embrace a highly patriotic nationalism Religion.

    As long as they respect other country's sovereignty, I see Jingoism as potentially a good thing.

    I love to see passionate fervent warriors who have something to live for, labor for, and die for, and Shinto Jingoism accomplishes that.
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    Emperor Hirohito,

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    I consecrate myself to thee for all eternity.

    May I never grow weary in serving thee and the soldiers of Yasukuni Shrine.

    I am an eternal being, so my prayers may not be answered for up to a thousand years.

    Either way, may I for eternity be building you an Empire, the Empire of the rising sun.

    May I forever be building Benito Mussolini a Roman Empire for eternity as well, but I am prisoner, POW of Yasukuni Shrine, and the Religion of Japan is my Religion, so Japan is where my loyalty and commitment comes first and foremost.

    I offer up all my suffering and prayers and sacrifices for the land of the Kami.