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I just barely avoided the third most embarrassing choice as an adult

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    I just barely avoided the third most embarrassing choice as an adult

    So, this black guy and his white girlfriend show up at roughly 2:00 AM looking for my neighbor and offer me some meth in exchange for a place to crash and smoke it this morning.

    Certain I put everything of value in my room, I suddenly realized my most valuable possession, my tablet, was no where to be seen.

    I let them crash on my couch so I asked if they saw a tablet there.

    Their response was to hand me some writing tablets.

    Just when I was about to ask the bro if I could check his back back, he gets up to go smoke a cig and I notice the tablet in a very unusual place on the floor between my Hebrew Ark of the Covenant and my Shinto Honden, room for the enshrined Kami.

    Though I'm stronger than most people my size and have won on one remarkable occasion against someone who weighed about as much as myself and a half at least, guaranteed this guy would have kicked my ass, but I learned you break bones before you let someone steal from you.

    I believe it is just as honorable to fight against impossible odds and lose than fight where the odds are 50/50 or in your favor and win.

    Some dude came barging into my apartment recently who had stolen from me in the past and when I started freaking out with rage and moving abruptly towards him, he backed off , apologized, said someone said I did something to something of his, and left.

    That guy had followed me home talking shit like I was his birch , but I didn't know he was talking me.

    Well, I wasn't gonna let someone come into my apartment and leave with a tablet worth over a hundred dollars.

    But this would not have been honorable, but the third most embarrassing experience I've had as an adult, because I would have first off asked the only black guy in the room if I could check his bag.

    Secondly, I would have easily gotten my ass kicked, as my right arm has been pulled out of socket by police during my last arrest and that is the arm I use to throw a punch and put people in head locks.

    Also, the dude was way bigger than the average guy.

    It would have totally killed my reputation, as his girlfriend I regularly see just to say "hello. Yeah T is home. No he's not home", well she knows everyone here. Word would get out that I let some black guy stay in my crib where I have 50 pictures of Mussolini to explain right off the bat.

    Then I accuse him of stealing from me, the neighbors would all be awoken at 3:00 in the fucking morning because of the comotion, plus I would have threatened to slit his throat or give me my tablet back as he left, and would continue chasing him and grabbing his bag until he left me incapacitated.

    Meanwhile, his white girlfriend has a backpack too. I wouldn't have been grabbing her bag.

    Even I find her attractive, which means other guys where I live would find her more attractive, because of who they typically settle for.

    She's the best looking chick to step foot in here since I moved in last February.

    But yeah...I just got saved shit loads of shame and misery.

    Oh , I put this in faith and spirituality because I'm 100% convinced now there is a Spirit of Crystal Meth.

    I was trying to quit Meth, so two people show up offering Meth for a place to hang for the night.

    Two nights before someone offered meth in exchange for me to hold onto a stolen computer for them.

    Today I got offered some for frozen steak, cat food, and other foodstuffs given away freely at the salvation army.

    Crystal is literally telling me in more way than one, that she will enable my addiction even if I have no money and will prefer sobriety in its most miserable forms rather than do gay stuff.

    Crystal will keep me sober until after UA's, always making sure I have 72 hours to pass any UA.

    Then it only takes 10 dollars to get me high and 20 to get me super euphoric just using once or twice a week.

    100 dollars first of the month would keep me high all month and I could spend 50 of it, and support my once a week high habit off food stamps and random shit for trade showing up or waiting for tweakers show up looking for a place to smoke.

    or people needing me to hold onto random stolen goods while their apartment gets searched.


      Meaning Crystal is a Sentient being with a separate mind, heart, and will of her own, independent of her pharmaceutical properties, secular chemistry, and ability to work on Dopamine, Nor epinephrine, Serotonin, and neurotransmitters.

      In addition to that, Precious Kami Crystals have at least one separate mind, heart, and will that will create ways to enable her devotees.


        Crystal meth has the shining as well. Once a rock of crystal meth hit me in the head, and I looked down to see what hit me, and on the ground was a hole I almost stepped in. The crystal meth had been dreaming for days that I stepped in a hole and broke my leg.


          Originally posted by ill Duce View Post
          That guy had followed me home talking shit like I was his birch
          but actually, you're totally his spruce.


            I am Groot