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The Bible is very racist

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  • The Bible is very racist

    It is not lost on black preachers I am sure that the Gospel they preach, the Gospel so many African Americans embraced to sustain them through the horrors of beatings and rapes, separations and lynchings, separate and unequal, is the same Gospel used to enslave them.

    Okay, maybe it wasn't always used to enslave them, but I have repeatedly heard blacks referred to as cursed "descendants of Ham."

    Also, Jesus and New Testament writers didn't seem to oppose the rampant slavery practiced around them legally.

    Jesus also referred to Jews as children , and gentiles as dogs ( to the Cannanite woman whose daughter had a demon).

    I don't think it can be argued that Jesus was not racist.

    He didn't hate people as far as I can tell, because he died praying for his executioners to be forgiven.

    Being racist does not mean you hate any group, it could just be something as little as you find one group more easy to live with.

    Regarding racism, I see no major group as really demonstrating a clean slate with the exception of some primitive humble tribe or amish type community that never rose to much power.

    But just look at the Aztecs. Before Cortes showed up with roughly a thousand men to subdue an advanced civilization of roughly 15 million, they were torturing neighboring tribes to death and cutting out their hearts on top of those lovely pyramids as sacrifices to their gods.

    (Speaking of Cortes, even though he had small pox on his side, how does a Spanish dude conquer 15 million of the most advanced Native Americans with roughly a thousand men? Even Genghis Kahn, Alexander the great, or Napoleon having their wettest dream wouldn't dream of such victories. )

    Anyway, whitey enslaved whitey for countless generations, so I really get sick of hearing anyone complain about how their people were slaves.

    During the King George canonization and riots in Minneapolis Saint Paul, a dude who recognized me as a Fascist pulled out a knife ( which wasn't scary because he showed not a single indication he planned on using it ) and started venting about his people being slaves.

    I'm part Slav where the term slave even comes from but I don't feel "my people" (lol) receive their reparations. I guess we don't make enough noise. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    But little did he know, the founder of Fascism was possibly the greatest single slave abolitionist of the 20th century.