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If we had to vote on who gets to be God

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  • If we had to vote on who gets to be God

    What if God declared he would step down and give his/her house, graces, throne, crown, dynasty, abilities, and omnipotence to someone at tree fort, but we had to all vote who gets the job.

    Who would you vote for?

    If i were God everyone would have incessant and extreme euphoria, bliss, pleasure that makes an orgasm seem empty in comparison, permanent epitome of what you would be most happy looking like, daily delightful shocks and surprises, mansions for everyone, yachts, funny comedians making people practically drop dead of laughter every day, make it impossible to experience boredome and misery, and if you are finished and wish to die, I comfortably grant that grace as well.

    All would know the truth if they like and there would be no confusion. Everyone could choose their gender and ethnicity. Life would be a constant adventure!

    I don't expect anyone here would vote I be God , but I don't think you could deny I do a better job than the current douchebag we got. I'm putting him on trial!

    Poll question: Do you think, if you were omnipotent God, we would have a better world than we currently have? Choose the most accurate answer...
    Hell Yeah!
    Heaven's no!

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    But you can't vote for yourself!


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      I think I could do a better job if I were omnipotent and omnipresent.

      I cannot really think about how another person would do if they were bestowed omnipotency.