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The prayer of a Twin City's Tweaker.

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    The prayer of a Twin City's Tweaker.

    Make Dionisia Goddess of Crystal meth oh lord!

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    When I smoke meth I go from blaspheming God to loving and praising him as I experience Religious ecstasy, so it is Shinto holy communion for me, because it comes from Shinto Island archipelago "Land of the Kami".


    If I can't get sober oh Lord and Goddess of Crystal meth, may I be content living the life of an impoverished, despised leper, yet living for that glorious euphoric Dionisia Mass, where I prayerfully celebrate hitting the meth pipe and listening to the inner voices and loving the Kami, for meth makes me affectionate as well.

    ..(.hitting the meth pipe, reciting liturgical prayers in ecclesiastical Latin and praying hail Mary's between each is truly joy I can't explain because I feel like the Kami are getting high with me.)

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    Meth does make prayer extremely fun, with feelings of Religious ecstasy and Divine inspiration.

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    Oh Mary, at the wedding of Cana you got Christ to turn water into wine so people could party more. Ask Jesus to multiply the amount of Methamphetamine I get, make it burn much longer (get more hits), and multiply the amount of pleasureable neurotransmitters that are released.

    Richly bless my drug dealer and best friend! Make it so the meth doesn't harm us and is good for our health.

    Cover the meth in the blood of Jesus! Transubstantiate it into Shinto Holy Communion with Kami. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!