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Why State Shinto trumps all Religions and Supernatural Philosophies!

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  • Why State Shinto trumps all Religions and Supernatural Philosophies!


    State Shinto, purified by the blood of Jesus Christ would the remedy to almost all our Spiritual ills, do far more good for America or any nation than Christianity, Judaism, and Islam!

    The main reason, is Shinto is Scriptureless, practically Dogmaless, and there is no known founder, making it a Religion that is compatible with practically all Religions, and there isn't a bunch of text that contradicts itself to argue and dispute about like is seen in the Bible and Qur'an.

    In state Shinto we could have prayer in schools because Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus + Pagans all believe in Kami , so could all address prayers to Kami without it going against their system of Religion.

    Jesus, Allah, Angels, canonized Saints, and deities are Spirit-entities, therefore they are Kami.

    State Shinto is highly patriotic and nationalistic beyond any other Religion , creating unity which boosts the economy, camaraderie, and Brotherhood.

    State Shinto abolished errors like political correctness which have destroyed Europe!

    State Shinto has in practice been extremely anti Marxist, anti communist, antibolshivek, and anti the errors of Socialism.

    State Shinto would traditionally be against importing large quantities of people from cultures that are hostile to yours. That also benefits society for obvious reasons.

    But State Shinto needs Christ-like charity to work. The blood of Christ redeemed the Kami and the crucifixion atones for sin. Jesus forgave those who crucified him as well. That kind of forgiveness and love needs to be part of Shinto. A mix between Christian Charity and State Shinto would do more good than Bible Christianity though. I've experienced that first hand. It is also historical fact that the first Christians were not "Bible Christians".

    I explain more about Shinto here:

    it's actually the longest video I've ever made.

    torri-2 (1).jpg