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Prayer video for tree fort , and tips on effective prayer!

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    Prayer video for tree fort , and tips on effective prayer!

    A prayer that Kami (Spirits) and God would inspire all the posts and activity at thy forum and lead the right people here:

    (the girl on the thumbnail image is Denise Marie Naslund after receiving first Holy Communion).

    Greetings gentle reader,

    If you have a prayer request , I'm not one of those Christians who doesn't care about you and says they will pray for you and never do.

    I'm Shinto and have Fascist integrity enough that if I tell someone I will pray for them, I want to offer the proof that I prayed for them, and what precisely I prayed for. That can be accomplished via YouTube.

    If you are a gay person of the most despised ethnicity, A communist, or a descendant of the cursed Ham in Scripture, how much more am I and Christ called to love you. I will upload a video of my prayer for you if you like, for multiple reasons.

    Scripture says there is power in multiple people agreeing on and praying for the same thing , and that the power of God is unleashed more effectively when two or more are gathered in his name in prayer.
    Click image for larger version

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    If I leave your prayer as a public YouTube, others may join us in praying for the same graces and hold you and your concerns and petitions in their hearts. That is actually the biggest reason why a YouTube publically shared with all the Internet is better than a prayer that isn't uploaded publically.

    When you pray it is important to be specific about what you want and make sure what you are asking for is good for you. Asking for good sex, drugs, pleasure, good looks, fortune, fame, a sports car, or a Yacht is probably not going to be good for you, and will simply stunt your Spiritual, mental, and emotional growth, make you less wise, might leave you with a premature death of an overdose which runs rampant among the wealthy and famous.

    In fact, it's usually best to not pray much for material gifts. Pray for graces. Such as, pray for wisdom, integrity, joy in all situations, cheerful countenance, unshakeable peace, humility, the grace to love your enemies and those who are most difficult to love.

    Saint Catherine Laboure (who Mary gave the miraculous medal to) saw discolored rays coming from Mary's fingers. Mary responded that those were the graces readily available to people that they don't receive because they do not ask for them.

    Make sure you ask very persistently and annoy God. Jesus gave a parable about a judge giving an annoying widow everything she was asking for because of how she was wearing him out with her persistence + annoying him

    If you are an unbeliever, pray for faith. It will become difficult to receive much in prayer without Faith. Scripture says, "without faith it is impossible to please God".

    If grace were candy, and God was a vending machine, faith would be the money you are required to pay the vending machine.

    Honestly, I don't even walk by faith anymore in many ways. Too many bizarre things happen to me that speak clearly of a Supernatural entity involved. It's too obvious sometimes that the Spirit world is behind something to call it "walking by faith".

    It's a frustrating , annoying walk though, trying to discern what spirits from the other side and God are saying.

    If you become a prayerful person and make a half assed attempt at following your conscience and doing what you know to be right and noble, I don't doubt at all that you will experience answered prayers and evidence of God doing for you what you couldn't do for yourself.

    I say that with almost certainty based on repeated experience, which says a lot, as I'm a pessimist who thinks God really screwd up and sucks. I'm not someone who is going to give you false hope

    However, God can be mean and give you crosses or put boxing gloves on you, then put you in the ring with the Devil. Forget not the righteous man Job.

    In the end Job was given far more than he had previously. Click image for larger version

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    Now lets move onto Fascist Buddhism:

    The Fascist religion of Esoteric Mussoliniology I adhere to has three pillars, Fascist Shintoism, Fascist Roman Catholicism, and Fascist Buddhism. In this thread it's about Fascist Buddhism with Benito the Buddha as the enlightened one and the epitome of modern righteousness: Click image for larger version  Name:	Benito_Mussolini_portrait_as_dictator_(reto  uched).jpg Views:	0 Size:	170.4 KB ID:	84680
    Click image for larger version

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ID:	84684 On the day of his death he promised he would reincarnate, a very Buddhist idea. Of course he is not Trump but:

    Practicing the 8 fold path is good. Right view, right resolve, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right samadhi ('meditative absorption or union').

    This is accomplished by enshrining images of the Duce with Fascist propaganda all over the place, and making your body a Temple of the Caesar, inviting his ghost, and the Spirit of the Fascist state into you to guide and inspire you in all your acts.

    A Fascist Buddhist daily prays for the grace to love suffering and have inner peace and joy that cannot be shaken, joy in all circumstances, accept all things that happen as if they were the best thing to happen:

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      Benito the Buddha, epitome of enlightened modern righteousness from King Tut's world of the dead!

      Click image for larger version  Name:	52e5a954ef5c8e48776cd79d0c211825.jpg Views:	0 Size:	76.3 KB ID:	84688
      He is Benito the butterfly who hung upside down. One day a caterpillar hangs upside down and all is over for the dead caterpillar. It then re-enters the world reborn a new creation that resembles not it's former self even slightly.
      Mussolini is the Emperor butterfly of Heaven

      God created an ocean of water and called her the sea. God created an ocean of grace and called him Benito Mussolini.

      All of Heaven helped put together the butterfly version of the man to be Dictator of God's Kingdom.

      Caesar and seizer of Heaven, the Duce marched on Zion with Jacob and the black shirt Fascists, and all contenders with God, for Mussolini means contender with God, and in the Old Testament Mussolini fought with God and won.

      Benito and his Fascist party of contenders in Heaven restrain God's wrath, fight God, and force God to give the world more graces and blessings when they lay siege to his Capitol.

      Please pray for the Heavenly Dictator, Holy Roman Emperor, and Celestial Caesar to have success in his every fight and duel with God.

      Then may he return to earth as he promised on the day of his death:

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