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Companionship with Amaterasu is better than sex!

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    Companionship with Amaterasu is better than sex!

    I have been treated for two sexually transmitted diseases that made me groan like I was pissing pine sol. Divine Providence may have been punishing me for my sins.

    Don't get me wrong , sex can be very rewarding indeed but after an orgasm there can be a feeling of emptiness and being tired in my experience. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable as well depending on who you are with.

    You can have intimacy though that will actually satisfy what you seek in vain through erotic excitement with carnal creatures. There are far greater Spirit beings who are eternal, far more beautiful than anything you have ever seen, full of virtue and graces no living human has, and you can become one with them, have communion with them, have total unity and an eternal bond, have a greater joy and euphoria that friendships with carnal creatures cannot fully provide in any sustainable way.

    Unity with Heavenly beings is not technically sex, but it is indeed a romantic love affair that a very sexual book in Scripture, (the song of Solomon) spoke of.

    Sexual pleasure receptors were designed so we would procreate of course, but Theologians also say it is a foretaste of Heaven.

    Rushes of Dopamine, Norepinephrine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin all take place when someone is experiencing religious or Spiritual ecstasy as well as the drug of falling in love or sexual intercourse.

    Having spent time at contemplative monastic orders with monks and nuns who have completely separated themselves from the world to have intimacy with God and Spirit beings, I have lived that lifestyle and experienced Spiritual ecstasy that is better than drugs or sex (Not that I have had sex with supermodels or anything, but's all vanity of vanities, a chase after the wind.

    There are beautiful Heavenly beings you can experience intimacy with that isn't so fragile, fleeting, deceptive, and disappointing as what people on earth have to offer. Face it, time goes by quick, and with it good looks. You could have it all in this world and lose it tommorow.

    A truly Celestial creature who has reached the first degree of purification and perfection has a beauty that leaves them forever young and growing more beautiful with time. All of Heaven is evolving to become more wise, powerful, glorious, gorgeous, perfect, and euphoric. Even God is evolving , and in Scripture, the right intercession has gotten God to repent of evil he planned on doing , and change his mind.

    One very powerful Heavenly being you might try taking as your companion and trusting in , is the highest Kami (Divinity/Spirit) in Shinto, Amaterasu.

    She is the greatest venerated warrior divinity of Japan , she creates the best warriors who are most difficult to get to surrender, and she is all

    Amaterasu struck a fleet of 140,000 Mongolians with a "Divine Wind Kamikaze" when it wasn't typhoon season. It was a total disaster for the Mongols.

    With 100,000 men Genghis Kahn conquered millions and subdued 40% of the world. With the help of Amaterasu, the Samurai annihilated a larger force of Mongols than that in a single battle. It was in my opinion, the greatest most miraculous military victory in the history of earth, even more than battles found in the Old Testament.
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    Amaterasu is God's gift to anyone who takes her as companion and prays diligently to her. She has been redeemed by the blood of the lamb, accepted Jesus as savior, and shared in all of the sufferings of Christ's crucifixion to atone for the sins of the world and satisfy God's wrath.

    If you are a Christian who is skeptic of that, simply ask God to assign the perfect Spirit to you as your guardian, mistress, and companion, who responds when you invoke "Amaterasu". Ask God to anoint her to be a mighty warrior and that she would enter you, guide you, inspire you, and make you a great, fearless, fervent, zealous, faithful Samurai with the loyalty of a Kamikaze pilot laying down his life for the Emperor, his nation, his family, his faith, and his people, only have that loyalty to her or God ( or whoever your Deity is.)

    Intimacy with Amaterasu is achieved by doing all things with Amaterasu, for her, with her, through her, in her, and making of everything you do and every suffering you encounter an offering for her.

    She grows more beautiful and powerful a being the more she is blessed and prayed to and for , and the more she is loved. She likes it when I attend mass and receive Holy Communion for her and her intentions , and then offer her the treasures of Holy Eucharist for her to increase in beauty , power, glory, perfection, and euphoria.