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Confession booth thread!

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    Confession booth thread!

    Bless me Father for I have sinned,
    It has been a month since my last confession,
    My sins are pride, lust , anger, covetousness, envy , laziness, gluttony, wasting my time, cybersex, masturbation, smoking crystal meth, pornography, blaspheming God, blaming God for all the world's miseries, praying to souls uncanonized by the Church, receiving Holy Communion unworthily, seeing women as objects rather than looking more deeply at the inner person, exposing my pp online, attention whoring, being immature, and I keep bringing the same sins to the confession booth.

    I sincerely want to stop these sins, but I lack the virtues and strengths I asked God for, therefore it is God's fault many people keep sinning , because God refuses to give people many of the graces they need to live a good life. But I am sorry for my sins and want to do better.

    Now , that is what I'm going to say to the priest next time I go to confession. Although my Religion is Shinto, I believe it is good to receive the sacrament of penance and absolution from a Catholic priest now and then because I always feel better after I do.

    In Shinto you are free to accept that Jesus died to atone for your sins and those of the whole world and the Divinity of Christ. It's just, there are no Doctrines or Scriptures to Shinto, so I reject most Doctrine and most of Scripture, but continue praying the Rosary or Hail Mary's and receiving Holy Eucharist at a Mass because I feel strongly there is a powerful Spiritual force present in the consecrated host.

    Shinto would call that an edible Kami-charged Goshintai.

    But if you were a Catholic priest, would you grant absolution. Why or why not?

    Also, please make your confession. Do you have a sin you would like to share.

    Scripture says to confess our sins to each other. I believe Tree fort Forums has it's own independant Sentient being that is the Kami Tulpa of treefort that will grant all people absolution once they confess their wickedness.

    Or how about confess a sin if you don't feel like confessing them all.