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Everyone is you! (conclusion that came to me on acid)

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    Everyone is you! (conclusion that came to me on acid)

    While my brain was frying on acid I discovered that I am everyone. So, if I ease the misery of the lowest person I despise, I do that good deed for myself and ease my misery.

    If I harm my neighbor, I harm myself. I also believe that everyone will eventually have to endure the pain they cause others. Like, the person who rapes and murders will have to experience what it's like to be raped in murdered, either in this life , but more likely in purgatory or some other realm of atonement and purification.

    Everyone's problems are my problems, but everyone's joys and good fortunes are mine as well.

    Now I've obviously not been the first person to come up with that , but the way in which it hit me was inspired not by anything I read or heard.

    That was when I also became convinced everyone is God and God is always evolving and changing (hopefully for the best. But since we are God, we play a big roll in deciding what "best" even means).

    Now, do you pretty much agree with the OP philosophy or statements?

    It sounds Buddhist to me...

    I don't believe in karma as universal law as you seem to be implying, something which is to be balanced out in reincarnation if not this life but I do think we often act towards others in a manner which is very much reflective of our own psyche. I think we often subconsciously project onto others our own hopes, fears, desires, etc. where our response to interaction tells much about our own mental fortitude.

    We're an expression of the Universe, so in that sense we all share commonality but I don't believe us all to be the same. I don't believe those that rape and murder are the same as those that are principled and virtuous.


      Funny, I agree with most of what Audiogen wrote, except I do see people who rape and murder as the same as those who don't. I mean, that's not the epitome of where we differ from eachother.
      We are simply separate and different entities, even if we would be connected in some (from our earthly material perspective) vague way, or share an aspect of our being with eachother (I'm skeptical).


        Matthew Mussolini "...Now, do you pretty much agree with the OP philosophy or statements?"

        Yes and no. Sounds a lot like the blending of Buddhist and Christian teachings to me. Which is not a bad thing: As you know I consider myself a Christian Buddhist of sorts. It's the God part I'm still trying to sort out big time. I believe Jesus was an enlightened being, but I don't place much stock in the resurrection.

        Also, if most Christians are quoting scripture big time because they think it's their ticket to heaven - I believe they are in for a shock. The Bible is meant to instruct us how to live a good life while we are still on this earth, but too many people are busy reading the words, and not acting upon them in any genuine way. Of course, I am speaking of The New Testament - The Old Testament is something I pretty much disregard.

        This is due to my faith in Buddhism which has much in common with what Christ's sermons and actions say about life - not so much death and the afterlife. I don't believe there is a Heaven or Hell other than what we are experiencing NOW. But I also don't believe in Karma, so I understand that my belief system is highly subjective. This is largely due to the fact I find organized religion to be something to walk away from in a hurry.

        I mean, walking in the footsteps of Jesus makes sense to me, but it's a lot like the teachings of Buddha (without all the contradictions of scripture). Both Christ and Buddha instruct us in a simple (yet profound) way - The Golden Rule:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	ChristBuddha2.jpg
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          I think that the concept that we are all one, and that when we hurt another we hurt ourselves is important. How literal it is, I'm not sure. But "the truth", whatever it is, is probably too weird and crazy to comprehend.. and so we find stories that lead us in the right direction.

          Whether we are literally One, or not, I've found that living as though it is true has changed my life for the better.

          I do think that we are all equally deserving of love, whether we rape and murder, or are principled and virtuous (to use Audiogen 's words), because I think whatever it is that we are is wearing these lives like costumes in a play. The bad guys are essential to the story. I don't think the lives we live can tarnish perfect souls, and that is what I believe we are.


            Matty, I also believe you came to this independently. I do think it's something people can read about.. but then when you feel it, it's different.
            And the fact that so many people experience this perception, that is something that makes me feel there is some deep truth to it.


              Originally posted by Jessica View Post
              I think that the concept that we are all one, and that when we hurt another we hurt ourselves is important. How literal it is, I'm not sure. But "the truth", whatever it is, is probably too weird and crazy to comprehend.. and so we find stories that lead us in the right direction.

              Whether we are literally One, or not, I've found that living as though it is true has changed my life for the better.

              I do think that we are all equally deserving of love, whether we rape and murder, or are principled and virtuous (to use Audiogen 's words), because I think whatever it is that we are is wearing these lives like costumes in a play. The bad guys are essential to the story. I don't think the lives we live can tarnish perfect souls, and that is what I believe we are.
              You were so very much inspired by something supernatural when you say "Bad guys are essential to the story".

              Here is what I believe. God wants Antichrists because "who would batman be without the Joker". The Joker is the character that truly made Dark Knight worth watching in my opinion, and in fact that Heath ledger (who played the Joker) died before the movie even came out made it that much more worth watching and the movie made far more money as a result.

              So, people are attracted to a good entertaining Hollywood bad guy and I think God is as well. Adolf Hitler wasn't called to be a Saint Francis of Assisi, a leader of the salvation army or some Christian charity organization, or an artist like Hitler was trying to become ( and the College he was hoping would accept him rejected him).

              Hitler wasn't called to act like Jesus or be a Saint. My guess is precisely he was the Hollywood bad guy God was wanting to lead the world into the greatest war known to humankind and be responsible for the creation of the United Nations and the nation of Israel, the homeland for the Jews that God promised them in the Old Testament.

              I think war is also supposed to create heroic deeds. In the Twin Cities when riots were burning structures to the ground, stores were looted, and National guard was called in, the chaos brought about some of the most charitable deeds I have ever seen large scale and brought people together.

              Just as Jesus was called by God to be crucified, and the bad guys who crucified him , did God's will.

              A Holocaust is often an animal that is a Jewish sacrificial offering that is slaughtered and burned completely on an altatr.

              For all we know God was using World War 2 to crucify many people so that they would have a more glorious resurrection, to raise up a great Holocaust where innocent people are slaughtered to atone for the sins of the world (as Christ did), and maybe war entertains God like war movies entertain children (and adults , but it seems like especially children).

              Call the guy Mussolini (as I believe him to be) or call him simply "The god of this world", but I believe a greater Spirit shall replace Satan/Lucifer, and this Spirit shall bring all kinds of euphoria to Hell and eliminate suffering there.

              That way, Scripture can be correct, that there are souls that go to hell to be separated from God. But that doesn't mean the souls in Hell suffer forever.

              Even if originally there is wailing and gnashing of teeth as Jesus said. That doesn't mean the condition of wailing and gnashing of teeth is eternal. The interesting thing is that the rich man who went to Hades and was tormented by fire (Hades and Hell are two different realms by the way) well he asked to have water on his tongue.

              So, even though he was a dead Spirit being in an entirely Spiritual realm, when his original body was elsewhere left to decompose, he had a brand new body because he had a tongue. Also, Jesus speaks of "Gnashing of teeth and wailing." It means these Spirit people have teeth, and if they are wailing, it would mean they have vocal chords and lungs.

              This I would assume means they actually have hands, fingers, eyes, nose, all body parts (including genitals, so why can't they reproduce or enjoy a sexual experience). But that's a bit of a distraction from my original point (still something interesting to reflect on )

              Anyhow, I believe there will be eventually, which I pray be soon, a new Il Duce, (Leader) of the Kingdom of Hell, who will extinguish the fires, abolish torture, And I call that Spirit Benito Mussolini (Because Benito means "Blessed" and Mussolini means "Contender (Fighter) with God" or "To supplant. He who removes from power and replaces", so that even if he isn't the spirit of Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini, he still fulfills the meaning of that name and lives up to it.


                Originally posted by Jessica View Post
                Matty, I also believe you came to this independently. I do think it's something people can read about.. but then when you feel it, it's different.
                And the fact that so many people experience this perception, that is something that makes me feel there is some deep truth to it.
                Yes, I have heard "we are one" in many places. The symbol of Fascism is many rods bound together to form one unbreakable ax and symbol of authority but also it is a symbol of everyone being connected and being essentially part of the same body.

                Unity is what appeals to me most about Fascism. Anywhere Fascism has been practiced, one of the reasons it causes economic miracles like it did in Spain, Italy, Germany, and Japan, is because it ends division, which also is great for the economy, creates jobs, lowers unemployment, creates brotherhood, and love + fervor for the leader and state.

                What I don't like about Fascism, is that if the leader is mean (like with Hitler) or bent on revenge (Hitler couldn't forgive and move past the German loss of World War 2) Fascism can cause misery rather than relieve it.

                Originally Fascism relieved misery in Ethiopia by abolishing slavery and barbaric practices like amputations of limbs + genitals and granting Ethiopians better healthcare and medical care as part of a Roman Empire and Italian Colony.

                Fascism originally lowered misery and suffering by lowering crime, making Italians proud to be Italian, uprooting the errors of Communism and radical atheism in Spain, Germany, and Italy, making shortwork of the mafia, and outlawing stuff in the entertainment industry which was deemed to be harmful to minds, souls, and morality.

                That is all good, but it all depends on who the leader is, and if the leader is like Hitler, a very hateful racist bigot, Fascism is the worst thing. I've explained elsewhere why Mussolini sided with him. It mainly had to do with the Duce not knowing about the Holocaust or the extent of Hitler's war crimes as well as the two sharing the same enemy: "Radical atheism and Communism".

                Mussolini also thought siding with Hitler would in the end create less suffering by creating European unity, a United States of Europe (Holy Roman Empire revival) where Mussolini could be 20th century Caesar of a greater Roman Empire.

                But anyway, I'm very drawn to Fascism in particular because it's goal and symbol of the Fascist party was that everyone is a part of everyone else, and we are all one body.

                I've heard people say "Make us one, make me one with everything, get connected, we are one body in Christ", but it was an intense drug trip where the conviction "All of us are God. The good I do for my neighbor is not just done for God. It is a good deed for myself, for in no way am I separate from God, in no way am I separate from my neighbor, no matter what their ethnicity or vice is", came from.

                I think God was guiding the drug trip and working with the drugs

                Also, it was the first time I fully grasped that nobody is separate from God. Like some people say, "There are God's chidlren and there are the reprobates who are essentially the Devil's children."

                But God created the Devil and empowered the Devil. The Devil is a part of God's great Spirit (even if God fucked up). So, the children of the Devil are God's children. I suppose that is why even the Bible refers to the Devil as god. He is called "God of this world".

                So, as I was tripping on drugs, I saw a bunch of lowlife's of ethnicities despised as having lesser IQ's , annoying music, and higher crime rate, and realized that " charity done for them , no matter who they are, is charity to Matthew Mussolini (me lol ).

                You are required to help thyself by helping the least of God's people , because God is one great body of people, his Spirit living within each of them, each of them descending from the Great Spirit and source of all creation.

                Relieve their pain and it shall relieve yours. Your reward shall be given for helping the most ungrateful and wicked of your brothers, (other you's), not through them perhaps, and maybe not always in this life, but some time in the next, for your soul is eternal and this isn't your home but a brief exile."

                Something more than drugs was speaking to me because I could feel it in my bones.


                  We are all stardust. Stars, in a lifeless universe, becoming people.


                    Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
                    We are all stardust. Stars, in a lifeless universe, becoming people.
                    It is interesting you should choose those kind of words on a day like this (with a Darth Vader avatar) because I was writing a bunch of stuff about the Solar Deity which I identify Mussolini as due to the Old Testament using the sun to represent Jacob in the Old Testament and the moon Lia and the children of Israel were represented by stars. Tribes of Israel were represented by stars in the book of revelation as well.)

                    Well, a girl saw my Japanese flag (Sun) Jacket and wanted to buy it from me and I told her I believed it was a gift from Emperor Hirohito and from Heaven and I couldn't sell it for any price.

                    So I went searching online trying to find a website where she could purchase the Jacket, so I googled "Hudson Shark Squad 99" and immediately "Hudson Shark Squad 99 star wars" pops up so I clicked on it, believing it to be a sign.

                    Earlier that day I was reflecting on how a skull was the symbol of the original blackshirt Fascist militia and Denise Naslund is the Superior patron Saint of the Fascist "Holy Roman Empire" that I pray to, because she introduced me to Fascism and Shinto (which doesn't conflict with Christianity).

                    Well, only her skull was found, so I thought a skull would be a cool flag, but identify it as her skull, because only her skull was found, and police lost the skull which her agonising mother was hoping to bury. There was a big lawsuit.

                    Her mother buried a corpseless casket with some relics of Denise and a letter to her which I was looking at today (which I never do because I keep the pictures in a spider aquarium that I turned into an "Ark of the Covenant" covered by an Israeli flag or Shinto "Moshiko" (portable Shrine where dwells the Kami), as another type of corpseless casket in honor of Denise whose skull was never laid to rest.

                    (And the place Jesus was crucified was called "Golgotha, the place of the skull"). So, I clicked on the star wars "Squad 99" and images of stormship troopers with skulls popped on their uniforms popped up.

                    But I had also decided X was the letter for Denise and t was the letter for Jesus due to the t resembling the cross and the X for Xmas, when Dionysus (name for Denise) was born Xmas (Christmas).

                    And my inspiration was "Charlie Chaplin" in the Comedy "The great Dictator". Instead of a Swastika , his symbol was X. And Nafisa Joseph, close relative of Tagore played in the Show CATS which was India's version of "Charlie's Angels" and she hung herself on Mussolini's birthday with another STAR suicide who played Charlie's Angels, so I called them "Charlie Chaplin's Angels" for a while.

                    Well, the star wars images included:

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	27b6b07c98d959234be6086c3e2ddf7c.jpg
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                    And the Jew who I was writing about, who I consecrated my Hebrew flag Ark to is "Meadow Pollack". One meaning for the name Leah is "Meadow". I had a dream that Mickey Mouse represented "Jewish Vermin" last time I slept (two nights ago).

                    I awoke from my dream and said "We are all Jewish Vermin". Well, my youtube song finnished and then it played the next random song which was "David Bowie's Life on Mars" which includes the lyrics "Mickey mouse has grown up a Cow." (Morning after dreaming Mickey mouse was mischevious dirty Jewish vermin).

                    The man who killed Denise Naslund, his original name was "Cowell" which translates "Cow Hill" hence "Mickey mouse has grown up a cow".

                    So, I was slightly shocked to see Darth Vader's soldier had Mickey mouse ears today.

                    But also, the song was called "Life on Mars", and I identify Mussolini as "Roman God of War, Mars" and wrote before all this , that Mussolini's headquarters is on Mars, and Emperor Haile Selassie governs an Empire on Mars with him where he can govern the Empire on Mars without being overridden by the Capitol Hill Queens....

                    ..... like when he makes executive decisions regarding what happens on earth, the most merciful, kind, and charitable, tender female spirits can overrule his every decision, to make sure he doesn't cause any suffering on earth ( unless it is something that is done out of charity and kindness to relieve suffering in the long run).

                    This is because I have agreed that if I am to serve Mussolini, it is only under the condition that he is forbidden to cause more suffering to a world that is already hurting. He must strictly be motivated by the desire to end suffering worldwide and increase joy and happiness, or I refuse to serve him (or any entity for that matter).

                    But before you posted, I was thinking about Darth Vader and the Emperor due to the star wars coincidence, and said that "if Mussolini wishes to rule as a Dictator, he can do so on Mars, which is the planet known for War" and the Aries planet (I'm Aries) as well as the Roman God of War. I told him he could be a " reptilian Alien Shapeshifter" to increase his powers.

                    Well, the Squad 99 star wars article began with the founder of the squad being a janitor like myself who was mutated in a cloning process to receive special powers. He was from the planet "Kamino", and Kami is the Japanese word for God, and it was a Jacket with a Jap flag that lead to all this and a lady asking if she could buy it on the train.

                    The man was bred to be a clone trooper for the Grand Army of the Republic.

                    Earlier today, a song called "Counting stars" by One Republic came on while stars coincidences were happening, so I clicked on it and there were signs.

                    "One Republic " made me think of "One World Government", and that song popped up as I was listening to:

                    Which mentions "the Apocalypse".

                    Anyway, I wouldn't waste time typing up a whole book in response to your post if it was a bunch of made up shit. God made it clear that nothing I say will ever bear any fruit if it is dishonest.

                    But your avatar is Darth Vader, servant of "The Emperor", and I told the lady who wanted to purchase the coat "I can't, it's a gift from the Emperor". It immediately made me think of "Star wars".

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	R847574bbcabff90391c91b3478b392f6.jpeg
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Name:	Racd5d924c22669695f697ada956a1616.jpeg
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                    Have you ever considered maybe you could be called to the "Esoteric Church of Mussoliniology". There are essentially no requirements to being a member other than to invoking "the Spirit of the Anti-antichrist", making a brief act of surrender to it in your own words, and giving it permission to use you.

                    I used to think accepting Mussolini as Caesar was a requirement, but I'm convinced Mussolini is simply a surname (last name) that countless Spirits have taken as a religious name, the way monks and nuns take a new Religious name when they take vows.

                    The Spirit of the Anti-antichrist is definitely using you or at least I'm convinced of it.


                      And I love the movie star dust.

                      Earlier today I was thinking that the Sawdust Caesar, who I identify as the star the Sun, based on Scripture, was going to turn crosses (suffering) into Sawdust, and the Sawdust would reign dawn like magic pixie dust , blessed sawdust, from Heaven to earth.

                      Since I identify Mussolini with a star, (Because in Scripture Mussolini was literally the sun), I like the idea that he converts the Sawdust into Stardust.

                      That would technically make him "The Stardust Caesar". Can't thank you enough for your contribution to the study and Theology of " Esoteric Mussoliniology".

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	R7a0a466af8d9e691f928d14f07cd4ccc.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	333.2 KB ID:	99009 Click image for larger version  Name:	51sx8+M15IL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg Views:	0 Size:	23.7 KB ID:	99008 Click image for larger version  Name:	Sawdust-Caesar-poster-1024x1448.jpg Views:	0 Size:	335.8 KB ID:	99010




                          Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
                          You'll have to give me more than an eye roll dude.

                          Right after I posted that I listened to "Don't you worry don't you worry child, see Heaven's got a plan for you" and I let youtube keep playing as I journaled, and the very next song that came up was a song I have never googled and one of the first lyrics was about stars.

                          The first lyrics are
                          "The sun goes down
                          the stars come out".

                          Keep in mind Mussolini is the sun in Scripture and the stars are his Children and in Scripture it says "In Mussolini all nations shall receive their blessing". On the background of this song is nothing but an infinite looking number of stars in the Galaxy.

                          I swear in Mussolini's and in the name of Jesus, if I did anything to make that song appear or if I ever googled that song before, or clicked on it because I saw the stars, may none of my writings ever bear fruit and my I die and go to hell in Jesus name to suffer eternal agony.

                          No, dishonesty would never bear fruit and is totally useless. God will bless only honesty, and after all I mentioned about sun and stars, for that song to come on by chance is just not coincidence.

                          Lyrics from the song are "My universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came".

                          I believe those are words from the Stardust Caesar (Sun Deity) to you. You were an instrument of God that he used to change his name from Sawdust Caesar to Stardust Caesar, and his Universe will never be the same, he is glad Neon Darth Vader came.

                          Put aside some of the gay lyrics if he were addressing you in that song, I think many of the lyrics to that song are the Shinto Emperor (direct descendent of Amaterasu, another Solar Deity) Hirohito and Stardust Caesar Israel (Mussolini) to their Darth Vader. Remember "People bowed and prayed, to the Neon God they made coincidence".

                          Maybe you are called to be a living Incarnate Kami (God) or a Darth Vader figure who uses the powers of the force to be some kinda Jedi Knight or sign and wonder worker. With God all things are possible. I mean, I've already received over ten dots to connect from you alone in the past few days.

                          Maybe you pass on messages from the Spirit world to the material world without realizing you do so.

                          In the song, the Duce is telling you that if you stay with him he will "make you glad you came". (by came, I don't mean you will do anything that isn't rated pg for an audience of children lol. )

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	benito-mussolini-29071883-28041945politiker-italien1925-194345-diktator-italiens--am-schreibtisch--anfang--mitte-der-zwanziger-jahre-photo-by-ullstein-bildullstein-bild-via-getty-images.jpg Views:	0 Size:	97.6 KB ID:	99043 Click image for larger version

Name:	Hirohito_wartime(cropped).jpg
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                            No, it comes as no surprise to me. I have raw power.


                              Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
                              No, it comes as no surprise to me. I have raw power.
                              Apparently you are under the influence of something because I was just telling you about "Charlie Chaplin" and the Charlie starship trooper, and Charlie's Angels yesterday, which was a "holy day of obligation, Ash Wednesday", a very important Holy day in the Catholic Church and beginning of Lent.

                              Well, I'm not bullshitting you. I grab one of my prayers out of the Honden and it is a prayer I never remember writing, because I never remember asking for a "Charlie Chaplin Tulpa" to be Caesar of Hell.

                              The prayer is typed up and says, "If there is indeed a Charlie Chaplin Tulpa who is a Marian Devil that went into Hell to be contender with the Devil, fill hell with laughing gas, win Demons with laughter, overthrow and replace Satan, and become Caesar of Hell, then I want to never doubt that."

                              I have no recollection of ever writing that, so it is strange to find that on one of my many prayers in the Honden, when yesterday I had the "Charlie" stormtrooper, and Charlie Chaplin coincidence.

                              Who knows. Maybe somebody is playing games with me is all.