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Have you ever fasted for Spiritual purposes?

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    Have you ever fasted for Spiritual purposes?

    Allegedly it makes your prayers more powerful.

    A study done on earthworms where you starve the earth worms for extended periods of time and then feed other earthworms regularly caused the earthworms that fasted to live as long as 30 times what the earthworms that were fed regularly lived.

    Anyone here actually tried fasting for Spiritual purposes? I'm not talking about dieting, I'm talking where you went over 24 hours off nothing but water? It can feel exceptionally good and euphoric (at times).

    Both Gandhi and Francis of Assisi went on fasts where they ate nothing for over 20 days. I wish I had that kind of self-control. I made it three days on just water once as a penance during my Catholic lent days at Saint Lukes mission of mercy.

    Your body actually goes through a weird high at times but it's really unstable. I started having mood swings of euphoria followed by weird moodswings of psychosis and despair with tears. The only times I ever am able to shed tears are when I'm fasting or when I listen to the right song while in a drug withdrawal.

    But fasting can be joyful and feel great at times. When the body turns away from it's digestive system for energy and starts burning up carbohydrate stores, it cleans out the body of toxins and causes healing abilities to increase in speed, and an anti-aging hormone to be released.

    This is why when certain animals get injured, they lose their appetite for a while.

    But I would think I'd go 100% psychotic if I tried to fast like Gandhi and Saint Francis.

    There were supposedly Saints that survived off nothing but water and the Eucharist for years but I'm skeptic of that.

    Intentionally depriving myself of food?

    There are just some forms of masochism that I am unwilling to entertain.


      I have not fasted for any purposes. Yuck.