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I just heard about Marilyn Manson converting to Christianity

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  • I just heard about Marilyn Manson converting to Christianity

    I'm not into Marilyn Manson, never have been, but heard he became antichristian and hated Christianity because he saw some Christian pastor banging his ass with a dildo or something. Please let me know his reasons for being antichristian or I'll just google it.

    Let me know if this article is true though. Does he really claim he went to hell and returned, and if so, does he actually believe it literally. Like I believe my soul goes in Spirit to different realms at times (especially on drugs) and I believe to have been rescued from hell and back, (but think some of it is delusion and don't mean literally):

    CN. TAMPA, FLA. Marilyn Manson was recently rushed to City Emergency Hospital in Tampa, Florida. He was found to be in a 3rd stage coma that was induced by an overdose of cocaine, LSD and animal tranquilizers. Close associates felt this was the end of the line for Marilyn, who was known for a hectic lifestyle of drugs, women/men and hard rock. Manson, unknown to the press, laid in a coma for over two weeks. It was at the end of the two week period that Manson suddenly opened his eyes, wrapped a white hospital sheet around his shoulders and started walking the hospital corridors, visiting patients and preaching the Word of God.

    CN, in an exclusive interview with Marilyn, asked the rock star to explain what happened that so dramatically changed his views concerning Jesus Christ. Marilyn had always been dead against Christianity.

    "It was all the drugs and the coma, I suppose, that did its mystical deed to me" explained Marilyn Manson; dressed in a flowing white laced cape with nurses shoes and white socks with crosses printed on them. "The truth is, I died and went to hell and there was Karen Carpenter singing 'Do you know the way to San Jose' and 'Rainy Days and Mondays always gets me DOWN.' I freaked! Then I screamed GOD GET ME OUT OF HERE! And here I am. Filled with the Light of God. If I'm not oozing I'm losing.

    Jesus did what he wanted." Manson explained. "They busted him and he didn't care. They beat him and he didn't care. They ridiculed him and he didn't care. They nailed his ass to a telephone pole to serve as bird seed and he didn't care. Jesus believed in his goal and nothing stood in his way but jealous rabbis."

    Manson wants to join the elite Christian committee: The National Bible Belt Institute; to ensure that his ministry will be excepted and perhaps his rock group can tour 3rd world countries where, Manson feels, his message is desperately needed.

    CN asked Manson what his new stage act would consist of. "Fire and brimstone" replied Manson. "No more ripping apart the New English Bible, no, no way. I want to work the audience into a zealous frenzy and, perhaps, begin shooting them at random."
    Marilyn Manson turns his life over to Christ and records a Christian Rock CD

    I don't think I'm going to dig his idea of Christianity if it is fire and brimstone and elitist, but I've known some Marilyn Manson fans, and if there is anything that would convert them to Christianity, it's this.

    One in particular was a Devil worshipper at Pine Hills Correctional facility (miles city) who referred to Marilyn Manson as "A God", and didn't care if you talked shit about anyone on the planet, he just had zero tolerance for people speaking negatively about his God , "Marylin Manson".

    Marilyn Manson used to believe himself to be "The Antichrist". He actually had the qualifications of being someone under the influence of the spirit of the antichrist, (if you study what Scripture says about testing the spirits and what the Spirit of the antichrist is about.)

    So, the antichrist (and devil Incarnate that so many Satan worshippers paid homage to like a Divine being) has converted to Christianity ( kinda like the bass player of Korn and all kinds of hardcore sinners).

    If Marilyn Manson gets a second chance, so does the Devil.

    Hell, I've been given second chances hundreds of times because and keep falling.

    The Devil only fell once and God never gave him a second chance (according to Christian Theology). That's a shit crock.

    Anyway, share any interesting facts about Marilyn Manson if you have any because I'm too lazy to google anything about him other than what I've heard from his fans that I've known.

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    all i know about Marilyn Manson is that his intelligence is waaaay overrated
    like, he's a smart guy, no doubt. but the way people talk about his intelligence makes it sound like he's something out of the ordinary when i think he's pretty average for his person type.
    i like one of his albums, but i forget which one. i saw him live when i was fifteen at a festival but i haven't paid attention to what he's doing for at least fifteen years.


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      That pic of him is circa Mechanical Animals from the 90's.


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        yes, that's it, that's my favourite MM album