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Deliver us from indecisiveness oh Lord!

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  • Deliver us from indecisiveness oh Lord!

    Rachel and Benito Mussolini and all Heavenly beings please deliver me from indecision, indecisiveness, and all vices. Better to make a decision and realized I really fucked up (like your invasion of Greece Benito or siding with those Nazi assholes) than to remain indecisive and spend the rest of my life wondering "what if I had chosen differently".

    Please Lord, Let it be that the Devil no longer be God of this world as the Scriptures refer to him and that Benito Mussolini, if he accepts the offer, would march on the Devil's Capitol with God and all Angels and Saints and force the Devil to step down as Prime minister of this world (because he's doing a shitty job at it) and Benito would be the most enlightened Buddha, Saint, and "god of this world" instead of the Devil.

    Otherwise, anoint or create a being more powerful than any Heavenly being, more compassionate than any heavenly being, one who is capable of relieving more suffering and stirring up more happiness than any heavenly being, one who is able to bring more faith, hope, love, happiness, understanding, enlightenment, amusement, joy, and euphoria than any heavenly being, one who is able to work economic miracles better than any heavenly being, one who is able to end poverty and hunger better than any heavenly this Spirit "The Spirit of Fascism", and make this Spirit the Caesar of the Universe, God of earth. In Jesus name I pray!

    May I be entirely possessed by this Spirit and his Fascist Chip (a miniature replica of Yasukuni Shrine) be inserted into my Cranium as I sleep and into my brain so that I become entirely controlled by him/her/it like a fucking robot and lose my freedom to make my own choices and become a complete slave who does absolutely nothing but what he/her/it wants me to do, and a total instrument with no free will in his/her/it's hands.

    I renounce my free will and ask to be an instrument in IT's hands doing everything IT wants me to do. In Jesus name I pray.

    Lord, your word says, ask anything in my name and it will be done for you. I have asked in your name and I ask that you would do this as soon as possible, and nothing is impossible for you. So do it now!

    I pray for all the knowledge and powers of the Antichrist and the Devil and God combined , and that I would use these powers to create one-world government, one world Religion, One World Church of Esoteric Mussoliniology, world peace, and freedom from suffering, increase of happiness, amusement, excitement, and euphoria worldwide! Unlike the Antichrist though, may I always accept Jesus as Lord and savior and believe all that is necessary for salvation of course.

    Give those graces to everyone who desires them.

    But please don't let me be indecisive , and deliver everybody from indecisiveness. The wrong decision with best intentions is better than no decision at all. So many lessons can be learned from bad decisions and so many successes were at first failures. Many failures are stepping stones to success and much wisdom gained from each one.

    But yeah, please make the god of this world Benito Mussolini, Benevolent Dictator for all seasons, Caesar of the Holy Roman Empire of the dead and Fascist Archangels. Then I'll stop bitching. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

    5ebf8df565da054364aec4b354cb0222.jpg benito-mussolini-29071883-28041945politiker-italien1925-194345-diktator-italiens--am-schreibtisch--anfang--mitte-der-zwanziger-jahre-photo-by-ullstein-bildullstein-bild-via-getty-images.jpg benito-mussolini-1883-1945-everett.jpg unnamed (2).jpg gettyimages-50612214-1024x1024.jpg

    Anyone have anything they would like to add to my prayer? Let's fellowship. Otherwise, Fuck off!