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She was too good to be true, so she got killed.

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  • She was too good to be true, so she got killed.

    This is as much simply for me to read as a journal entry if no one else gets anything from it.

    So, in a recent post , I mentioned how the Joker's birthday was 10/28 and Benito Mussolini is the Joker. Well, it just dawned on me that Benito Mussolini's March on Rome was 10/28/1922, the Joker's birthday.
    Mussolini also invaded Greece 10/28 and it was national "Hug a stuffed animal day," and the first manufactured stuffed animal was inspired by a tabby cat named " Caesar. " Mussolini was a Caesar and loved cats , was a Leo, said "better to be a Lion for one day than a lamb for a hundred years", conquered Ethiopia which had a Lion on it's flag, and he had a pet Lion.

    A tabby cat is any cat with an M on it's forehead. Mussolini put big M's everywhere for Mussolini. M on monster energy drinks is three Hebrew Sixes (666). Tabby cats have the mark of the beast on their forehead.

    But now I'll get to the point of this thread. It was the birthday of Kimberly Diana Leach 10/28/1965.


    Her tombstone says "Sunshine", and Mussolini is identified and symbolized by the sun in Joseph's prophetic dream where Mussolini is the sun, Leah is the moon. And their children are the stars. I also have identified Mussolini as the Greek God Apollo, God of light, the sun Deity, prophecy, oracles, music, medicine, and healing.

    Well, all three of Kimberley's names are linked to the moon and linked to leah, and her middle name is linked to the sun and Lucifer. One definition of Kimberly is "from the royal fortress meadow"...Kimberly also as a Christian definition of the name means "Chief, Ruler".

    One of the definitions of Leah is "Meadow". Her middle name is Diana, the goddess of the moon.
    ​​​​​ ​​​​​

    In the middle of this article I clicked on a post at another forum to a Mormon who told me the Prophet of Mormonism believed people lived on the moon, but he never preached it as Doctrine. I told her, "Perhaps people live on the moon as Spirits".

    Diana is associated with Lucifer which means "light bearer, light bringer". Diana is the Twin of Appollo (I live in the Twin Cities, Mussolini was the Twin of Esau in the Old Testament, Rome was founded by legendary Twins and a statue of them nursing at the breast of a wolf was one of Mussolini's gifts to America.)

    Yesterday I declared Twin Cities to be the Twin of Rome because the Capitol building is Modeled after Saint Peter's Basilica of Fascism. I heard a voice tell me on the feast of Saint Peter that it was "Saint Peter Parker's Basilica of Fascism". But I didn't know that was the feast of Saint Peter until the following day.

    Yesterday, I declared Twin Cities to be the Vatican City of the New World order of Rebecca (Mother of the Legendary Twins. One of them being Israel (Mussolini) who founded the first Fascist State).

    Saint Paul is the Vatican City of Twin Cities Shinto, and any followers we have are called "Shintopaths" (the path of the gods), or so I wrote yesterday on Ash Wednesday, a day full of coincidences involving sun, moon, and stars, thanks largely to neonspectraltoast who has raw powers infused by the Duce himself who is using him as an instrument to confirm all this shit is true.

    Back to Diana, she was sometimes known as Goddess of the moon and the sun. Her name was sometimes Diana Luciferos. The brightest planet in the pre-dawn sky (Venus) was also known as "Lucifer". I once called some of Heaven's bikini models "Venus Lingerie Models". That would translate "Lucifer's Lingerie Models". Maybe they aren't from Heaven either, but a little further south where it's so high they wear bikinis and thongs because the temperature is too hot.

    So, I discovered Kimberly Dianne Leach was born the same day Joker was born shortly before realizing that was the day Mussolini invaded Greece, then realizing that was the day he successfully marched on Rome and took over the government and military without firing a shot or getting any votes.

    This was all shortly before praying that Benito replace Lucifer as "God of this world".

    Her last name Lea(ch) , I identify as Lea and the C being a crescent (moon like Leah represented by the moon in Scripture) and the H being Hirohito, because I called her patron Saint of Japan when she first started visiting me as one of the original 10 "Capitol Hill Queens" who I called them for years before knowing there was a "Capitol Hill" in the state that I would soon be living next to.

    I can't remember why I assigned her to Japan other than the fact that the name Kim is common in Japan and Korea.

    So, I prayed to her just minutes before finding my Coat with a Japanese flag and a big H as well for Hirohito.

    So, Mussolini gets to replace Lucifer and have the title Dictator, but little Kim Dianne, Goddess of the moon as well as the sun (aka Apollo, Il Duce), any decision Mussolini wishes to make can be overridden by her to make sure no decisions are made that make more suffering in our world.

    The only place I know of that I've had coincidences that would indicate Mussolini rules as a true Dictator with absolute power, is over planet Mars, named after "the Roman God of War". It is there that soldiers can mutate and be cloned with even more mutations and receive the Fascist sun chip in their brains which is a miniature version of Yasukuni shrine that can be inserted into the cranium and brain, to lose free will and be controlled by the Divinities of Yasukuni shrine and the greatest Samurai Warrior Gods and enlightened Buddhas.

    The mutations can make them better "Gods and Goddesses of War" and they can also have their DNA changed to become Alien Reptilian Shapeshifter beings with a Tulpa half, create with words as God does and speak Tulpas into existence, as well as reproduce on Mars Martian Alien Warriors that can invade earth or Heaven, empower the Fascist party and presence in all realms, making peace and creating an alliance between Heaven and Hell.

    Viva Il Duce!

    Benito_Mussolini_crop (2).jpg Benito_Mussolini_1930.png

    OIP (14).jpeg eae1c8e0333e405d709208cb8e642a92--militaria-stock-photos.jpg
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    But on earth they must obey the most kind, merciful, charitable, peaceful, meek, and humble female Spirits whose goal is to eliminate suffering. They can fight all forces including God who wish to oppose the New World and Heavenly order to relieve suffering, abolish it, and make all creatures peaceful, intoxicated, euphoric, excited, entertained, never bored, and always dying of hysteric laughter.

    God wants us to suffer so we have declared a just war on God and seize Heaven by force to steal his grace, blessings, omnipotent powers, to ease suffering, enlighten more people, make more dreams come true, eliminate suffering, and hopefully some day (even if it is after I am dead) fill the world with Divine comedy, anointed comedians, hysterical laughter, and intoxication from Dionisia, her intoxicants, and her chemists and comfort Maidens.

    Any thoughts or questions?

    Rcf40a1e87ba2dbee841c624834c1e9be.jpeg 7bb92012f432e6f49682a96cbe2d1f18.jpg 14e423be66b50413d247d8deafac3ea9.png
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      Jesus said in Matthew 11:12

      "From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force."

      So, it is possible to take Heaven by force and steal God's grace to make world a better place and stop God from torturing and killing people all the time. Mussolini was the name of a man in Scripture who overpowered God and defeated him.

      God wants to be fought and creates creatures that grow more powerful than their creator.

      This is to prevent God's wrath from striking, because God is cruel and the Bible is racist and violent.

      Jesus was cool, but it was God's wrath that ordered the death of Christ to atone for sin. God demands we be miserable and that we must be crucified. Sometimes God admires people that don't go along with his bullshit if we fight him the right way.

      Il Duce has been anointed and equipped to know how to properly contend with the creator on our behalf. As a caterpillar on earth he was a street fighter, fencer, and sword dueller.

      As a butterfly,( new creation that doesn't resemble his former self, his new skill and vocation is "Contender with God" which includes street-fighting, wrestling, and sword dueling as well, but also he acts as a seasoned manipulative defense attorney on our behalfs who knows all the right strings to pull to get God to do what he doesn't want to do, and show mercy where he doesn't want to, like Jesus working his first miracle because his mother asked him to.

      Christ worked that miracle reluctantly, turning water into a party drug at a wedding so people could get more intoxicated. But he did it in obedience to the right person asking him to do what he didn't want to do. He said it wasn't his concern and his hour had not yet come. An intercessor stood in the gap for the people and even God Incarnate had to obey and do what he didn't want to.

      When God was going to destroy Israel, Moses contended with him. God said "Leave me alone that I may destroy Israel for their sins". Moses told God essentially, "That's a stupid idea." He fought God well enough that Scripture says , "God repented of the evil which he planned on doing to Israel.

      It means God is a sinner like everyone else and he does evil. The book of Isaiah includes God saying "I create evil". If Moses went along with God, it would have been the biggest genocide of Jews per capita that earth has ever seen (Worse than with the Nazis).

      We can't bend the knee and approve of God's hatred, bigotry, and cruelty or he will continue in his errors. He must be opposed and battled on all fronts, non stop and he must be taught lessons from those who are not as mean!

      Mussolini and his Fascist party contend with God to try and prevent this. It is important to use our authority as creatures in the image and likeness of God, as children of God, with the Spirit of God within us, to do battle with God for the purpose of eliminating suffering.

      The Kingdom of God must be laid siege to, plundered, taken by force, and the grace of God stolen, his omnipotence taken, and given to someone more merciful.

      Then God must be taken before a tribunal and put on trial for his war crimes and the genocide he promoted in Scripture, his acts of child and baby killings, and his indifference to all the misery, suffering, and death that he is responsible for being omnipotent.

      Not to mention he broke his commandments and has been dishonest and the biggest murderer that ever walked the planet.

      Don't act like flooding the earth and killing pregnant women and innocent, sinless , defenseless, faultless babies , in a terrifying agonizing death ( like drowning in a flood ) isn't murder, or telling the Israelites to annihilate cities, or killing the first born of Egypt , isn't murder.

      God is mean, pure and simple. He turns the temperature down so low that children get frostbite and need their limbs amputated and he doesn't give a shit. All he had to do was turn the temperature up if he cared.

      He needs to step down as Prime minister of the Universe (like the Prime minister stepped down when Mussolini marched on Rome) and give his omnipotence and grace to someone else.

      Kimberly Diana Leach was born the day Mussolini marched on Rome, 0eea5c833324915118b5289bd14e2fa3.jpg and all three of her names are linked to Leah (the name I assigned to the Fascist state entity who is a Sentient being with a mind of her own), the moon, and the goddess associated with Lucifer and light, as a sign that she will march on God's Capitol eventually and take it by force, with countless other forces opposed to God in an alliance (Axis powers of the New Celestial order.)

      She currently has Fascist spies in Heaven who sympathise with a Fascist takeover and putting God on trial + taking control of his graces, house, possessions, Kingdom, government, and dynasty.

      There is a Fascist party in Heaven and most structures in Heaven have an image of Il Duce on the wall or Fascist Propaganda of some sort. There is even "Draw Mussolini day" each month where people have art contests making paintings and drawings of the Duce or Fascist propaganda involving his followers or the march on Rome.

      R68e6aa9126f8a05347126f0fb938eddf.jpeg R0b9c7e01bd10b9c529431e5786266fee.jpeg R61534d6d6521135156e6bccd3a27aa8c.jpeg

      There was rebellion in Heaven before according to Scripture, and there can be a second and greater rebellion. Only if it is a just war, it will succeed.

      The laws of perfect mercy and justice can step in and assist the Fascist movement, cause, and rebellion, as well as an invasion from the Duce's Holy Roman Empire, which if they fight a just war, can take Heaven by force.

      (Holy Roman Empire is a realm that is a Kingdom other than Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory where good people who don't want to worship God or be perfect in Heaven [but are not worthy of punishment in hell] can live in peace without worshipping anyone. Anyone is welcome to live there if they don't cause suffering, confusion, or division. I know these things ​ )



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        Dear Dionisia,

        American Goddess of wine, intoxication, ritual madness, sexuality, party, comedy, intoxicants, religious ecstasy, and ritual madness,

        Conquer him with your intoxicating presence, get him super drunk and most high, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "The Most High God".

        Then, in Jesus name may the intoxicants and your love and celestial delights cause him to give into your every demands and relinquish his powers to create a Heaven and earth full of laughing gas attacks and people dying of hysteric laughter, in Heaven, hell, purgatory, and beyond.

        May Caesar Israel, Il Duce, Benevolent Dictator for all seasons, Benito Mussolini be the President gas man of the universe, tickling all funny bones, and gassing Heaven, earth, Hell, Purgatory, and all realms, ( with laughing gas), and inspiring the funniest Fascist comedians, more hilarious than anything God ever thought was possible.

        Let laughing gas (not nitris but something that lives up to it's name) be the official Fascist weapon in the arsenal of the Holy Roman Empire of the rising sun, more effective than thermonuclear war at winning every victory without a fight.

        Bring light, my little Amaterasu, my sunshine, to the darkest realms where dwellest the most damndest miserable souls ( like neonspectraltoast, ) and even minister to the lowest , most unloveable Devils, and kill them with kindness and love.

        Even if they rape and dismember you, Dionysus is the dying and resurrecting God, so may such treatment cause you no pain, be pure joy, and may you always resurrect with greater beauty , power, glory, euphoria, and perfection, after each Kamikaze mission, and you keep telling them you love them and you want them to be happy as they butcher you .

        That will convert even Devils.

        Nothing can stop an omnipotent being from learning how to convert any Devil and making them happy , charitable, loving entities, so may you be an anointed genius at doing so, the greatest messiah that ever was, the greatest Deity (Queen of Heaven) that ever was.

        In Jesus name I pray. Amen! May it be done for I speak with the authority of the Son of God with the Spirit of God living within me and faith that does not waiver!

        Let me never doubt oh benevolent and amusing Kami. I'm willing to suffer whatever , provided that you give me the grace to believe what must be believed to have faith that moves mountains, to kill pain and end suffering in our world...

        ( through the Fascist Anesthesia Axis powers of mercy, kindness, and charity). I'm willing to serve and bend the knee to any Kami who is willing to comply with the agenda of a one world government, New World Order, void of misery, suffering, boredom, and unhappiness.
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            659a780eeeac223853297f05c53fb6f3.jpg Benito_Mussolini.jpg ZgGX3x5NCaFihyioUNfg4SNFRxkxysE72jgL-qQQRkE.jpg Fascist_Prop2-1200x1645.jpg 1-097-600x844.jpg
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              You're a bully, just like your fuhrer. And you're a disgusting, obscene exhibitionist...a petty, jealous, pussy.


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                Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
                You're a bully, just like your fuhrer. And you're a disgusting, obscene exhibitionist...a petty, jealous, pussy.
                It was a joke. Relax!

                Besides, If I'm a pussy, apparently everyone is because at least I face my fears. I was scared of spiders so I started holding them and letting them bite me. I was scared of the dark woods of Montana , so began walking around in the woods in the middle of the night.

                I was scared of black people so I live in a black neighborhood. I was scared of heights so I jumped off a building.

                Hey, most people just run away from their fears.


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                  The only thing you should be scared of is COVID-19 Covid-19 Covid 19. It could be the next thing you touch, infecting you. Then an unmarked van pulls up and husky guys jump out. With no identification whatsoever and they take you to a Covid camp and ventilize you. Blow your lungs out. Matthew please be careful out there. Pray, pray, pray to the one who made the hummingbird and every other creation and you will be sustained for 1 more day