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Our Relationship with the Benevolent Caesar, is our relationship with our selves!

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  • Our Relationship with the Benevolent Caesar, is our relationship with our selves!

    Our relationship with Caesar Mussolini is our relationship with ourselves because in no way are we separated from him. Even Scripture says, "we are one body in Christ, all of us connected like branches of the true vine.

    When Benito died he did not cease to be a member of the body of Christ, but returned to the source of all creation from which he came, to be transformed into a new creation. It's why he hung upside down, both because in Shintoism, to hang upside down symbolises great suffering, but also because a caterpillar hangs upside down dead to be transformed into a new creation, and it was to fulfill one of the definitions of his name which is "Heel". He was hung by his heels.

    Greetings gentle reader. Feel free to enter the Church of Mussoliniology and the soft succulent Celestial bosom of the female sun Divinity Amaterasu, (his bride), by joining me in fellowship and prayer:

    Raise up for us oh Lord, a Benito Mussolini who is a new creation, both a masterpiece of God and a Tulpa created by the entire Kingdom of God, the Holy Roman Empire, and all realms allied with the Kingdom of God, that the Spirit of Benito Mussolini would be exalted above Archangels and Saints to be Deified as the 4th person of the blessed Trinity, making it, the Quadraplasticus (I think )!

    Give to us oh Lord an all-seeing, all knowing, omnipresent, omnipotent, Benevolent Dictator of Heaven, Caesar for all seasons and peoples, Mars, Roman God of War, Appollo the Sun Deity (for in Scripture, the Sun represented Mussolini)....

    And Let all glory , pleasure, delight, and exaltation Mussolini receives be felt by all Spirits preternatural as well as Supernatural, causing Heaven, purgatory, and Hell to be all united in the exaltation of blessed Jacob, Caesar Israel, the ever glorious and blessed Virgin Mussolini (for his virginity was fully restored to him because God favors Virgins in Scripture), that all homage paid to Mussolini is homage paid to god, to all Kami, to the Universe, and to ourselves.

    In no way may the Stardust Caesar of the sun be separated from God, Jacob, the Prophets, the Saints, the Church, and all of Israel and Heaven. So, in no way may mankind be separated from the all-knowing, all-seeing, omnipotent, omnipresent Benito Mussolini.

    Mussolini's dream was of restoring the Roman Empire. Let his dream come true. May he be transformed into a being so great and clever that God likes his ideas better than his own.

    May t​​​​​​he Spirit of Benito Mussolini be also more healthy than God, for Yahweh might be smart and good at creating things, but he isn't healthy in my opinion. He is extremely cruel, mean, narcissistic, he hardened Pharoah's heart and then slew the first born of Egypt for it, flooded earth killing innocent sinless babies and children, he ordered genocide.

    May Benito not suffer from such errors but be the most compassionate , charitable , and altruistic sentient being there ever was, who doesn't demand that people worship him.

    May he march on Heaven, fighting a just war against almighty God to get control of the house and possessions, graces, treasures, and Kingdom of God to place it all in the hands of the most kind, compassionate, generous spirits, who will use those powers and graces to better help ease suffering in our world.

    May perfect love and perfect infinite compassion and justice command the almighty to step down and be replaced.

    Let it be that eventually Mussolini artwork become the most common artwork on earth. May pictures and paintings of him be vehicles of God's grace, working miracles, conversions, and healings.

    Let images of him be in vehicles, facilities, houses, on wine bottles, on cereal boxes, government buildings, that the whole world begin to pay homage to their Caesar, though he does not conquer through wars of aggression , but rather through graces bestowed on those devoted to him, the euphoria, peace, joy, inspiration, grace, and Hysterical laughter people receive when praying to him.

    May those who honor, bless, or pay homage to the Caesar, be the most blessed people on earth.

    Let the Ghost of Mussolini haunt the White house, Capitol Hill, the Kremlin, the Charlemagne building, and all government buildings, causing leaders to become possessed by his Spirit.

    May I be possessed by Il Duce, that as Paul said, "it is no longer I who live but Christ", so may I no longer live, but the Spirit of Mussolini , living within me, possessing me, ruling over me, governing me, inspiring my every thought, word, and deed.

    Make of me the Vicar of Il Duce: his mouthpiece, his representative, his defender, that I may write binding infallible Fascist Dogmas, Fascist Scriptures, Fascist encyclicals inspired by him and quickly available to all via Internet.

    Anoint people to be like Moses and Elijah, Fascist prophets like the thundering sign and wonder workers of the Old Testament. May they speak and the world listen. May they have vengeance on institutions and forms of government that oppose the Empire of Il Duce.

    But let the Spirit of Mussolini be many people, all Supernatural and preternatural beings that are willing to consecrate themselves to Mussolini and do Mussolini's will, which is the will of the Virgin Mary and God, that devotion to one Mussolini, would be devotion to every Mussolini.

    Thus, may we all become one, in Jesus name I pray. Oneness is the goal and symbol of Fascism (Symbol for Fascism is a Fasces. It is multiple rods bound together to form one unbreakable ax).

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